Just thinking of a Stargate inspired game


Rip. I will never create my private Tellius game anyway because of crippling depression and dissociation.

Have you seen this guy’s activity? He creates a thread, leaves, and watches it play out, waiting for someone to offer to make it.

Same… It’d be you know, uh, is justifying the right word? It’d make me feel like all these threads were for something solid.


Write a game for the daughters? Probably easier to write one based on stargate that does not infringe copyright.

But being serious I appreciate you comment and support. This is one place where most people are positive and I hope that markedly does go on to produce something we can all enjoy.


I’d say create short interactive Tellius fanfiction using Twine and not Choicescript. That would be a small easily achievable goal.

@Rendel I’m not sure how old they are, get the daughters to create a game! I was in the single-digits when I tried to make my first computer games. Get them started young! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (Sen and Chihiro’s Spiriting Away) was created because Miyazaki went to stay with a friend and found their young girls had mostly collections of romance novels or cutesy aimless comics that portrayed girls in a submissive role or character.

He resolved to make a heroine that was the same age as these girls who could go on an adventure and could save people and go through a “coming of age” story, without having to sacrifice her childlike innocence, potential romance, or tomboyish interests or personality, and all without resorting to violence.[quote=“FairyGodfeather, post:23, topic:23211”]
I’d say create short interactive Tellius fanfiction using Twine and not Choicescript. That would be a small easily achievable goal.

Trying. Oh god, am I trying with anything I can get my hands on. But if I don’t damn forget any semblance of plot I lose interest in it. I’m not cut out to be a writer. I’m terrible. I know what I want to do, but cannot do it. Brainfog.

Maybe one day I’ll join a team or something, or, anything. But I am… Not Good. People tell me I’m a good writer. It’s just… keeping it together is hard. Maybe one day. Eventually. Maybe never knowing me.


I can definitely sympathize. I have trouble with longer texts (though, not for the same reason.) I can be a great writer when my target is 3k words or less. Indeed, all my middle school and high school English teachers were under the impression I was “an amazing writer, when you get your work turned in.” Beyond that point, I have an issue that I feel compelled to look over my text every so often…the longer the text, the more frequently I feel the need to look over and edit my text and the longer each editing session takes. In college, 10 page papers were really hard because at about 8 pages I’d already be feeling the compulsion to look back over the paper by the time I finished the previous re-write! (Hence the “when you get your work turned in” part of my teachers’ opinions.)

I’ve gotten better over time…with a lot of work…but, my current (private) WIP is my first attempt to truly write a full-fledged IF novel/game since I’ve gotten over the worst of the editing compulsion. A large part of why I’m trying it is to prove to myself that I have actually gotten control of my compulsion.

(Much like when I pushed myself up a 40ft climbing wall to prove to myself that I’d gotten control of my acrophobia. I still feel the fear, but it’s no longer completely crippling. Most of the time…)


I think whether we had it be like Star Gate, Star Trek or Star Wars, I think it would be cool to have a IF game which plays like a Sci-Fi Show and it’s seasons with a space ship or vessel, a crew you can interact with, establishing alien races bad and good… that kind of thing. Apex Patrol did a good job of doing something like that, but it would be nice to have something more expansive. :slight_smile:

And I’m trying to learn Twine as well, thanks to getting a book on creating IF with it for Christmas. Hopefully if I can master that I can do the same with Choicescript, Inkle and Quest and the like.