Just thinking of a Stargate inspired game


What about a game inspired by Stargate?


Do you mean to write this game?

Is this any different from any of your other ideas?

Because I don’t see it as any different from your previous suggestions of:

Dracken Game Idea
Steven Universe COG idea
Game of Thrones game idea (idea pitch)
The Walking Dead Game Idea



Stargate is a pretty extensive fictional universe with a lot of sci-fi concepts. Which aspect are you looking to reflect in your WIP?


I agree, Stargate is a big universe. I’d play a game set in the Stargate movie world, but I didn’t watch much of the show.


Interesting…go on.


WHAAAAAAAT!? But it was awesome!

I actually haven’t seen the movie, despite being a HUGE fan of the show. I didn’t even know there was a movie for years.


Ha! For the longest time, I thought Stargate (the TV series) was based on the book! :sweat_smile:


There was a book too!?

Why did nobody tell me about any of this!?



Well…there are novelizations of the films, and books set in the Stargate TV Series continuity.

Also, I did tell you about this. Just now. :innocent:


just seeing that word makes me think of the story my English teacher made up about your parents throwing you through a star gate into gang infested South Chicago where Kanye Shakespeare , Einstein, Stephen, little Wayne and some dead rapper were talking about becoming the top gang to end all crime.

Just goes to show, stargate can be used to make anything. Lol so go for it


The original Star Gate movie was actually pretty good- Kurt Russel did a fine job playing O’Neill although not with the humor showed in the series by Richard Dean Anderson.


I like Star Gate, though sadly the meanies at Netflix took it offline when I was only halfway through watching SG-1. Saw all of SG Atlantis though which was awesome. (I am often bemused that the guy who is going to be Aquaman in Justice League - forget his real name - was Ronan in a series about Atlantis.) Didn’t see any of Stargate Universe.

But I’d enjoy a game where you get to zap to different worlds via a gateway, especially if it had a sci fi ‘season’ quality to it. I would of course play the Jackson or Rodney role, the snarky scientist guy.


I still have nightmares…

Anyway,about the Stargate idea.If you’re ACTUALLY SERIOUS about this,then go for it.


Funny story about him. I had heard of the show Macgyver and the character, but had never so much a seen a single clip of it.

Eventually, A channel started advertising that they were going to marathon the old show. Every episode. I ended up thinking, “well that’s interesting, maybe I’ll finally see it.” They show some clips of the man himself.

I think. “That’s Jack O’Neill.”



Would a game based on stargate not be covered under copyright? Would this make it impossible to publish?


Yes it would be impossible to publish.

Every so often Markel shows up, makes the suggestion that someone writes a game based on some copyrighted IP, and then disappears, only to pop up and suggest something else entirely.

I’m not sure if he’s being serious or trolling us at this point.


Thanks, I thought there might be some kind of history there. I always worry about sounding out my ideas in open forum (for game ideas) as I start off well but life tends to get in the way. (Three daughter can be demanding LOL)


There’s mixed thoughts on the sounding of ideas threads.

I’ve done the same, chatted about my own ideas only for finished games not to show up, so I do have some sympathy, if people do have a genuine desire to make games. (One day I’ll finish all of mine!)

With Markel, he never seems to actually plan to make any of his ideas into a game, and he never seems to learn that suggesting copyrighted properties does not work for this site. And he never comes back to an old idea, it’s always something new.

I’d love to see him actually make a game inspired by something he’s interested in. Even if it’s a super short game.

Anyway don’t let this discourage you from your own ideas. (Could always write a game for your three daughters!)


My understanding is that “inspired by” Stargate would be okay while “set in the Stargate Universe” would not. Am I correct in that understanding?



You can’t set a game in the Stargate Universe, using Stargate characters, and Stargate terminology.

You could write a game about people who discover a device that allows them to travel to different worlds in the universe, and even try to overthrow the aliens that are controlling everything and free worlds from their influence.