Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

As far as I know, you don’t need to steal from people at the opera to get Haze as an sponsor. If you do one or both of Fitzie’s missions (stealing the letters and/or stealing the pearl) you’ll also get them. I think you also meet them if you have the thief background and complete your own background mission succesfully. Or if you have Skulldudgery over a certain number, which I don’t remember right now.


Also by completing Gilberto’s mission successfully at the opera.

You can meet Haze by going to “mix and mingle” with the performers at the opera and having a good observe (or a leaf tattoo).


Is this about Rose and Thorns? If Fitzie had told you about that assignment, there should be various new options to bring Thunder and Pipsy closer together at the arena, especially when you participated in matches.


Thank you, everyone, so much for the fast replies!!! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙I am going to enjoy my second try at this chapter immensely now that I know what to doヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Yes, I meant that indeed! thank you so much for the clarification, I shall make the mc box and I will see what options that opens (:

@Gower I just finished this fantastic new book of yours! Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us!
Boi was chapter 6 a difficult one to get somewhat right XD It’s obvious that not everything can be done during that chapter, let alone done right, but damn do I want to anyway! So many things are going on!?! It’s so impressive, all the different storylines you have created!

Let me tell you at once how super happy I am that you made so many characters from Jolly Good reappear and actually have roles! How glad I am that Rory is in the Noble Gases club! And that Aunt Primrose returns as a possible sponsor. I will definitely always choose her as the sponsor of the club! She is just so impossible, I love it! And I also really laughed at how the relationship between Rory and the mc of Jolly Good has made the Cadbury Club create the ‘no love between employer and employee’ rule! Only for you to offer us the option to romance Fitzie anyway, I really am deeply appreciative of humour like that, it is just up my alley!

All the new characters too were so much fun to get to know and interact with! There is not a single one I don’t like, even Parsnip has gotten a spot in my heart.
Though perhaps the character I enjoyed most is Aunt Matilda, she is simply hilarious! The scenarios you create with her melodramatic and yet endearing antics are just the kind of stuff that makes me laugh and get really invested in the story.
I cannot wait for meeting Uncle Chum, he is very interesting and funny during the phone calls, so I have no doubt that he is even better when the mc can see him again in real life.
And ahhhh Fitzie is such an intriguing character as well, there are times that she is just so unapologetically… I don’t even know how to call her behaviour XD and yet I do like her immensely as a character and am quite sure that she will always be the character I will make my mc romance, hah! She just has that interesting spark.

Another compliment I want to bestow on you is the following:
I am a perfectionist and this has as a result that I tend to restart these written games so many times that I lose count. However, not only do I not have to do that because you made it possible to replay every chapter (for which I am eternally grateful; please keep this for your future instalments as well! It’s a lifesaver!) It’s also due to your incredible writing - the humourous and the endearing moments you create - that makes me actually choose choices that make the mc do something unwise. Instead of ‘acing’ everything I am alright with the mc being a clutz now and then. Because you make the ‘consequences’ so incredibly funny and/or touching! And I am completely honest with you when I say that not a single author has ever been able to achieve that for me! (:

As for possible dlc’s for the upcoming sequels perhaps making an optional toggle with which the player could see the needed stats for choices to succeed? I have no idea if this would be possible, but i did see it with some (i think 3?) choices and I thought, ‘why not make a dlc for this?’

I have a question as well, I believe I read somewhere that Starling is actually going to come back in the mc’s life, right? As in making a real appearance. What side are they on? Currently, I am just so confused about their role in this story XD I feel like there is more to them than ‘merely’ abandoning the mc after the scandal but I don’t have any proof other than that they just keep being mentioned.
Edit: I see now on the ‘Tea and Scones’ that there is indeed a lot (possibly) going on with Starling, so consider this question answered XD

There was one tiny typo as well, though it's barely worth mentioning. And another one I am not even sure if it's a typo.

The capital ‘Y’ of ‘you’ in the middle of the sentence.

Isn’t it: ‘There are a few parts I always get THE wrong way round’? Though I am definitely not sure about this one! English is not my native language.

Thank you again and again for writing these hilarious stories! I cannot wait for the next instalment! Though obviously I will wait patiently! Though with bated breath! (;
Now I will be off to start my second playthrough :sparkles:


How do you get Tabby as vice president? I can’t seem to get her to show up before the decision.

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To get Tabby to show up before the decision, you have to have Observe at least 40, have Tabby like you at least 60, or have kissed Tabby and given her a cold the night before. When Pilcrow asks you to help setting up chairs for the meeting, investigate the small sound outside the highest window. Once outside, you’ll spot Tabby. Invite her to come in.


I am going really slowly through my second playthrough, this time I am really replaying chapters over and over just to be able to enjoy all the different possibilities. and just wow! I keep repeating myself, but it’s just so important to me that you know how amazing your powers of storytelling are and all the different ways you create!

I also (maybe) found two more typos:

I think this is supposed to be ‘safely’ instead of ‘safety’? Sorry if I am wrong.

And here the wrong pronoun is used. In my playthroughs, Sterling is a woman (:


Thanks for catching those typos! I’ll send those in with my next update. I really appreciate your attention to detail.

Paige would approve.


Does anyone know the stats necessary to guarantee Finnicky Flyer a win? I think someone mentioned them previously in this thread, but I can’t find them.

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I think you need Intellect and Observe to give him shrewd advice, and probably Persuade to convince him to shout “Noble Gases” when he crosses the finish line. Off the top of my head, I think the checks might hover around 70 for the former, and 40 for the latter, so you’re probably in the clear. Hope it helps!


When you’re in the restaurant with Marmaduke, Tabby and the aunt, you get an option to talk to the other customers. If you had chosen to earn money by betting in a horse race, the customer you can talk to is Flyer’s jockey. That’s when you apply Vertigo’s advice. :slight_smile:


Only for me to misspell Starling in that very same post :see_no_evil:

I come bearing more typos! (this is the last of them... I think?)

‘looks’ and ‘back’

‘look at each other’

‘just for a moment’

‘with the sun coming in through the window’

I also have some questions, ones which you likely won’t answer because spoilers, but I wanted to ask them anyway :see_no_evil:

Here they areee

Will we actually be able to dance with Fitzie/other ro’s in one of the sequels?

At some point, Fitzie tells the mc that she had written a letter to lady Vermillion or rather her child, are we going to find out why? can we ask why Fitzie wanted to contact Haze?
And that quick stop before the opera where she steps out of the cab… also very suspicious.

So I feel really foolish, but is there actually any metaphor here? All I can think of is the quince being tasted and then discarded/given to the mc as being a nod towards Fitzie’s own experiences regarding their former employers and how they discarded her/sacked her each time? Is that right, or am I missing something?

On a side note, Gower, have you considered creating a Patreon? Or do you already have one and have I blindly scrolled over links to it?