January 2022's Writer Support Thread

As someone who defs put a demo up wayyyyyyyyyy before it was ready, I can say that the feedback did help motivate me.

Avoid comparing your thread to other WIP threads though (like I may have at the start). That can be discouraging.

Good luck on ur project!!


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic start this year.

I was able to re-read my project game and re-wrote something and ended up adding in 1.5k words yesterday which I wasn’t expecting but I am happy with it.

My goal for January is to write at least an additional 10k words to my project and start re-learning choicescript since its been so long since I tried coding, so much has changed.

Also a funny story on how I manage to convert a 10 year old kid on new years (January 1) day to play/read COG games

See, my illness is in partial remission, but I still need to do chemo once a month instead of a weekly session. Anywho, the kid was a first time chemo patient for his illness and we chemo patients share cubicles. So the kid’s Dad asked me how long I was doing chemo for and I told him since the year 2013 and it kinda made the dude sad yet hopeful his kid can endure it, he asked if I can talk to his kid since it was his first time. To be honest I didn’t know what to say to the kid, I mean I can’t lie and tell him everything will be okay because chemo is hell on earth after every session nor do I want to discourage the kid. I decided to just ask him what he thinks and maybe get I feel on what he needs to hear, so I face the kid while both of us are hooked onto the machine and he looked so offended that I could not say anything then he loudly said “Why you looking at me, looking at you HA?!” His Dad was so horrified and the kid looked like one little gangster kid out to murder me, I on the other hand could not stop laughing because I seriously was not expecting a spunky kid. Dad apologized, but I decided I like the kid and I got to ask him about things and he told me he was bored since while on session we are not allowed to play games that are loud so not to disturb other patients and games that make us move too much because we could yank our machine. Gave him my tablet and let him play some COG games and what do you know he enjoyed it so much that he even ask his Dad to buy them for him. So yeah, new year for me was funny and while I didn’t get to experience the fireworks, the new year jump, the money toss, and the ampao giveaways. I had my own fun new year even if I had to spend it at the hospital.


Happy New Year!

January for me is to continue chipping away at my WIP. I hope to make some big headway into ch.3 of my wip this month if nothing else.


Today I’m really feeling blue :frowning:

I saw three people die today during my shift in the hospital. Damn covid! :angry:

I don’t feel like writing at all. :tired_face:

I just want to tell everyone: don’t underestimate the virus. And cherish every single moment in life! And write for me today, since I won’t be able to. Until my anger against life’s unfairness goes away, that’s it.


Happy New Year! 35 years old now, damn. :sweat_smile:

So I am toying with making a exploration sim/Discovery Tour style interactive for a particular iconic franchise over on CYS over January and February as practice for something more gamebook’y. Not sure how big its going to be but as least I will have plenty of resources to pull from rather than coming up with all of it myself! :rofl:


Been a week now dealing with grief. Been working on a TTRPG to distract myself. A little less intense to work on than my game about a group of friends falling apart.


@will glad to know you’re feeling better. I wrote a lot of ttrpgs, if I can be of help just let me know :wink:

@derekmetaltron go for it!

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I’m no stranger to it, which is why it’s comforting. Turn my brain off and stat out a dozen robots. An hour goes by. Wonderful.


Hi everyone! How are you doing? I hope everything’s great!

I want to ask people’s help on a “gender-inclusion” topic.

A character in my new project is non-binary. Their name is Moanna and they prefer to be addressed with “they”.

I wrote this sentence

++With a sublime smile, the pointy-eared Guru address the crowd: “I am Moanna, and I belong to the Apsara tribe as well as to the community of men. I am honored and humbled to receive the title of Guru.”++

Since they want to be referred to with “they” is this sentence right? It sounds really strange to me reading “the Guru ADDRESS the crowd”. Is this correct? How could I improve?

Sorry if this is OT, but I really am in a fix. Thank you for your help in advance. :love_letter: Being a non-English native speaker is tough. :disappointed_relieved:


I’d suggest only conjugating the verb for “they” when the pronoun is actually in the sentence. So:

“The pointy-eared Guru addresses the crowd.”

“They address the crowd.”


People are assholes. Today I have been called not only a freak (for having not desired relationships or kids), I have been laughed at because someone with your orientation can not write stories ordinary people can or want to read.

That’s the euphemism version of what I have said for people in my own family.

It makes me doubt myself even more. Maybe I am too broken to be a writer and make people enjoy my stuff. And that is the reason I can not achieve that readers want my work.

Sometimes I wish I could be like ordinary people and not find myself writing even if I promise myself to stop writing.



unsolicited encouragement to mara

I think it makes your lived experience more valuable because those people can’t begin to fathom how to write your perspective in a way that’s respectful to you. And people who want to learn about your perspective wouldn’t have something to read. Even if one person out of an audience can benefit from your creative work, it may be worth doing and sharing. But of course, do what makes you happy. :heart:

For myself I’m still writing at snail’s pace. Sinking in a sea of flag variables. It’s great to have variations (even if never enough to satisfy everyone), but it’s a dark tunnel. Saw that Diaspora has been going on for 5+ years? Then I have many years ahead to crawl… one word at a time… :joy:


Thank you @Havenstone :slight_smile:

@poison_mara ignore those people. They only bring you down. LEt’s write something together


Although I’m about a week behind where I’d have liked to be, I finished up my draft of Royal Affairs Chapter 7 on Saturday! I’ve done a bunch of planning for Chapters 8 and 9 and am just about to start coding Chapter 8. This is where some political drama comes to a head and the protagonist can take the spotlight, so I’m hoping it’ll be exciting to write as well as eventually play!


You always write exciting scenes with lots of playing agency and fun. That is what I love about your games how the way of players acting is interwoven with the narrative in a way that allows us an extensive range of choice but feels like it has a deep similar to a fixed story.

Now you have to improve your action scenes and you will become the best ever.


Thank you Mara, that’s really kind and thoughtful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Action is definitely something I find a challenge - I don’t have a very cinematic brain! But I’m working on it :blush:


Heading into the midst of January, and I’m really struggling to find time to write. And I know my schedule isn’t nearly as busy as others in this thread, those who juggle having a full time job and a family to take care of as well.

Probably a dumb question but how do you manage it? Do you find you sacrifice things like time to exercise/socialise in the process?


Go for it @HannahPS !

@roselilymarigold I make big sacrifices in order to find time to write and code. I hope the Gods will be pleased. :smile:


In fairness to you, we are slow haha. It may not take you that long at all. I think lots of people write games with pretty extensive variation that don’t take that long to complete.


Yes may the muses smile upon us in our toil and reward us for our labours :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: