July 2021's Writer Support Thread

My overall goal for this month is to complete Scene Two out of Three in Chapter 2 of my book and publish the demo of that with the save state feature implemented in dashingdon. Lots of mental health stuff this past month that is still going on, so I can’t wait to get to Chapter 3 of my book to help expend some of that from my head.


I’m very sorry to hear that @Persephonified

Just remember that having fun is the most important thing here and it shouldn’t give you anxiety, and i hope you will enjoy writing again and make great stories for yourself.

I’m glad you found a therapist that can help though, and i hope things will get better for you soon. Wish you luck!


Congratulations @will on the release of his Hosted Game:

Kiss from Death

Romance immortal beings in a world of epic fantasy! Fall in love with witches, princes, dragons, and more in a millennia-spanning search for eternal companionship. Immortality is a life of sex, violence, and tough moral questions. Burn castles, write poetry, seduce mortals, stop wars, unlock dark powers – you have all the time in the world to do as you please.

I edited the first post to reflect this accomplishment for July as well.


I just finished a course on creative writing that’s been very helpful. Outline has been completely redone with more fleshed-out details and characters more rounded out. Still a lot to work out for the characters though, figuring out how to give sympathetic characters their happy (or at least satisfying or fair) endings, just from the sheer volume of major characters.

My goal now is to finish my chapter 2 then go on to the next chapter where you’ll actually be doing stuff. A full rewrite, new characters, scenes shuffled, scrapped, and completely new stuff. Character introductions moved around in the outline too since I’m introducing too many, too fast. I wonder if it’s any good since my thread is real quiet, but it is a slow start to the story so far. Not much action yet, and there won’t be anything too serious until Part 2 (out of 4 or 5 - still haven’t decided whether to split that long one or not).


June has been terrible for me when it comes to the amount of time dedicated to my IF, I haven’t been able to complete my June goals and wrote a mere 5k words. But…

I wrote 5k words :slight_smile: My July goal will thus be to finish the Tuesday storyline. I have the whole structure/framework in place, but I need to finish writing it.

I see some people are saying that they want to get a demo out with just a chapter or a prologue. Although a couple of months ago, I was advised by @Eiwynn to consider writing more, I posted my demo with 25k words which was the prologue and chapter 1. It was great to get some feedback from people and hear that people like the style, however, some of the feedback would be addressed in a part that was yet to be written and this made me realise I was too quick in posting it. I am a slow writer as I have a full time writing job and feel I should do something besides sitting behind my computer, but in hindsight I should have gotten much more of my IF ready before posting any of it. It might work for other people to have more regular updates to keep momentum going, for me this becomes pressure to have to get an update out regularly, which I cannot do especially not now I am focusing on writing the endings first.

Just a bit of advice for people looking to post just a prologue - however exciting it might be to get your story out, it might be a good idea to consider taking some time to write more first. And I needed to tell @Eiwynn she was right. :wink:


@lisamarlin – It seems we had similar June’s in terms of writing. Let us both hope for a more productive July.

Making a WiP and getting actionable feedback is not as easy as it may seem at first blush. Not even mentioning the anxiety of putting your writing out for the community to read, communicating to them your feedback needs is a skill that more should be taught.

I suggest everyone read the official CoG beta calls, and perhaps one or two experienced Hosted Games authors’ threads to see how this communication is done and then mimicking them for your own threads.

Here is a recent beta call:

Here is an experienced Hosted Game author that does a great job at communicating:

Finally, here is a WiP author that has done very well in running his feedback thread:

One thing each of these feedback directions do is explicitly say what they are looking for in feedback. You have to spell this out for testers because they do not read minds and most are not experienced enough to know already what is “actionable” and what is “not actionable”.

Thank you to Abby, Cataphrak, and Parivir for providing clearr instructions on feedback that testers should be able to follow.

There are a ton of “feedback” related threads on the forum, so if you want more in depth discussion on the topic, I suggest using the search feature and looking into them.


First time here! My writing goals for July:

  • Plan out and start to write my expansion Adventures In History for the Doctor Who Solitaire Game my friend Simon over on BoardGameGeek created, with the goal to get it out this Fall. If you are interested you can play the game here:
  • Map out and start to plan the Batman Solitaire Story Game I am spinning out of the Doctor Who one and also taking inspiration from Barbarian Prince which inspired DW, with the plan to use Nanowrimo for significant progress and get the core game out in 2022.

Going to be away for some of the month but I figure I can try and finally set aside an hour or more a day for consistency. Key word being try. :grin:


My goal for July will be to write an average of 2000 words a week.

I’m hoping that this ‘weekly’ goal will ease some of the pressure of having to write every day; a difficult task, given that the only time I have to write is after work… but post-work me just wants to crawl into bed and sleep :rofl: thinking of writing when I’m in that phase can turn it into an awful chore. Which is bad. Been through that once, and it took all the joy out of writing.

I also realize that it’s so important - and so difficult too - to be able to be in that “zone” when your mind is free enough to ease itself into the world of your WIP… without your brain curling its fingers around your pencil and whispering, “you have yet to do the laundry.”

So, maybe on work days when I’m unable to really be in that “zone,”, I’ll write less than 10 words. But I’m hoping to make to make up for that shortfall on my off days, when I’ve more time to write :crossed_fingers:


After some internal debate, I decided to put my current WIP on hold. I have major university entrance exams next March and I need to catch up in my studies for it. The WIP I was writing was too large for me to work on while maintaining my discipline for studying, and it results in a half-baked attempt at storytelling.

This story means a lot to me and I want to give it the best effort that I can, which is not very doable in the position that I’m in right now. I plan to come back to it right after I finish my exams, fully prepared to give it the love and attention that it deserves.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll stop writing, though. I’ve already outlined a short story which I’m thinking of pursuing, but for now I’ll just enjoy the process of writing without worrying about whether or not I’m really doing the best that I can or if I should be studying right now.

So, that knocks off the first and third goal off from my first post for this month. I still want to keep up writing 500 words for most of the week, since I don’t want my writing to go rusty again.


This is probably true, but for me my main problem has been that I have not written an substantial amount even though it hit 25k words.

I’ve found that the testers can’t see which direction I am headed, and so it is virtually impossible for them to give constructive feedback for this reason. Someone even suggested something I had already planned so it would have been better to show that already. I am now waiting untill I have well over half the book done including the ending scenes and secondary storyline before posting. Lesson learned.

Here’s to a more productive July for both of us! And actually everyone here :slight_smile:


So I did it! I met my July goal, only seven days in. My WIP is finished!

Time to sleep for the rest of the year.


Darn, wish my life was that good.




let’s gooooooooooo

Congrats!!! never gets old, does it? Enjoy your time off!


I never usually write anything like this, but I thought here might be the best spot to get some of this out and possibly have people to tell me to get my butt in gear.

I took a little bit of a break the past couple of weeks on my WiP due to it being my birthday and managing to get hold of one of the new consoles, which I played for a total of about a week. I felt like I might’ve been getting a bit burnt out because I was having some major writer’s block, so I pursued GMing a couple of D&D and Kult: Divinity Lost games over the past week or so to stretch my mind a little, as well as watch some Criminal Minds to possibly grab some inspiration since it was one of the original inspirations for it.

Problem is, mental health wise it’s been really rough. I can’t really play or do anything without feeling this extreme, overwhelming sense of guilt for not working on my passion. Especially because I know that Chapter Three of this WiP is going to help me so much with exerting some of this hurt. My WiP is and has always had a theme; grief. I have huge anxiety, always worrying about when my time is going to come and thinking any night I go to sleep could be the last time I close my eyes, so every day I’m not finishing my IF is a day I might not be remembered, which I logically know is very unlikely and objectively not true, but it’s where my head is at.

Anyway, I posted this here rather than the “Why am I feeling emotions” subject because the main purpose wasn’t really to talk about this - this was all simply a preface. I haven’t been able to focus on writing that much so far this month and it’s really irritating me, and I thought this would probably be the best place for people to tell me to get back to work and finish these two scenes for the month.

Good job by the way on everyone who has completed their goals or worked on their goals already this month, always super cool to see that - truly. You guys are awesome and keep up the great work. Sorry for rambling!


My goal is to push past my anxiety and overanalysing, and post the damn WIP. It’s there. It’s ready. But it’s somehow not good enough. Ugh.

I want to write 10k words per week and edit afterwards rather than going paragraph by paragraph. And I want to keep branching choices and give readers a lot of options, just the way I like.

I’ve honestly started to have a lot more empathy for IF authors since I started playing around with ChoiceScript; the more experienced users are so talented and make me feel more enthused to keep trying when I run into road blocks, and I just want to delete my story. Thanks to this forum I’m able to figure out my issues in coding without pulling my hair out.

Shout out to everybody who is writing right now. It’s HARD starting out without a lick of coding experience and an F in maths.


An error report I just received:

What were you doing when the error occurred?

i was trying to play the game


(I did fix the bug though)

As for an update on my writing.

I am not doing much writing!

But soon I will. Honestly the hardest part is just starting – once I do the momentum carries me. Motivation follows action, not the other way around.

Wrote 200 words just now.

“You know, Harper, Bertrand Russell once said punctuality is linked to social cooperation. By always arriving late, you’re letting us know exactly how important we are to you.”

Harper isn’t going down without a fight. “You know, Slater, Wittgenstein once said that when you can’t think for yourself, you can always quote someone else.”

“Why don’t you quote these nuts?”

The best 200 words I’ve ever written.


You should always work on your goals and what your passionate about, it doesn’t matter if you progress a lot or a little, you will always thank yourself later. So i hope you will soon find the inspiration you need once more and continue on your journey of writing a wonderful tale.


I confess I haven’t been doing any writing so far this month. I’ve mostly been playing video games (the Witcher 3 +NG+ Horizon Zero Dawn). In an attempt to get my brain into writing mode I have spent some time today watching YouTube videos by Hello Future Me.

I’ve just finished watching this one, and it’s making me rethink my descriptions so that I’ve typed up so far… including the one that I’m re-writing!


Hello Future Me is great. I watch him all the time!