Behave yourselves

for the next two weeks. I’m in Vegas for my day job working 12 hr days. I don’t have time to adjudicate things. If the mods have to email me, someone’s getting banned.

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Have a safe trip!

See ya, most of us will be good can’t say "all "because I don’t speak for everyone but I know most will behave…I hope

Don’t ban us because of the roulette results now :wink:

Mara is going to behave well… I promise :smiley:

Bye Jason, have a good time in vegas, even if youre working

Always a good time… :wink:

Bye-bye :smiley:

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… don’t break that rule… okay?

What if you get pregnant and have a kid and you have to leave bye bye kido.


When you get pregnant in vegas, once you leave you arent pregnant anymore…

Why would you leave? :wink:

Cause that’s no place to hide from zombies to many people ya know

How about locked on the roof with hotel mattress in the blazing heat, because your friends were on drugs and a bad hangover… :L

Have a good time!

O i seen that movie lol

Didn’t state the title for spoiler reasons

Yeah i know it was funny humm maybe we should stop spaming this page

They should hAve closed this after Jason hill got done. wonder why they left it open? Not gonna spam just edit this as a reply …so…so …soooooo hard to resist… the…the post button…