Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

I see. Thanks for the quick reply!

I thought about popping in here to say that of all the CoG games in my Steam library - and I have quite a few - this is the only one that I’d be prepared to call a true work of art, but then I realized I might come off as pretentious, or snobbish, or overly gushy, and I dread earning the disdain of random strangers on the internet, so I’ll restrain myself to:

It’s brilliant, and I loved it. Vyv is a total sweetheart. I’m eagerly anticipating the sequel(s)!


Thank you so much for this (and for your Steam review)! I’m glad you like Vyv. I’m pretty fond of Vyv too.

I’m closing in on the end of Chapter Two, and I can’t wait to share Tea and Scones with you–eventually!


I would say that I also love Gilberto and Fitzie, but Gilberto’s head is swollen enough already and Fitzie is in deep denial about love and all things love-adjacent (I’ll annoy you into a declaration eventually, Fitzie!), so I’ll just keep my mouth - or is it fingers? - shut. :shushing_face:

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@Gower I don’t really know if this is a bug but when I activated Croesus mode in the cheat menu and had given myself 500 readies, when I come back to the main story it said that my readies were not enough.

I think there is an oddity of the way the stats screen works that you have to advance a screen for the changes made to kick in.

So, if that’s so, you would have to give yourself the readies before getting to that screen, which is annoying. Makes “lock in these changes” a bit deceiving.

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Wait how do you do this???

@Jess1973 believe they mean once you make the changes using the cheat menu, you have to press next and advance to the next page in the game. You gave yourself more readies but that most likely won’t kick in until you make the choice of garment graveyard or no and advance in the story.

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Yes, exactly. Adding readies via cheat won’t help when you are confronted with a choice that is not selectable because you are too poor, because the cheat doesn’t kick in until the next screen. It’s very annoying, but it has to do with the way the stats screen interacts with the main screen.

So your best bet is to add a bunch of readies right at the start, I suppose…

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Ooooooh … that makes more sense now. Well, I can just replay the chapter, right ?

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I’ve been a fan of Tally Ho since release but never got around to playing Jolly Good until recently! Thank you @Gower for your beautiful story-telling skills; your writing has been a source of great comfort during these crazy times <3 I’ve absolutely fallen in love with your characters, so while I’ve been home sick these past few days I drew some fanart of my favorite, favorite scene, which is Fitzie and my MC (in a magician’s outfit!) at the opera house. The atmosphere of this scene was the perfect combination of mysterious, romantic, moody, and hilarious, and Fitzie’s little monologue is a beautiful bit of writing that completely captured my heart. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your writing with us and we all look forward to whatever you come out with next, whenever that is!!!


This jumped back into my head yesterday, so I thought I’d share it here: did anyone figure out what was the joke/mystery behind the odd Roman numerals in the club’s headquarters? It’s DCIVMCD, which is a bit strange, so I don’t think it’s supposed to relate to any number. Maybe it’s supposed to be mirrored, like DCM MCD, only one of the legs of the first M fell off, which turned it into a IV.

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The joke is that the original founders of the Noble Gases club were not very good at Roman numerals.

Bit by bit, I am getting there! I hope to finish Chapter Two this coming week–I’m neeeeearly there. There’s two extended jokes that I really want to add, but I have to decide if I have time for that. Chapters 1 and 2 themselves are nearly 500k words, so they’ve taken me way longer than I expected, but I’m really, really really happy with them, so at least there’s that.

Not really spoilers per se, but blurred for those who don’t want any information about the flow of Tea and Scones.

The reason chapter two is taking so long is that, in addition to a regular long chapter, I decided to add an additional adventure you could have, depending on which sponsor you have, which would be five wholly discrete sections of the chapter.

Then I decided that the adventure should be a completely different one depending on something that happens in chapter one, so that made ten adventures to write–now two for each sponsor. I just started the tenth and final one this morning (the second Mysterious Benefactor one). I have to finish that, and then write the final bit at the very end of the chapter where it all wraps up and leads into chapter 3, which, I pray, will be way less complicated to write.


At this rate I’ll have to make ten different MCs to import to the next game. Fortunately I’ve already got five, so I’m halfway there…


Aha! And apparently the quince is also dedicated by the ancient greeks to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite!
Gower, this fruit was very well chosen! Did you know this? Next thing I know you will be hinting plot twists/crucial moments through fruit and flowers all through your books! (;

I am reading ‘In and Out of the Garden’, by Sara Midda. For those who are curious. It’s a beautifully illustrated little book (with poetry as well) about gardening. And the quince also appears in it, obviously :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Naturally I immediately thought of our small conversation.

Hope all is going well with writing and with you and everyone else :sparkles: