Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

Makes you wonder how far would Fitzie go to sabotage the possibility of MC and Starling “rekindling” their relationship or going further lol. I imagine Fitzie going feral, no subtlety whatsoever. I’ll always remember the iconic line: “Starling is an idiot. And you can quote me!”

Although perhaps Fitz doesn’t need to sabotage anything given that Starling abandoned us in the first place and seems to have the worst opinion of MC :no_mouth::no_mouth:


Fitzie can be both entertaining and annoying if you’ve activated their crush mode while pursuing someone else. I tried it on one run, but when Fitzie nefariously prevented Vyv from giving me that wonderful little present at the end, I had to restart. I refuse to surrender precious Vyv’s precious knick-knack! :wink:

So looking forward to Fitzie vs Starling in game 2. I hope there’s popcorn.


I just realised how ironic it is that I keep quoting that particular line LOL


GOOD GOD FITZIE OF COURSE oh the burden of being too loveable

thank u sooooo so much ive nearly gone mad trying to figure it out, and after just one more replay, it turns out that i HAD indeed deviated from my first playthrough, albeit only for one choice, which was during the interview with Jill, when asked about Starling’s comments, i initially only said that i was “perfectly satisfied” with Fitzie, but on my subsequent playthroughs, for some reason i chose the option which also said something about Starling’s “measly-mouthed offers”

it’s interesting how differently the story shifts just by slightly changing one choice, but i suppose it was good to discover that side of both Tabby and Fitzie, tho id just prefer my character to be oblivious to Tabby’s secret for now, dramatic irony and whatnot (i think that’s the right term, yes?)

anyways, thank u so much again, i can finally now be at peace, and i have to say im very excited for the sequels to come, (not so) patiently looking forward to them!!!


Thanks for your report from the field, and I’m glad you’re enjoying–if that is the right word–Fitzie!

I’m currently working on Chapter 3 of Tea and Scones, little by little! Life and work has been taking up a lot of my time over the past several weeks, but starting next week, I should have four weeks to write, and I’m hoping to make a huge dent in Chapter 3. Posts like yours give me the energy and the motivation to keep at this behemoth of a project, so thank you so much!

Starling informs me that they are gravely disappointed about your reference to their mealy-mouthed offers, by the way.


Could you kindly inform Starling that I am shaking my fist at them with both dignity and poise? The poise is all-important, please do not forget to mention poise.


You know, random question but is starling their real name? Or is it just a pseudonym? If it is their real name then, I feel very sorry for them because that’s such a lackluster name compared to Fitzie.

Also a fun tibid about the symbolism of starlings :

  • Starlings are a representation of group *etiquette and our standing within that clique. ** Their presence encourages us to recognize and embrace our social status, whatever it may be, as it allows us to see highly of ourselves for utmost certainty and peace. They signify the importance of communication in relationships, serving as a reminder to be mindful of the things you say and highlighting the tendency of people to misunderstand, which in turn does more harm than good.

  • Starlings embody destruction and a lack of respect towards other’s property and feelings. They epitomize our negative and at times hurtful traits, showing disrespect towards other people, breaking their hearts, and damaging relationships.*


Huh. Starlings just make me think of the twins from (the book version of) Mary Poppins, since that’s where I first heard of them. And of stars, of course. I thought it was a rather nice name.

Also it’s very close to ‘sterling’, so it’s sort of a bit of wordplay, which I thought worked well, even though Starling wasn’t exactly a sterling servant from our character’s perspective.

Starling is their real last name, yes.


Look at that expression.

You have probably noticed that I like bird names (Ernie Patridge, Toppers Taylor-Fynche, Juniper Popinjay, Stork, Cygnet-Signet) about as much as I like botanical names (Juniper, Chervil, Parsnip, Bitterberry, Primrose, Thistle, Hickory, Bart Chestnut)


Wait …… Juniper is a bird name?

I always thought it was a plant name :scream:

Edit: oh wait never mind it is a plant name ahahahaha ……. :sweat_smile:

That has to be the saddest news I’ve heard today. Please send my condolences to them :pensive:


Will we learn about Starling’s first name in later games? Maybe if we get close to them?

Fitzie is a nickname of their last name, Fitzwalter! Their first name is either Imogen or Liam.


STARLING IS A BEAUTIFUL LAST NAME @Jess1973 :triumph: :two_hearts: But do we know their first name? Wait, what about Fitzie? I forgot if that’s their nickname, first actual name or ???


Oh boy. I hope we get a chance to call Fitzie by their first name at some point. I like both of those names, personally, but I bet Fitzie doesn’t and it’ll annoy them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Agreed. Dear Fitzie holds a special place in my heart, but it grows smaller every time I fall through the opera house floor.


Wait…. You can do that ?! :scream:

Starling as a name just sounds really weird to me :pensive:. If it was a name for a pet, I might find it as adorable. But, I hope their first name would live up to their reputation.

(Plus, @Kirlett any name sounds dull when you compare it to Fitzie (if I’m perfectly honest myself))

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You have to send Fitzie to the opera and then tempt them into a box for a mutual exercise in frustration. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hmm. You fall through the floor with Fitzie. You rise through the floor with Gilberto. There’s probably, like, some kind of symbolism going on; Fitzie plunges down from ‘heaven’ with you, Gilberto ascends from the ‘netherworld’…



Oh yeah there’s a place called “hell” in the game too….:thinking:

So you’re saying it’s a fall of grace :wink:

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Hopefully the MC has learned to fall gracefully by now, with all the practice they’ve gotten. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh, I know, maybe this is all an allegory, a strange Wodehousian version of Pilgrim’s Progress, with bird and plant names instead of more obvious ones like ‘Worldly Wiseman’. You already spotted the significance of Starling. Now we just need to extensively analyze each individual name and situation to figure out what it all really means. Or we could just play the game and have fun and agree that allegories are pretty awful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t forget about Hyacinth, the exiled prince(ss) from the Sheperd play in A Midsummer Night’s Choice. Very important character in the story-within-a-story of the game.

Maybe, we do learn Fitzie’s name at the end of Game 1. But I’ve had the headcanon that Starling always comes with a very proper, posh name, like Theodore Starling or Madeline Starling or something like that.


I’m possibly the densest person alive so this should be fun :joy: