Santa Claus - The Game!


I blame Aera for this monstrosity. Santa Claus in the middle of Summer.

This is just a crazy concept, written in less than an hour. I’m not going to write anything more, but if anyone wants to take it, polish it up, make it a proper game with proper choices, add in some variables let me know. (I might even be persuaded to help you code it if you can’t code.) What I’ve got here was written in less than an hour.

Code is here

The WIP Graveyard



Its like a train wreck. I just can’t look away.


“Oh deer, not another one. You’d better hop on. Heh see what I did, dear deer. I slay myself. Sleigh. Hay hey.” HAHAHAHA


I honestly don’t know what to think of this other than wow :))


The twist killed me! There’s a reason why you shouldn’t see Santa! :-))


Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: @FairyGodfeather I didn’t think anyone would really make my request. Hahaha this is going to be funny.

Also the words “ho ho ho” is bad from where I am because it means hookers, hehehe so if santa says “ho ho ho” he is looking for hookers.


I see it a game like Choice of the Dragon with each of the vignettes spun out into something longer.

The years plotting revenge against Santa for the trauma he caused when he brought a pram instead of the bike you wanted. Your cunning plan to trap him and make him pay for ruining your childhood. Only for it to backfire and for you to become the Jolly Red Giant yourself.

A wise-cracking reindeer as a sidekick who won’t stop punning. Will you participate in the diabolical reindeer games, akin to the hunger games, where they pick on those not like themselves, or do you put an end to it once and for all.

A chance to help the elves escape their slavery, to encourage them to unionise, or to force them to work harder and crank out all the fanciest toys so you can be the best Santa ever.

You can use your Santa powers to spy on your friends, find out if they’ve been naughty or nice, and punish them with coal. In fact you can choose who to send gifts to and what gifts to make and then send.

How will you deal with the snowmen, snowgirls, Jack Frost and The Abominable One?

Will you be prepared for Christmas, and manage to deliver all the gifts, or will you use the night as an excuse to take a wild ride over the world and have fun of your own? And most importantly, will you decide being Santa is your life calling, or will you instead trick another child into taking your place?

The choices are yours!


…that actually sounds epic.


@Samuel_H_Young you wrote exactly what I thought. I have to go and pick up my jaw on the floor.


It sounds epic! I’m throwing money at my screen but nothing’s happening… except for a few cracks from the coins…


Ok, someone please pick up the gauntlet and flesh this out. It’s wonderful.


This is just really funny XD Especially what that deer said XD


Yay, it seems that Fairy is getting some of his creativity back this bodes well.


I like it! I don’t care if it’s summer (it’s not like I’m having any summery weather over here, anyway).


truth be told, I like it, but i’d probably not buy it. I like deep stories, and while this would be fun to read, i’d prefer to save my money for the deep games :stuck_out_tongue:


@Aera About the ho ho ho! I did think about making a joke but I decided against it. I want to try and keep the game as child-friendly and PG rated as possible.

I remember reading an article about a dad and his child and how they sat down to play Choice of Dragon together and I’ll admit I rather like the idea. So I’m thinking no innuendo and keeping the humour clean.

I have been poking a bit more at this. If no one on the forums wants to help out I might speak to a friend of mine.

@Zolo999 Hey! Are you saying that this isn’t deep? There’s the whole hero’s journey going on. The traumatised childhood, the decision to do something about it, the responsibility you never wanted thrust upon you! And Reindeer! Punning Reindeer are deep, it’s the lowest form of humour after all, and low=deep, right?

Anyway fear not for your wallet! If you avoid the naughty list maybe Santa Claus will bring you the game for Easter, or something.

Hmm! Easter Bunny vs Santa Claus vs The Tooth Fairy! FIGHT!!! That might be my next project.


I was thinking of making a Santa Claus game. :slight_smile: I figured that there’s a lot of lore available to really fill it out. It would be like Tim Allen’s The Santa Claus, a bit of a realistic/serious take on it. :slight_smile:


@Lucid I haven’t seen the Santa Clause although I think the basic premise is Tim Allen kills Santa Claus and so has to take over? I was also thinking of Elf, and Fabian (

Not so much The Winter’s Knight! Santa Claus Begins! The dark and gritty retelling of his origins. :slight_smile: There is definitely plenty of lore to plunder.


Yeah, I would love this, and I don’t even like Christmas. :slight_smile: