Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

… I did NaNoWriMo one year. 52,000 words took me basically the entire month, nearly killed me, and the result was… as good as fanfic usually is.

Real writers must have superpowers, I swear. That’s 585,500 actually good words in less than eight months, plus coding (don’t even get me started on coding). HOW.


Here’s my monthly update! I’ve been waiting until some family responsibilities were done, and now I have about four solid weeks to write, which is great, because I hate feeling stalled.

I’m still working on several chunks of the first half of Chapter Three–I very rarely write a bunch of vignettes simultaneously, but I’m doing so here for some reason. I’m just about finishing up a really complicated conversation with Fitzie (which I hope to finish tomorrow) and assembling the main cast all together in one spot for the scene that explains the premise of the rest of the game. Lots of characters and a lot of moving parts in this bit.

Thankfully, my morale is pretty high, and I’m keeping a good attitude even when things need to be rewritten several times. The hardest thing for me is trying to figure out how to work in writing with professorial duties in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m trying squeeze in writing time in the odds and ends of the day. I like to sit down and write for hours and get in the groove, and listen to my Tea and Scones playlist and just emerge from writing daze much, much later.

I’ll send further dispatches from the field as I write more!


Congratulations on finding four weeks to write! That’s very exciting!

Might one inquire where one could find this playlist?


That description pretty much fits all conversations with Fitzie. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for keeping us updated; we’re all looking forward to reading what you come up with! I wish I could do the writing-for-hours-at-a-time thing but I’m just too easily distr- squirrel!

… dancing?? :heart_eyes: Lindy Hop? Charleston? Maybe (gasp) a romantic waltz? And so many ways it could all go hilariously wrong…

… okay then. :elephant:


Hi! I just completed “Jolly Good: Cake and Ale” and I’ve noticed a lack of the ability to create a save file. How do you intend to let players continue with the same character if they can’t import a saved game?

EDIT: Oh, my appologies. I didn’t notice you answered this question in the original post


Time for the monthly update!

So this is the time of year where I slow down, unfortunately. I’ve been writing a bunch over the summer, and we are at 697,000 words now, so more than Tally Ho, and about half as long as Cakes and Ale so far. I’m in the middle of Chapter Three of Tea and Scones, so obviously this is going to be a pretty long story.

The reason why it’s so long is partly because I want to give all of the romance/friendship stories room to breathe, and because I want each of the sponsors to have their own little storylines, and also because I wanted to have some significant differences in the sorts of things you get to experience depending on your position in the Noble Gases. This is where I have to pay the tax for having the end of Cakes and Ale have that sponsor choice, but I’m glad I did it.

Also making this particular chapter a bit tough to write: the openness of the structure so far has made it very possible that you have never met important characters–you could easily make it to Ch. 3 of Tea and Scones and never have met the Reverend Theobald or Chervil, and even more likely you would never have met Harlow or Haze. So I have some work to do here to make sure that every playthrough at least sees these people and knows their names and who they are (whether or not you choose to engage with them further). I don’t think chapter 3 will be especially long to play, but there’s a lot of information and exposition that needs to be in it to make every playthrough make sense.

Figuring out how to do that but also keep the chapter feeling fun and frothy and light is mainly what I’m working on.

But anyway, I am decelerating, which is a bummer, because my academic year is about to start, and I find myself having to teach a) more classes than usual, and b) more days than usual. So whereas I’ve been able to get 3000-4000 words a day written no problem over the summer, I fear that things will go much much slower during fall semester.

However, I just may have the opportunity to take sabbatical in the spring, which would mean that I wouldn’t be teaching at all January through August, which would mean excellent and rapid progress. I’ll keep you posted on that if and when it happens.

But here’s the main thing: I’m keeping it light and having fun. Feeling pressure or grindy is absolute death to the lightness of this game, like trying to make a souffle with a mortar and pestle.


Not sure if this was asked already, but how do you feel about people writing Tally Ho and/or Jolly Good fanfiction?

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest! Enjoy.


Thank you, I’m in love with Fitzie so much, it’s ridiculous.


I do so wonder, will Pilcrow ever be an available RO? There’s just something about her instantly identifiable, infallible, illuminating, illustrious, imaginative, indisputably innovative, imposingly ingenious, intelligent, insightfully intoxicating, indifference in her identity that makes her indisputably ideal.


She will not. Five ROs is already making this thing outrageously complicated, so no Pilcrow RO. However, if things fall out just the right way, there will be some events that allow you to spend some more time with her and grow a bit closer to her. Then again, I am pretty bad at guessing these things. I suppose we’ll see in time whether I manage to write that friendship/closeness path with her. I hope so.


Oh well. I do love Pilcrow, but priorities - fingers still crossed for a “look, Fitzie, I’d dearly love to get married, but this servant-employer thing? Really not working out.” route.

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What is RO?

RO means romanceable option–basically any character you can get into a relationship with.