Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

What a handsome fella, Ethel is lucky to have him as a father :grin:

And who is this? :thinking:

I’m not sure yet, but their name sort of sounds like Robin Hood, so they’re probably a roguishly charming do-gooder type. There’s so much in a name!

I’m not so sure they sound like they dabble on scandal-inducing money-making schemes

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Those are simply vicious, unfounded rumors, I’m sure. :wink:


I dunno I feel like you’re covering for that utterly devious fella. I think you’re being seduced :pensive:

Hmmm. That might lead to some interesting possibilities, Fitzie-wise. They’re bound and determined to dump cold water on their crush’s romantic moments with other folks - I wonder how they’d handle someone a little more persistent and sinister.


I guess it’s out of the window for you :pensive:

Also happy cake day !!! :partying_face::birthday: Hope your cakes are always splendid for years to come !!!

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I’m all done with the Melora adventure, and here’s my writing wisdom for the day.

The best part of writing is when you are in the thick of it. When you are wrestling with the words, when you don’t have the opportunity to write (like almost all of today for me), when you are sketching out ideas in a notebook, and the days when you get like 7,000 words done and your back and wrists are sore (this was me yesterday).

When I’m writing, something I think is, wow, this is going to be great to be done with, but I know from experience that that just isn’t true: when it’s done, I’ll feel a little empty and long to get in the middle of another writing project, and feel down until then.

The time right in the middle is the part to savor, even though it can feel exactly the opposite at the time.

Now, for the rest of the week, I have the fun of creating all of the rooms in Merryweather Manor for the exploration adventure.


I hope there’s a large, interesting library to explore. OTOH, if there is such a place, I may never leave it…


You shall have what you desire: Uncle Chum’s study will allow you a good deal of browsing.


What is this ? Is this some kind of twisted joke?

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OTOH is the acronym for “on the other hand”

Ooooh I thought it was something to express surprise without the explanation mark

A big interesting library? Surely that means one of the book is gonna go ‘click’ when you reach for it and reveal an elusive hidden room right? :wink:

But what’s inside the room? Is it the place where uncle chum paints his wooden soldiers?

I guess we’ll see what’s in there when I get to it. Sometimes this story surprises me with what shows up. Maybe there’s a portal to some other game in there. Who can say?


But why would uncle Chum NEED the portal THAT’S the question !

Isn’t it odd that he keeps his portal secret from the other residents? What does this mean ? Is it a portal to another dimension where everyone lived in a tragicomedy? Is it the place where uncle Chum keeps his paint brushes? Is it linked to an organization related to the supernatural? Who knows ?

Wayhaven crossover confirmed!!1!

Ah, the Tolkien method. If Faramir comes walking into the woods of Ithilien - er, that is, Chumly Manor - do let us know. :wink:

Mishka, Gower and the universe, probably :

Be careful what you wish for :