Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

I think this means that Fitzie has a crush on you and is being petty af :joy: Try not to give Fitzie any ideas.


I seem to remember that this is a tricky minefield to dodge, and the choices that give Fitzie a crush on you are not always easily avoidable.


It is difficult… One of my mcs didnt go along with any of fitzie’s plans and had the upperhand but i think it still didnt work out.

Weirdly, I have just realized that I didn’t have these as options for the fate of the Tally Ho protagonist at the start of Cakes and Ale. I have just added them and they will appear in the next update.

*if th_future = "writing"
	After the affairs of [i]Tally Ho[/i], ${th_name} decided to write a book.
*if th_future = "shop"
	After the affairs of [i]Tally Ho[/i], ${th_name} found employment in a shop.

As for whether this is important to the writing of Tea and Scones, of course it is.


Can anyone tell me how to find the dource of the cloth clue in the game??

IIRC, you need to take Fitzie’s advice about leaving the restaurant via the roof near the start fo the game. Then you’ll run into the Inspector and see the cloth before he does, and you’ll have a chance to grab it.

You can find the source in Chapter Six, at the arena, if you talk to the right person.


@JBento got it right, and, if I’m not mistaken, you need a bit of Observing (like, 30-ish, I think) to be able to spot it on the roof in the first place.


But to whom should i talk?

Pipsy. You may have this conversation with her if you have already discovered one of the two clues about her, one of which is available during the insult round of boxing, and the other of which Fitzie can discover if they are searching the arena for clues. Have an Observe or Intellect of > 35.

Being able to discover the source of the cloth is tricky.


Is there a way for me to be able to romance both Tabby and Vyv in the same playthrough? And if so, what is the best way to do that?

I think it’s impossible to romance both of them in the same playthorugh, but I think it’s possible to have both of them have feelings for the MC. Both Tabby and Vyv can have a crush on your character from their backstories.

Wait, now that I think about it, I think you can share a romantic scene with both of them in Chapter 6 (Vyv in the arena, Tabby in the news office), but I have the impression that you’ll have to choose between one of them in Tea and Scones (that’s just speculation, though).


That’s pretty much correct–and yes, towards the end of Tea and Scones, you’ll have to decide which romantic path you are on.


I just really want to express my love for the world that Kreg Segall has created. Absolutely one of my favorite authors. :sparkling_heart:

I’ve been replaying “Tally Ho” and “Cakes and Ale” for the past week and it’s made me so happy during difficult times. I can feel my drive to draw return thanks to the ROs, particularly Valentine, Fitzie, and Haze.

I can hardly wait until the next installments of the trilogy are released. :sparkles:


I’ve had an espresso today and, as I took a sip of it, the description of the espresso the MC can drink in Chapter 1 suddenly popped into my head. It really is “bitter, bold and bracing”. :slightly_smiling_face:


My win condition for writing is to create turns of phrase that stick with you and pop into your head without permission.


I still hear, feel Fitzie spitefully hissing “I’ll please you.”

And every time I see a soft top convertible, I think of Marmaduke, utterly miserable, in a bathrobe, seeing it sliced to ribbons.

I still try to imagine the design of the Majordomo. My current image is best described as “what if Elvis Presley’s rhinestone suit were more like a kimono?”

ETA: oh! and “Now that’s a hotfoot!”


Looking for some tips! Has anyone ended in a worldstate where you play a high Soothing character but still get Tabby’s revolutionary reveal and the Harlow sponsorship without romancing Tabby? I can’t seem to raise my Scandal enough!

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I haven’t the foggiest idea if this is possible; it sounds like it would be a difficult feat, but let me know if you figure it out! The Harlow sponsorship is the least popular sponsorship, if the Steam achievements are anything to go by, but I’m not sure if it is just difficult to hit the requirement, or if the requirement is vaguer than the others and therefore hard to plan for.

Steam achievement stats:
Mysterious Benefactor: 28%
Spud Nuggets: 22.7%
Garden Club: 14%
Royal Adventurers" 12/4%
Spectacles: 5.7%


I looked through Cakes and Ale’s code a while ago (found lots of interesting nooks and crannies!), so I think I can give you some general help when it comes to getting the Spectacles Coffee sponsorship. I’m still not sure if a character with high Soothing can pull it off, but who knows!

So, if I remember correctly, the Spectacles Coffee sponsorship is rooted in both the Scandal stat and a secret “spectacles” stat, and both have to be high enough to get their favour at the end of the game. Raising Scandal is pretty straightforward, so I’m gonna focus on mentioning the spots of the story where you can tick “spectacles” up. I think convincing Aunt Matilda to invest in a coffeeshop for Flutterbury increases it, I think brooding before Fitzie’s interview does the same thing, and, if I remember correctly, there are some chances to increase it by showing people up in the Opera start of Chapter 6. Hope it helps! There’s definitely a bunch of variables and twists and turns in Cakes and Ale, so I wouldn’t rule it out as impossible :>