Merry Christmas to you all



Thank you, and to you too.


Thank you, merry christmas !


I went to Catholic school from K-12 and they told me Christmas is a lie. In Religion class.


Wait. No… That was the 22nd this year. It’s already passed. So that’s a late Happy Solstice.


Because Santa is awesome. ;P.

Also a very late Happy Hanukkah, an early Merry Kwanza, and just a general Happy Holidays in case I missed someone. ^^.


Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well.


Happy X-Mas. May you never forget the valiant sacrifices of our brave idiot rookies in defense of all humanity against the alien threat.


Merry Christmas everyone


Have a good X-Mas folks.


Mara says POISON Xmas and all that cheesy stuff :heart_eyes:. And lots of Fallout


Merry Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas people, lol. Kinda late, Christmas is almost over where I’m from hehe.


Wish you all a happy Christmas and I hope you don’t eat as many sprouts as I did, I feel like a hydrogen bomb right now.


Merry Christmas to this wonderful community, More games to come and to read.
May the romance options and plot give us joy!!! :gift:


Merry Christmas!

Do you…

  1. Complain about the Christian origins of the word.
  2. Wish Merry Christmas in return.
  3. Offer a celebratory greeting of another type.
  4. Not see this message because it’s Christmas.


Merry Christmas to all.

  1. Poison the guy trying to spoil the mood speaking about semantics and origin of the date.
    Buuu boring is Poison party and love to everyone who cares about family. I am atheist myself but raised in a catholic society and I don’t see any problems with celebrate the day a historical figure born jesus was a good person like buda


Ended up getting sick, so I’ll miss out on celebrating Christmas with the family myself, but nevertheless… Merry chrristmas to you all & hope you’re better off than me :sweat:


My condolences hope you feel better and a merry Christmas


I hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas to you. :christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas to everybody! The best part of it is free food and lots and lots lots and lots of free gifts!