Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

Wahhh!!! That sounds like an incredibly enjoyable game too! I can just imagine how disastrous and funny it would be to watch the Rorry and Marmaduke from the perspective of the older relative and to be able to complain about my own indirect offspring to Aunt Matilda and Aunt Primrose. Only to be distracted by Uncle Cholmondy who has found a way to paint his toy soldiers far more efficiently and accidentally setting something on fire. Which is just the distraction Haze (and Fitzie?) needed to do something they shouldn’t but definitely do. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to it! Though I can’t help but feel a sadness at the prospect of the Tally Ho-Jolly Good series ever coming to an end! Still a far way off, luckily! I will just pretend to forget that part.

And thanks for the hard work! Even though it’s not for Tea and Scones! It’s important work (: Hope you stay safe and healthy! :sparkles:


I’m not sure whether I’d be like Aunt Primrose or Uncle Cholomondley (haha, I don’t believe I spelled that right), but it would be lovely experience to berate our nephews and nieces and what not. Maybe we can annoy them with old stories from before the Great War, in a elaborate tale that lectures them so they won’t go off and marry that eccentric fellow from another country, or pester them for letters of affection as they dwindle our fortunes and ask us for more money, and convince them to come with us on trips that will obviously teach them good manners and worldly things because young people today!

Maybe we can scheme with their trusty servant to sort out their messes all while oblivious to the fact we’re making things worse for them. I’d love it if my nephew hatched a scheme that inadvertently meant to spare us harm yet we discover it anyway, and somehow the servant makes it all better. What if we get ourselves into a scandal and our niece comes to save us, yet are too stubborn to notice that we have caused a scandal in the first place? I’m old, life is short, why can’t I marry the lower class barkeep from Brooklyn? There is also a consideration of what kind of niece or nephew we have that would either want to help us be happy or save our reputation in society first and foremost.

This would be a fun read, but I can only assume it won’t be some years till you ever consider writing it, not that you will not ever make it there. Jolly Good is jolly good so I’m sure all of us readers have confidence you’ll make your vision shine through in the end. Hip hip hooray and all that.


I continue to try to sneak in work every now and then during the semester, biding my time until I can go full throttle again! Today was my first major writing day in a while, and I spent the time totally reworking the flow of the chapter to make sure that every path through is fun and varied and reflect the big choices. Today was a coding and revising day, rather than a straight-up writing day.

If you are interested in how the game design angle works, here’s what I was working on, without spoilers, but also probably not very interesting to the vast majority of people:


Early in the chapter you make a big choice that branches the chapter out in two. In route 1, you have the choice of adventure A, B, or C; in route 2, you have the choice of adventure D, E, or F. These aren’t huge things, but they are significant vignettes.

However, I was mulling this over and realized that I wanted more return on my writing investment. So I decided that in fact, I wanted the player to experience two adventures, not just one.

So I had to choose: do I have the player one of A,B, or C, and then one of D, E, or F? Or do I have the player pick two from A, B, and C or two from D, E, and F? Or do I just trash D, E, and F altogether and have the player pick two from A, B, and C, to make it easier to write? Do I let everyone pick B and C, but A is only available if you made the first big branching choice, and D is only available if you made the second big branching choice?

In short, it was the classic dilemma of making the choices matter a lot v. having finite time in this life to write.

This morning over breakfast I was making all kinds of flowcharts. Anyway, I eventually opted for having the player pick two from A, B, and C or two from D, E, and F. This has the advantage of more content for the player (two adventures instead of one); it honors the first big branching choice (you are either on the ABC path or the DEF path); and I can put in the option to skip the second choice if you want to get on with it. It has the disadvantage of taking a long time to write, since I have to write six interesting vignettes, but I think I’ll make up the time elsewhere as I trim out some less interesting stuff in favor of keeping the action tightly focused on the characters.

I’m also explicitly making this chapter have some thematic and structural symmetry with Chapter Two of Tally Ho, so this change helps me reflect that a bit.

And so, in short, I’m biding my time, grading essays and finishing out the last month of the semester, before I can devote myself to this full-time! As always, I’ll update the first post of this thread whenever I write, with a sentence or two to let you know what I’m up to.


Sorry, I know the conversation has moved on since then, but I just replayed the game a few times and am curious about this:

@lynossa or @Gower (or whoever knows this) Can you even romance Fitzie when you put them in place and try to keep the upper hand in the relationship? Or at least have a balanced relationship? I feel like I lose points with them or simply don’t gain any whenever my MC says “no” to their ideas. It almost started to feel restricting, how much I had to tiptoe around them (or thought that I had to!) due to their often unpredictable nature and reactions. And everytime I wasn’t on board with an idea, they gave me the cold shoulder or a big dose of sarcasm. …Which also often happened when I was trying to be nice, admittedly. :wink:

Another question, involving Fitzie and MC in a cab:

Is it possible to play through the kissing / no kissing cab scene without losing relationship points? I’ve played this part today over and over, I always went in with 92 points and lost 9 points. I don’t know how to look into the code and wouldn’t even want to. Just a yes / no would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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It’s been awhile and @Gower would be able to answer it better, but as far as I remember, you can. One of my MCs romances him and has upperhand on him so he doesn’t make all decisions for her.


I almost always play an Upperhand!MC when I romance Fitzie. :smiley: I think being Abrasive > Soothing helps? Be helpful, but not a doormat. I go along with them to steal the pearl, for example, but at the end of it I tell them that it’s typically the employer that gives orders. Things like that. A good way to rack up Upperhand points might be to prepare & do well on the Cadbury Club interview - the wiki has a nice guide for that bit! I haven’t looked at the code either, though, so someone who has may be able to give clearer instructions :~)


Yes, exactly what others have said–you can definitely romance Fitzie with upperhand. It will probably be more difficult, and there will be moments where it feels like things are going in the wrong direction. Those feelings may well be warranted.

Regardng the cab scene. The answer is yes, you can, but the whole conversation is a minefield.


@lynossa @extrarice Thank you for your help! :blush: Maybe I should try playing a different kind of MC for a change, in order to make the dominant choices come more natural. But it’s good to know that this route is indeed available.

@Gower: Considering how often I played through that cab scene, I have probably set off every possible mine and must have quit right before I would have found that one combination that doesn’t lead to a relationship decrease. Just my luck. :smile:
I usually don’t pay much attention to percentages and stats, and I’d never base my choices upon them, but I got curious if there was a way to prevent that decrease. …Which I only noticed in the first place, because I REALLY wanted to replay that moment and find out what else you could do . :smirk:

Oh and +1 for making Starling a RO. Give me that sweet love triangle drama. Or at least a jealous Fitzie (who btw reminds me a lot of Haze in some regards).


So… how many people are on the “make Starling a RO” train?

Edit: wow, that’s a lot of starling fans (me included)