Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

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Hello! I have a question about this system, how extensive will this questionnaire be? Because my main worry about the save system which will be implemented later is the notion that it doesn’t sound like a jolly good time to try and do everything as the original MC did, such as achieving certain feats (or failing them) or achieving high/low relationship stats.

It would be great if it included most of the variables that affect dialogue and scenes. For example, the fear of chimneys or meeting certain characters like Haze, Valentine, or Parsnip.

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It will not be super-duper extensive, because there’s a lot of variables. I can say for sure that recreating a character with the questionnaire will not wholly capture every bit of importing your character–I don’t want to have to ask you every single relationship number, for example, so in general, the relationships will be sort of middleish aside from some bumps for romantic relationships or other things. I’m trying to avoid having to ask how your relationship was with everyone individually, and I’m fudging by sort of going straight up the middle.

The save game import will be able to capture the precise numbers of skills and relationships; the questionnaire, not so much. I ask about RO, scandal, if you are president, your best skill, your second best skill, your worst skill, where you live on the soothing/abrasive scale, and your sponsor and the vice president if applicable. I don’t ask about upperhand. Probably I should. I’ll make a note to add that to my to-do list. The problem is that the questionaire is in character and has jokes in it and therefore it takes serious writing time.

Meeting Haze is in there, as are the phobias. Meeting Parsnip isn’t, but you’ll meet her anyhow in chapter three so I’m not worried there. And meeting Valentine is baked into the “steal” scandal, so that data will be captured too.

However, I will have a DLC for this game that will allow you to individualy tweak individual relationship stats (much like the stat-tweaking DLC for the first game, but with more buttons and toggles to play with). So you will be able to fine-tune if you want to.

But yes, the save import will be way more robust, it’s true.


Isn’t this always the case? Every game series I’ve ever played gets more from save imports than fresh toon answering a questionnaire. I don’t see how it could be any other way, considering that an import lets you track as many variables as you could possibly want, while you don’t want players to spend five hours going through “Previously on…”.


Pretty much. I guess the previous game is sort of the long-form questionnaire. That’s a good way to think about it.


Huzzah! Sounds very useful, just like the first game’s DLC. I appreciate these things being made available (even though I could already tweak stats/relationships myself for free, I found it was much more fun and convenient to have an integrated “cheat console”).

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I loved this in Cake and Ale and I’m so grateful it’s coming back :bowing_woman:t3::bowing_woman:t3:

It certainly will be with my sequel. :slight_smile:

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Question. If we have the option to import a save, why even need the questionnaire? Personally, I would simply create an entirely new character if there wasn’t a save feature.

It’s for people who are coming into this game as their first or only Jolly Good experience–I think those people will be in the minority, but I wanted there to be the option. Those who jump in at game 2 will probably be able to figure out what’s going on before long, and I think the experience will be stand-alone-y enough that it will make sense if played like that…

…but, obviously, you’ll get way more out of it if played in sequence.

Also, there will be six “quick-start” characters with set stats and even names and personality features and a biography (because if there’s some prose to be written, I can’t not do it) for those who really want to dive in as fast as possible.


It’s the late summer update!

It’s been an extremely productive summer of writing, and it involved a major rethinking of how I structured Chapter Five. I’m still writing Chapter Five, but I can see the end from where I’m standing. I still probably have about dozen or so vignettes to write–the majority of which are the vignettes that make up the golf game.

I still feel pretty good about my target of having Chapters 5 and 6 written near-ish the end of my January semester, leaving 7 and 8 to write during my spring sabbatical and summer. It’s a rough target, and I may end up overshooting it, but it doesn’t feel wildly off base at the moment. By the time I get to January, I’ll have a better sense of it–I don’t typically have a ton of writing time when I’m in the thick of teaching and grading. But, as always, I update the first post in this thread every single time I have a writing session.

I want to think everyone so much for all of your kind words, reviews, support, and everything as I’ve been writing. As I start to transition into the academic year, my word count drops significantly, and I absolutely love the lack of pressure so that I can write at my own pace–and rethink and rewrite stuff as needed. Sometimes I freak out and think “this is taking way too long!” and “But what if this chapter isn’t done by September!” It’s a good lesson for any writer to work on putting that tension aside, and the support of this thread and everywhere on the forum helps me tremendously. You know what I mean.


I think this will be the last update of Chapter Five, since I am on track to finish it some time in October. I have about 12 vignettes to go, plus some end-of-chapter wrap up.

This is the part of the semester where I have to really work to wrest writing time from my schedule, now that I have drafts and essays coming in each week, and many, many committee meetings. But I’m so close to done with Chapter Five, and I really don’t want it to bleed into November.

Today I wrote an adventure solely for those with Firesnuff as their sponsor, and it’s one of my favorite things in the chapter. I never know what’s going to end up making me extra happy until after I’ve written it, and I hope the sponsor-related material ends up being enticing enough to encourage people to replay with all five sponsors!


I can reassure you that you achieve this every single time. You make ‘failing’ stats interesting and fun! Now if that is not an incredible feat I do not know what is!!