January 2022's Writer Support Thread

The last couple of months have been really crazy for me, mostly due to real life stuff. It’s made writing a wee bit of a challenge. My goal for this month is to refocus and finish Chapter Eleven of my WIP, and start Chapter Twelve. :blue_heart:


I don’t recommend sacrificing exercise (unless it’s due to weather or something). Reducing exercise amount seem to affect my (physical and mental) health dramatically. Socializing is also something that should be carefully regulated (I’m not much of a small-talker, but would enjoy the “creative/imaginery” socialization in ttrpg). Without other coping mechanism to deal with loneliness due to lack of socializing (if one needs it), the spared time will not help the quality of the writing either. Unless one is doing some method-acting thing to get into the mindset of social isolation… :broken_heart:

I think you must weigh the importance of your overall health versus that of your creative work. Crunch time may give you results, but it has cost. Sometimes one should just be kind to oneself and take it easy. Retreat for now and come back stronger to write a lot more and a lot better at once. (your subconscious will most likely be writing in the background anyway, so you’ll have more time for it to mull things over to give you eureka moments)

There’s this comment I saw recently, which might be a more practical/non-platitude response:


has given up on writing on any kind of schedule and is eating wafer rolls reading about other people’s goals now


Finished the first chapter of my first novel. I normally never get past the first page, so I’m finally making some kind of progress even if the quality is still pretty low.


Congratulations :confetti_ball:


Did you leave anything for sharing?
I’ve been on the same boat since October

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Thank you for the thoughtful response!!

I guess I was feeling discouraged because, I often need to work overtime, and then after I like to go for a swim/long walk/gym, take care of the vagaries of life and hang out with the boyfriend, I have very little time left to do anything else!

I guess there’s weekends (what’s left after friends, appointments, life admin etc), but I struggle to be productive on those days, and I often feel the millstone of being stuck/having written very little, or made progress but not enough.

As someone who wants to write professionally someday, it’s kind of discouraging.

I used to follow Scalzi and he’s so funny. Maybe, like Gaiman, I should just shoot for 50 words a day on weekdays…


Haha, I feel you 100% on this. Now that the chill December period is over, I’m once again reminded that my full-time job is… a full-time job. And after that, there’s the “vagaries of life”, as you put it, and there are friends and family and partners to hang out with. My ex, who did art, said, “how did these artists do it? Didn’t they have a life??”

Anyway. Your comment and @brushmen’s Scalzi twitter thread was a useful reminder that it’s totally fine not to be doing any writing. That’s life, I guess! It demands to be lived.

And I also liked the idea that ‘writing’ is done in so many other ways than sitting at a computer and typing; writing is also sharing a quiet moment at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee and a loved one, it’s also riding through the city downhill at night with blinking nights and breeze in our hair, it’s baking pineapple tarts with my mother, it’s exchanging memes with a brother late at night on the living room couch, it’s going to a rowdy dinner place with a bunch of old friends…

I guess everything else that we do allows us to create the bricks with which to build our stories with? If we’re writing about life, about emotion, about human experience, about love and hope and the terrible beauty of the everyday - then I guess we need to live it to write it.


very true!! life inspires art… different lives in different ways.

also after reading your comment, I kinda wanna bake pineapple tarts now…

good luck everyone with your writing :slight_smile:


Same here. Writing is superslow as there does not seem enough time after work. I just got a bit tired stating roughly the same goals each month.

I do make 50 words a weekend so at least that’s something :wink:


As a sort of depressing counter argument I have often found that I do need to sacrifice some things, at least to finish up a chapter and edit and wrap up harder scenes. What those sacrifice are, or how much one should prioritize the writing / game-creation is surely individual though. And there are probably people who can do everything, but that does seem to require a lot of energy and willpower few have (me definitely included :sweat_smile:).


Have any of you felt like I do? A perfect thing has happened, but you are so afraid that good circumstances disappear, and you will end up at the bottom of the damn well in the mud again.

I know that this is the depression talking. I have to wake up from the mud and walk again towards my goal.

In Spanish, we have a said "Grabbing the bulls by the horns." I choose to fight my anxiety back. I choose to start writing again just now.


It’s a valid saying in English too. Only then it’s a bull, not multiple. So I guess Spanish is more badass. And you are too.


Fourteen days into the month, and I’m only resuming my story today… after a month + 14 days off. My passion for my writing project has not wavered… I just haven’t been writing it (Chapter 3 and writing a nightmare sequence is hard). I’ve still been daydreaming/planning stuff to write. And now I am determined to resume.
I know I’m late, but peps - happy new year, and happy writeing!


Two weeks into January, and it is a busy month, just as I predicted:

Here is my status as of 1/15/22:

  • Emigre’s next scene has been pushed back; no eta.
  • Finished first major update for my Emigre project (50,000 words+)
  • Deploying update on 1/15/22, along with updated posts on WiP thread
  • Provided some feedback - plan to provide more.

After the major update I made to the Emigre project, I have concluded that I will need to revisit and rewrite more of the original demo release.

So, this update I’ll be pushing is now: Phase One, with Phase Two and Phase Three each tackling major updates of the same size (or larger) as this month’s.

I’m also pivoting to one of my other projects starting the 16th. There have been major developments involving it, and tackling this project with its new developments will be a break from the Emigre project.

With that in mind:

An additional goal for me:

  • Assessment and mapping of Patchworks project.

I need to figure out where this project stands currently; what needs to be done; and figure out a way to move forward with this project.


It’s been months since I last used this forum
Writings been going slow and steady
I’ve made some prompts and currently working on a full length novel


Worldbuilding, character-building. Lots of historical-domain characters getting put in. Getting fictionalised, of course, but man! I can’t believe there’s so many real-life people that perfectly fits into this. Anyone’s who’s not a vampire hunter stands a good chance of being someone real.

Finally starting to figure out how this thing is getting structured: half vampire hunting and half politics, taking place over a couple of years. This is character is an ambitious guy. Is he doing things way over his head? Maybe. Is he going to get in trouble? Yes.

Just hoping to avoid the player character ending up as a useless ping-pong between all the other characters again because there’s so many. Sahara could work as a story… if the player character is taken out and the rest treated like an adventure with an ensemble cast.


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to tell you how blessed and lucky I feel since I am a part of this beautiful community.

In my last project, Last Dream (which takes inspiration from Hindu and Buddhist mythology), I used the Hindi language (actually a terrible version created with Google Translator) to flavor meaningful NPCs dialogues.

Well, I didn’t think anyone would notice that.

I had to think twice! A very kind reader provided me feedback and offered to help me, providing me perfect-quality Hindi dialogues I can use in my game!

This is so awesome! And this is only possible because YOU are all excellent :100: here.

Thank you, @Moonstone, for the awesome feedback. :love_letter:

Thank you, everyone, for being so nice.

Thank you, admins and moderators, for all your hard work.

Shortly said: THANK YOU!!! :heart_eyes:

(sorry if this is too emotional, but I really can’t help but be excited today.)


WOO! After ages of being put on pause if you will, my story if finally resumeing! By that I mean, I’ve figured out how to write out a tough part to write!


Been writing non-stop this week trying to finish up Invite Only before I return to work after the holidays. Just went to a beautiful little poetry slam in my city which was nice. Always gotta be thinking about COVID but it was alright with just 15 people, masks, and social distancing.