Keeper of the Day and Night (Discussion)

Tbh I don’t even recall if there was ever an option to compel him. I bought the game through the app and so haven’t looked at any of the code for this game

No, I’ve managed to grab his necklace before he got away (Marcela and PC had him subdued) with Cunning in the teens.

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If, you are kitsune, then use illusion
You can’t grab his necklace if you have low cunning
And, don’t try to kill, because no one is supposed to die
Ok… Sorry, it was not cunning, it was intelligence(30+)


Just bought the game and searched through the code. You can only catch him with elemental, telekinesis, or fighting. Telekinesis has the lowest check at 30, fighting is at 40, kitsune elementals at 40, and every other elemental at 45. Drakaina are supposed to get their own check at elemental 40, but it looks like the species was mislabeled as “dragon” instead of “drakaina”.


Is Marcella a ro in 3rd book Or is she like Giselle?
Also, with each Playthrogh, my hate for NMC is building


Fighting is generally your best bet with how much punishment training the mc goes through with Thalia. Even on low fighting set ups I generally got the mc either above or close to 40 , and on the cases where it wasn’t close, one of the other stats checked successfully. Only time I failed was when high resist mc didn’t go after him and it game a chuckle because it still had the “I didn’t catch him, I’m a failure” option afterwards.

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Play to your strengths for all of them. The easiest to get is probably Jack Frost, just pick whichever stat you have as your highest there. Dominic can be captured if you have high intelligence. Tremblay is difficult, you need to have ridiculously high Elemental Manipulation, Fighting, Telekenisis, or Willpower. For Tremblay you’re gonna want to have at least one of those stats over 40.


So wait, you need 30 telekinesis, 40 fighting, or 40 or 45 elemental manipulation to take down Julian?

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The choice will pop up before the dinner with each respective faction

First of all congratulations on a fantastic sequel! I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and gone through it multiple times already.

I find the back and forth about Thals interesting on all sides. I had my MC stay with her and had no qualms with her past.

During the forest scene at the end. How do you get the option to break the R.O. illusion? The bottom 2 options are always greyed out. I’ve tried as resistant, high control, cruel, and so on I can’t seem to trigger their availability.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for a great story.


you need high sanity but that means neglecting grades and figuring out secrets so it’s not worth it


One thing I do like is how there are several hints throughout the book that Dominic is a keeper but it’s not until you make a choice that lets him escape that it’s explicitly said. and if there’s 4 alive, how many are there really?


I wish there was a way to recover sanity. At this rate my mc will break


Okay, first of all Congrats on your 2nd of three books. It had been a while that I had to go back to the first game, I still haven’t finished my 1st playthrough, the fact that this sequel is heavily political is giving me headaches(I’m not into politics) the RO part of a Kitsune MC and Seraphina is my most favorite.
By the way do they get married? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Please say yes!! If it’s a no i’d be mad, cos I’m obsessed with seraphina I cant choose any other character even under compulsion :smile:
Secondly,I would have loved to meet with Akira Nakamura before he/she? died and the other keeper, also be able to train together with keeper Marcela Sinclair & show her the ropes of being a New magi keeper.
Finally who else has met with the creepy forest guardian? I was secretly hoping they were my ancestor, with me being a Kitsune also I just hope My hatchling dragon will be able to do something badass before the game ends.


I don’t know, the MC feels pretty powerful in my eyes.

You can curb-stomp nearly every enemy you face in the game with the proper stats.

You literally fight monsters every month (alone or otherwise) and still survive as a college student with a very, very, important full time job.

Your suitemates are powerful characters in their own right, Sera especially, and even then I don’t think they’re more powerful than the MC is.

Not bad for someone who’s constantly sleep-deprived and just discovered they had magic last year. :wink:

My immediate image of when Leon arrogantly asks Astrid out.

@Marvey Ah yes. Fate series. I see you too are a person of culture.


MC is powerful but not quite influential. It feels like the MC is Korra from early on of Book 1 of Avatar TLoK where you’re probably the strongest bender/fighter around but your words can’t really impact how Republic City is ran. A lot of the MC choices and actions tends to be reactive than proactive too so that might lead to the assumption that MC isn’t as strong.


Korra is a good counterpart imo.

Kotdan is full of political intrigue though (which is totally awesome) where “power” isn’t determined by how well you fight but who you know.

The keeper is definitely one of the most important people in NMC, which is why you’re always given the choice to sit with the elites and they. keep. ̶p̶e̶s̶t̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶. courting you to join their cause. MC’s journey’s just starting.


Carnival Phantasm is the gift that keeps on giving.

The thing is, late book 2 spoilers Cyrus says it best in his route; as a Keeper, the mc is extremely influential. One word from them would be enough for public opinion to go against even the secretaries, which is why they try to get them on their side (Patil already looks to have a plan B in Marcela who may or may not be a true keeper) while basically pawning off their responsibility of protecting the balance. It’s also why Celosia, and most like the others too, have contingency plans in case the mc becomes a loose cannon. They want the mc to not feel strong so they can better control them. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the therapist turns out to be an agent for a Secretary and/or Frostbite, because she doesn’t really help much.


This has already been proven in book 2 IIRC. If you find out Monroe compelled you in book 1, you can out him and the public turns against him in the epilogue.


That happens with every secret you can find and choose to expose. We just haven’t seen the impact on it since it takes place at the end of book 2.