Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

Million word mark passed, by the way, as of this week!

If @Shyranno were around, I’m sure she’d have an appropriate picture for it, but as it is, just imagine the Noble Gases setting off festive fireworks as Ernie looked at a loan statement with “1,000,000 in ready monies due” in big angry red letters.

This week I continue building bedrooms and guest rooms in Merryweather Manor–last week I did the MC’s room, and Gilberto’s. Today I just worked on Aunt Matilda’s, and next week I hope to do Parsnip’s, Marmaduke’s, Vyv’s, Fitzie’s, and the butler Weathertable’s, at the very least.


Congratulations on becoming a millionaire, Gower!


That’s his name? :thinking:

Yes, that’s the name of the butler of Merryweather Manor; he was the butler there when you were a small child as well. Now he is quite aged, and not quite as able to keep up with hijinks.


Aww, our childhood butler. I’m just gonna pretend his name is Alfred. :wink:


Does the butler of Merryweather even have a first name though? :thinking: I feel like the MC would refer to him as the Merryweather butler or Weathertable for life ……

On the other hand, can the MC get phobias of tables ? :thinking:

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Status update! I am going to devote one more week to working on the exploration of the manor, and then move on, leaving a few bits not done, to build the village, for people who would like to spend their Chapter Five exploring the environs, meeting the townsfolk of Flutterbury and such.

In the process, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a brewhouse, the church, the coffeeshop, the police station, the shopping district, and the St. Clair estate, as well as a mysterious luxury apartment (or posh flat, if you like) and a rooftop retreat. Er, the latter only for people who are not chimney-phobic, of course!

Even though players will be able to move back and forth freely between the four big locations in this chapter (house, village, grounds, London), the location you start with will have a unique adventure–so starting in the village will give you an adventure with Robin and possibly Parsnip that you cannot get if you don’t start there.

I’m switching over to the village before being wholly done with the house just to keep my own interest up; a change of pace is good for me, and switching it up helps me keep things light and fun. The risk is always that when you are working on the same thing for weeks the slog starts to creep in, and I never want players to feel like they are reading the part of the game where you were fighting slog.

So this week, we finish Chum’s room, Fielding’s room (yes, the same Fielding who used to work at Aunt Primrose in Tally Ho), and one other servant’s room, and then I move on, leaving the kitchen, the study, and the wine cellar for another week in the future.


Will we know whose adventure corresponds to what location when making the choice, or only after?

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You won’t know in advance, but the adventure you have is pretty much an extension of the place you go. For example, if you decide to go to London, the adventure is figuring out how to get someone to give you a ride there; if you go to the golf game, the adventure is the first hole–and so forth. It’s a lot like the way the opera/arena/press bit works in Cakes and Ale–you can travel around, but there’s always an initial part you miss if you don’t go there first.


I demand stairs made of smoke and chimney sweeps singing “chim chim eree”. Whaddya mean that’s decades too early and the wrong genre??


The house, the village, the grounds and London. The scope of these games always feels like a triumph in itself. Hope the writing treats you well!


Status updates are always fun because there’s always a new name dropped and I had scramble through my brain to figure out if the character has been named before. Who’s Robin? Who’s Melora? Weathertable? Can’t wait to find out.

Fielding being back is also cool! I hope he doesn’t have to suffer more punches this time.


How did we get to the St. Claire estate? Did we break into it ? Unceremoniously uninvited? Was Mr. St Claire furious? I hope he is furious.

Adding to this I demand Jolly Good chimney jingle!

Also, really unrelated but happy birthday Gower :partying_face: Thanks for all the work you’ve done and I hope you’ll have a wonderful day/night.


When’s your birthday Gower? Happy birthday :birthday:


You… um missed it. It was um, 10 days ago…… when he still had a cake by his name….


Oh I didn’t know that was a thing

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It’s cool don’t worry about it :relaxed: