Journey to the throne(Wip) Updated 11 April


I enjoyed the conversation with the father. It really shows the medieval mindset and setting in how he sees his daughter’s future being about marriage to a lord. It reminds me of the conversation Ned has with Arya in GoT.

I’m not delving too much into grammar or typos, but there’s two things that stuck out –


“Rowan, after interacting with your father, you also come to me with your sister.”
Since it’s the mother who says this, I feel “interacting” is the wrong word choice. It feels too impersonal and like it fits better in a game tutorial, if that make senses. Perhaps simply “speaking” or “talking” would be better.

I know the news of Blackburn was su to you.
Was “su” supposed to be “a surprise”?

Looking forward to seeing what happens next. :relaxed:



On the first one, I would also replace “but” with “Except”. Since, starting a sentence with “but” is generally frowned upon.



Love the story so far keep it up also are there going to be ROs in this game



Yeah there will be.

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Yeah there will be

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How come you can’t choose your twins gender i feel that would give it some more replay value.



The thing is, Lord of Haven has two kids, male and female twin and this is their story. You will be able to play story from two different point of view.
Like if you are female you won’t be able to go to the capital and if you are male you will go there



I don’t mean playing from a different point of view i just meant it would be interesting if you could choose there gender.



IDK, I actually liked the character creation system in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and this kinda reminds me of that. I know M E: A probably isn’t the best game to replicate, but I liked that aspect of it.



Yes, your idea is good but the thing is the story will move forward by taking both the male and the female part simultaneously. If you will play as male then all the female choices will be selected by default and same if you play as the female.
The reason why I can’t let you select the gender of the twin because if a person chooses to select his twin as male as playing male then I will have to remove the essential part of the female side, for example a pervert king will propose to marry the female to help you defend your home. I won’t be able to add that if both siblings will be male and many more scenes and the same thing will apply if both siblings will be female.
So are you understanding the reason why I can’t let the player choose twin’s gender?



I haven’t played that M.E. Andromeda and if you don’t mind will you please tell me a little about it’s
character creation system?



Can i kill this Pervert. lol



That we will see :wink:



Ok got it thanks for the info.

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{tittle} ??

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Just played through the recent update.

MC’s mother is a great character. I love how no-nonsense she seems to be.

I like how you can choose to talk to Lord Derrick, Lord Gerrad, Ser Ivor, and Lady Amarda. I really appreciated the conversation with Lord Gerrad where we can learn about the different lands.

The one thing I noticed was that every time you get to choose if you want to talk or not, the yes and no options are in different places – when you speak with Lord Derrick and Lady Armada, the no option is first, and when you speak with Lord Gerrad and Ser Ivor, the yes option is first. Is there a reason for that? I feel like it might be better to have the yes option first for all of them. :thinking:

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Thanks for your reply bro…
I must have forgotten to put “$” sign there . I will fix it immediately.



No…there is no reason behind it, I just typed it and you are right it is looking a little bit odd. I will fix it right now.
Thanks for your reply and time.



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Oh… I am so sorry, I actually also uploaded the part that I haven’t finished with last upload. I have removed it now and you won’t face this error now.
Thanks for your post and again sorry for this.