July 2024's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for July 2024.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to July babies.

:firecracker: July is the month that the USA celebrates its independence and founding. Cheers to those that celebrate it! :fireworks:

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.


This month, I thought I’d share a few inspirational story ideas and writing prompts from Bryn Donovan:

My main goal for July is to continue to work on and edit my Patchwork’s project.

“Brutal editing” is the term to describe the type of editing I am doing.

The name really fits the process for several reasons: it is brutal in pace and intensity, but it is also brutal to the ego as well.

Due to the nature of the editing, I will also have the secondary goals of resisting imposter feelings and to keep a healthy balance that nurtures health and well-being.

So my secondary goals are as important as my main goal.

Happy writing for the month of July.

. :revolving_hearts:


My goals for July are to write 15k words of Meteoric, and to put Chapter Four up on the beta.


After some bumps in the road last month (which I am forgiving myself for), I am ready to knuckle down and really get started on Blood of the Living.

One goal only:

  • Write 30k words

It might get me to the end of Chapter One, it might not. I might be able to spare some time to get some work done on Diaspora, I might not. Everything but this goal is up in the air and flexible, so I’m hoping that gives me a better shot at making it. :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone with your goals this month!


As I mentioned on June Support Thread I shared in this post the logical bugs causing the game to be broken in flow and pathways :

It was a suprise to me see monthly post and game lists mentioned there. So sort of I am glad I finished the update yesterday.

For this month - since warming up to cogs & machinery of CSIDE I expect to dive deeper on the streets of our hoods, introducing new characters or developing relations with former, providing more lore and bits of the story.

I don’t have numerical objective but Chapter IV and few games will be there also schedule for the amateur division will be announced in this chapter, together with possible recruits and easter eggs.


My goal for this month is to (finally) finish chapter 1. I’m halfway through with coding the rest of it, so tentatively, it’ll be done… by the end of the week, I think.
Afterwards it’ll be a detailed scene-by-scene plan for the next chapter, splitting it into 2 or 3 parts, and maybe I’ll start writing part 1. But I’ll be happy with getting the first chapter (finally!!!) fully out, and not going down to the “lolwhocares” syndrome (aka imposter syndrome).
Sidenote: 38C is a bit too hot for my liking.
I wish everyone a productive month :sunflower:


Happy writing for July, my friends!

Goal remains 10k. I doubt I go higher except possibly going 25k as a semi-NaNo in November just to help spur things along. That worked a treat when I wrote Parenting. I will probably only have a goal of 5k in August since I will be in Daytona for half the month.


First time writing on one of these since I joined the forum not too long ago. Very excited to share a space with fellow writers!

My goal for this month is to add 20k words to my 10k words chapter to finally wrap it up and (possibly?) publish my first ever wip. Writer’s block has been a common enemy these past few days, but yesterday I wrote 1000+ words in one sitting so I’d say I’m fine. Good luck to everyone on their writing journey!


Good luck to everyone this month, I hope we all reach our goals :heart:!

My goal for this month is to try and write all three versions of the morning scene for episode 2. In theory it shouldn’t be too hard, but rewriting the same scene in different ways three times is so daunting, my eyes glaze over after a certain point.

I pushed myself way too much for episode 1 these past three months, so I want to really pace myself since there’s already so much going on in the story’s code.

It’s taking all my willpower to not just rewrite episode 1 to make changes. I already said I’m not touching it until I at least finish episode 3.

I also rediscovered a story I had started writing when I first started testing choicescript. I’ve been editing it a little bit and am thinking of posting it on the forum, but I’m not worried about it.



  • Finish Chapter One of Phoenix Rising - I don’t feel any closer to this, but… well, at least the next update will have a decent amount to sink your teeth into.
  • Get posts on the Nascent Souls Tumblr up to August. - Publicity doesn’t build itself.
  • Get the game to a point where I can ACTUALLY POST AN UPDATED DEMO, GODDAMMIT. – Sooner, rather than later.
  • Bonus at work. - Going to be optimistic about this one. Gotta keep my head up.
  • Keep up with my Accountabili-Buddies so that we all make progress on our games. @RascaldeesV2 @Phenrex @eveelution . Also looking for more accounta-bilibuddies too! Apply now!

Progress on my 2024 goals

  • Complete Phoenix Rising - not even close to on track for this one.
  • Begin Editing Phoenix Rising - or this one
  • Participate in at least 1 game jam - I’m beginning to think this is a pipe dream for me
  • Complete at least 1 game jam - definitely thinking this is a pipe dream
  • Learn Spanish enough to be able to use it at work (earn a $2 raise by doing this) - up to 10 day streak, but it’s frozen, so I may lose it. Who knows.

Of course! I wish I had more time to work on the strolls, honestly, but… yeah.

Anyway, I dunno what to say except, WELCOME! DM me, if you want, and I’ll give you my discord! (or other ways to communicate.)


Thanks @Eiwynn as always for the thread, and good luck with editing!

My July goal is vague because I’ve entered a new stage of writing for the first time with starting to wrap up the alpha + get ready for beta testing. So my goal is just “get organized, see what needs doing, and start doing it.” I’m taking a half-day break today to help my brain context switch from writing to editing & beta prep. Stardew valley, here I come :heart_eyes:

Good luck to everyone with their July goals!


It might be helpful to create an intro post for your game, or if you have one, to pin it to the top of your blog. Sorry if I missed it, but I scrolled a bit and didn’t find it :wink:

@Sailingshells Congrats on being so close to actually finishing a game! 400k is no mean feat :smiling_face:


First time writing in a support thread. Good luck everyone on your goals.

This past week I was suddenly possessed by a story and went on a writing spree. I finished the first chapter and it reads really good (if I do say so myself). Unfortunately, I hit that point where I have no idea where this story is going from here, and being a plotter at heart (and a control freak) I’m already pulling on my ear for not outlining first. But I have to say, just sitting down and letting the words flow not knowing where it’s going was an interesting experience. I can’t keep it up for too long though.

I was feeling really good about this project, and I have so many projects at different stages of development, I just want to complete one! Just one! I was mentally committing that this would be it, and then I remembered I have a bunch of certification exams coming up in the next few months so I’ll have to put it aside, and I fear that this spark will have fizzled out when I come back to it. So, my goal is to have the whole story outlined in the next two weeks so when I come back I don’t have to start my engine cold.


I’m hoping to get Chapter 12 of Honor Bound drafted by the end of the month, and therefore (drumroll) have the first draft of the whole game done! I hope this is not foolish hubris…


I feel you, I’m experiencing the same exact thing right now. It’s something I struggle with in my writing journey even when I was writing classic novels. My advice is to just take a piece of paper and start making stuff up until you find what makes more sense. Or wait, the ideas will come to you.
Your brain never stops developing ideas, even when you’re sleeping!


@lliiraanna thank you so much! :revolving_hearts:


For this month I am continuing work on my *Dice & Dungeon Master * game book. While progress continues, it never feels fast enough to me and there are some pretty deep, dark code holes that I often fall into while working on this project as there are a lot of variables and oh so many conditionals.

I think while continuing progress on this and writing a couple linear pieces for my Sense & Sorcery universy will be my primarily goals this month, regaining life balance a bit will also be a goal, as I have not done very hot on that.

For those that are interested, I have released a topic on that you can find here: How much time to write and code is just enough? - Game Development / Writing and Content - Choice of Games Forum

I kind of am bad at replies, so my apologies if I don’t manage the thread good, but I’m more curious on tips for project-life balance than my starting a huge discussion, so yeah.

Anyway, good luck to everyone on your own projects this month!


Third time’s the charm! Goal for July: Big Update!


I’m aiming for 10k, that’s all I want this month. And for every word I write that isn’t for my romance, I’m going to aim to write two that are for my romance. This thing is not going to get away from me, I don’t care how long it takes, I’m writing it. I don’t care how distracted I get, I’m writing it. I don’t care that I have zero self discipline, eventually, one way or another, I’m. writing. it.

Good luck everyone!


No pressure though


My only goal this month is finishing my chapter. I wrote 3k last night so that’s a good start. I don’t know how long it will take with work as busy as it’s been, but I’m determined.