Jason hurry up


where is cov2 jason is taking for ever


It’ll be done when it’s done, be patient, I believe it’s planned after “Heroes Rise”.


Stop being such a bitch about it and wait like the rest of us.


Jake, it is a group of, what, four people who have there own jobs and families, paitence is a virtue.


I think it’s five, with Heather Albano being the fifth (she made Choice of Zombies)


Three partners. Heather is a writer that is a personal friend of Adam’s that was at the right place at the right time, but she’s not a partner.


Oh. Also can I be A Mod?


All righty then.
@Zed Haha. NO!
Haha just kidding bro.


I tend to notice how often these ‘Can Iz Hav Mods’ outbursts come out of you, no offense.


True, and Noted


Honestly, dude I just want to help, since I’m not doing much but help research things with V.
It is in NO way an attempt to get an excuse to attack people, I SWEAR. O:)


(looks at profile picture) *cough* You sure?


I saw the title and I thought,“You dont tell Jason to hurry up. Jason tells YOU to hurry up.”


Lol I was thinking the same thing.


Yes! I only put that cause I’ve Preordered Hitman Absolution and that pic was available to me.


Whos pic is that of anyway?


It was a downloadable wallpaper from The Hitman Absolution Website, i just adjusted it to fit.


Oh. My personal favorite hitman is Blood Money.


Mine too, I got it last year for my PS2, still have it today.


It’s pretty fun. And there is a mission where you kill an opera singer. I hate opera so that mission made my day.