Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

I wasn’t aware that Valentine’s celebrity stature was enough to singlehandedly decrease one’s scandal by 25 points. He/She’s really made it big.


That’s one way to interpret it. The other is that Valentine has made a bunch of influential friends. At any rate, by the time of Jolly Good, Valentine is definitely getting jobs and has appeared in multiple films. The nature of and size of the roles is left vague. We’ll be seeing Valentine again (or for the first time, if you didn’t see them in the first game).


Where can we meet Valentine in this game? I played like 6 times already but never found them😞

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Choose the “theft” scandal in chapter one. Then you will be sure to bump into them.


@Gower I wrote my review in Spanish on Google play do you prefer it in English?

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Doesn’t matter to me–I trust your judgement!

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I am asking because I don’t know what is better for you for marketing purposes. I don’t care either way, I just want to help you sell more units of this great game!

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Do both, maybe, if there’s room? Squeeze in English and Spanish in one review?

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I will try even if maybe I got carried away and write one long lol.

No lol🤣Mine is 473/500

This is what I said translated to English

INCREDIBLE The amount of times you can play it and experience a different story is simply unthinkable in another text game that I have played before. The humor is classic and reminiscent of old English comedies or Benny Hill. It is in English, but it is very easy to understand with a low medium level. It is noted that the author is a university professor of English literature. Well over a million words, so it’s the most profitable for this price.


@Gower for A Prank Discovered achievement, how many clues needed to stop the prank in progress?


At least two, and it cannot be too late in the evening, either.


I’ve been making the ROs sick with the cold just for fun, and I was wondering if it’s at all possible to get all four of them sick in one playthrough, and how? I have bought both the bonus IAPs but I can’t seem to be able to do more than two at a time.

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I am having a wonderful playthrough with my latest read, especially after having an intimacy with Tabby at the newspaper office and romancing her , but then it seems like she would be engaged to my cousin? That is huge, i think in Book 2 this definately will develop into a scandal , and by falling out with my cousin , possibly my aunt as well , i am in danger of going broke with Tabby romance … Luckily i had also able to attract Miss Juniper , wondering whether Juniper would lend a hand in future ? :thinking:

Or yeah @Gower will Jill the reporter be vengeful after i turn the table and humiliated her instead? :sweat_smile:

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It’s a lot of juggling, but it looks doable? Assuming that MC has express romantic interests with everyone but Fitzie, have a good relationship with all involved (60-65 at least), and had learned what their goals are for the evening (you can’t even get to Gil’s kiss scene without knowing that he’s a MID agent first, for example), of course.

A lot of the events are time-sensitive too, but, to keep it brief, one could possibly kiss Gilberto first, then Vyv, then Fitzie, lastly Tabby and conclude the evening with all four ROs kissed.

To keep things a lot less brief (spoilers)

Chapter 6 gives you three hours to wander about the 3 venues. These hours are divided into time slots of 10 mins each for a total of 18. The events at the start will already take up 20 minutes, or 2 time slots.

  1. Start your evening at the Opera and make sure Fitzie is located at the news press. (2)
  2. Talk to Gilberto (+2 for the initial talk, +1 for walking into Hell together. 5 total)
    – 1st kiss happens here. Hope you’re good at acting, singing, and/or jumping off an ascending bed.
  3. Travel to Arena (+2 for travel time. 7 total)
  4. Talk to Vyv (+1 for just talking. 9 total)
    – Would advise against any artistic posing/studying in the altogether here. Tight schedule, folks!
    – Vyv will automatically invite you to the gallery after your talk.
  5. Gallery adventure with Vyv (+1 for the adventure itself, possible +1 depending on what you do there. Let’s make it 11 total)
    – 2nd kiss happens here if all goes well by the end of this scene.
  6. Travel to the News Press (+2, again, for travel time. 13 total)
    – You’ll have to get rid of the night watchman at this point if you’re ahead of schedule.
  7. Check on Fitzie (+1. 14 total)
    – Fitzie must consider you as a friend instead of an employer AND you had to not kiss them before this.
    – If that bolded text at the top is not clear enough: Do not show any romantic inclinations for Fitzie before this point!
    – Best case scenario, they should not even have a crush on you yet so the kiss in chapter 5 never happens.
    – They should start the convo by asking you what you think of the Noble Gases.
    – An option to just straight up go for that smooch (but, y’know, in less casual terms) should turn up after some talk about replacing your alarm clock.
    – Do not go into the supply room with them after this. You can possibly still have time for it but you don’t want to miss your chance with Tabby.
  8. Fix the printing press with Tabby (Time will be set to 16 here no matter what.)
    – 4th kiss will happen here in the midst of trying to keep the machine from exploding
  9. Spend the last of this evening by travelling to other places for the heck of it, or stay and distribute the news. You really have no time for other stuff.

The above is from looking through the code, of course. Would be happy if someone here can confirm if this is indeed possible.

I’m just glad that this isn’t an achievement. Not just because of, y’know, 2020, but because this will be the most ridiculous thing I’ll ever do for one. The second most ridiculous thing is to write a pseudo-guide about how to do it, but I’m way past that point now.


Hi again, just stopping by to, once again, say how amazing this book is. And also thank you. I’m a non-native English speaker so I’m always on the hunt for books that’ll help improve my vocab and grammar. And I thought the Mysterious Benefactor was a good ending, but hot damn, the others are even more fun! Especially Spectacles Coffee. I wonder what will happen with those guys and our lovely, insane Tabby. I love how you have tailor made situations that our MC finds themselves in depending on their scandal. And my favourite remains the one where I get to strut about in red hotel robes.


I can promise you that it will seem as if this plot thread has been wholly forgotten until you are lulled into believing that all is well and feeling relaxed and safe.

I think you officially understand the innermost workings of my game better than I do at this point. I would not have guessed that’s possible. Anybody who codedives into the thick morass of Chapter Six deserves a medal.

I expected that to be the least popular end state because its requirements are the least straightforward, but I think it may be my favorite so far. I’m glad you found it, and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I can guarantee you that all shall be crushed. There will be unique adventures (of course) for all of the sponsors, so you can expect to spend some quality time with Harlow.


I had just realise the intimacy relationship.with Ms Juniper was simply breath taking finally Juniper allows me to kiss her hand and engage with a highly cultural intellective flirtation , i am enjoying Juniper choice of words on how we were destined in our past life , her relationship stat reach as high as 74 which is astonishing , as president of Natural gases it will be interesting on how we can further develop our relationship and since juniper 's romance is more on spiritual than physical , it will be an unique experience .


I don’t know if anyone in this forum knows about it or I may have stirred this thread of topic but apparently @Gower had made a Brand new development post on the second installment of the series, Tea and scones. I don’t know if he was planning on announcing it or forgot to announce it but the thread has been made from 2 days ago.
Here’s the link to the thread :


@Gower did talk about it prior to the release of Jolly Good and offer some insight of the potential future development of Book 2… that’s how i am investing in the potential romance option in Jolly Good because i am intrigued with the future development of these romance plotline😅

Well, right now the romance partner i am investing in is Tabby , especially i would have to compete with cousin Marmou? as Tabby’s father already proposed the marriage, great scandal and uproar ahead … and the second potential romance i am interested in is with Juniper , although Juniper made it clear it could only be spiritual … so i wonder, if i have a romance with juniper by the heart and soul, but without physical activity , am i consider cheating to Tabby as well ? :thinking:


Well, the romance is bound to be interesting especially if someone decided that they’ll maybe a few more in book 2 but that would be bad for anybody’s health, no?

And secondly,

It’s Marmaduke not Marmou or Mamoru or else that would mean Sailor Moon and Jolly good are in the same universe.

And yes, it is consider cheating if you think of someone in your heart while being romantic to another person. It’s not as obvious as sleeping with someone while being in a relationship with someone else but yes, it’s still considered cheating. And Juniper being a potential RO. I guess the author has another character to consider as a contender for possible new ROs in book 2 coughchoughstarlingcoughcough.

But now that I think about it with the amount of people being enamored with their servants and NPCs you think the author and The Cadbury club would impose some sort-of law or restrictions to prevent more players and servants falling in love with the PC and NPCs wouldn’t they? :grin:

P.s note: sorry for the amount of edits in this post but @Eric_knight I noticed that you edit your post without warning me so as retribution I shall edit this post too. I shall be the bigger figs here and be the better figs among us