January 2022's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for January 2022!

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:birthday: Happy Birthday to January babies.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.


This month I have decided to share a couple of basic articles highlighting two of the misunderstood sexual orientations.

I use these articles and others like them to help me write better. Not only in character development and player representation, my inclusivity efforts benefit.

It is awesome to share everyone’s journey during the month; both highs and lows help each one of us realize that we are not alone in our journey.

If anyone has something special going on in January, let us know!


Happy New Years for those celebrating today and tomorrow!

My January goals are carry-over goals from last month:

  • Continue writing the next scene for my Emigre project
  • Finish and deploy my first major update for my Emigre project
  • Provide Feedback

Everything else this month will be played by ear … January has the chance of being a very busy and productive month for me.


Love what your doing keep it up Love what you represent can’t wait to see what you have in store❤️


This month, I am hoping to:

  • Make the usual 30k of progress on Asphodel
  • Get a large chunk of Diaspora’s last chapter outlined and written.

The second one’s a little wishy-washy, but I don’t want to put too hard a number on it. 10k words would be fantastic, but I also sort of want to shoot for more than that, between August and I. Still, I’ll be happy if we finish the current scene and get into the next, whatever amount of words that ends up taking.

Happy new year, everyone! No doubt it’s shaping up to be another doozy; may we meet our writing goals nonetheless! :dizzy:


Finish the multi-chapter fanfic I’d wanted to finish last year month. And maybe do some more proofreading for Fallen Hero Retribution. It’s such a great game.


I have mixed feelings about the article on demisexuality. I’m thrilled that it exists, but it bothers me that it treats demisexuality as an orientation distinct from asexuality. Most demisexuals in my experience consider it more of a kind of asexuality than an orientation in its own right. To me, being asked “Are you asexual or are you demisexual?” would feel a little like being asked “Were you born in the United States or were you born in California?” (Also, there are some asexuals, including me, who aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of asexuality itself as an orientation; I see it more as not having one, but that’s getting more into theory and less into something most writers would need to know.)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game with an option to play as a demisexual character, and I’m not sure whether that’s more because people don’t understand demisexuality or because it would pose more than the usual amount of challenge both in terms of writing and coding. I still get excited when I have the choice to create a character who is ace but not aro. (Honestly, I still think it’s pretty cool getting to play as asexual at all, even when that means aro by default.)

In theory, I absolutely love the idea of getting to play as demisexual. But in practice, I’m afraid it would end up reading like a character with Anastasia Steele syndrome (à la Fifty Shades of Grey) - the one who’s gone through life without a single sexual thought or feeling until they meet the Designated Love Interest and tumble head over heels into lust at first sight. Please, please, please don’t ever write a character like that.


@AletheiaKnights - Welcome to the writer’s support thread.

In all of my years here, I have yet to see an author express the need to model a character after any in Fifty Shades of Grey.

One of the reasons I like the demisexual article (whether you believe in demisexuality is up to you) is because it discusses the idea of having a spectrum. As such, I see the article expressing demisexuality as being on the asexual spectrum, not that it exists on its own in a vacuum.

The struggles to understand and convey one’s own sexuality is also shown by the article, so it helps me visualize how a character might be dealing with this struggle themselves.

Such passages as the following help me:

Thanks for participating in this month’s support thread, and I hope your thoughts help others realize they may not be alone in how they feel or what they are thinking.

Edit: For those not familiar with what demisexuality is, here is the best definition I’ve found:

This can be found here:

In terms of developing a character, especially npc characters that are more under the control of the author to flesh out with nuances, this definition really helps.


I call it the Anastasia Steele syndrome because she’s the most famous example, but she was hardly the first. I don’t think most of the writers who have done it had even heard of demisexuality - they were just trying to write sexually/romantically inexperienced heroines. And I certainly don’t think anyone would set out to write such a character on purpose, but I’m afraid it’s a pitfall an allosexual writer could easily fall into if they can’t imagine what it’s like to fall in love in the absence of sexual interest.

(And that’s not even a criticism of anyone’s writing talent. It took me literally years to realize my first crush - something so foundational and heartfelt that, twenty-five years later, the word “crush” feels altogether too trivial - was anything of the sort, because it involved so few of the things I had been led to expect.)


So uh. The good news: I finished chapter 3!!! There’s still some slight editing to do but most of it is done. Super happy about that! Also started outlining for chapter 4 too, because I wrote chapter 3 with barely any outline and that was tough… 2/10, definitely not doing that again if it can be helped :joy:

However, the problem I have now is… actually building up the courage to post the damn thing. I’ve never shared my writing publicly before, y’know? I’ve had several people read my stuff before, but I’ve never posted anything publicly. I guess I just feel like my writing isn’t that good to be shared publicly or something. But yeah, that’s where I’m at right now.

Goals for January:

  • Finish editing and post the demo thread
  • Finish chapter 4 outline and start writing chapter 4

That’s about it, really. I don’t want to be too ambitious since things are going to get real busy this year and I’m not sure how much I can get done. Happy new year and Good luck, everyone!


(I do use demi(pan)sexual as a sort of standalone orientation, because I don’t feel asexual (interpreting it as ‘not experiencing sexual attraction at all’) really describes what/how I’m feeling properly. It’s a once every blue moon thing, but it does happen.) (Besides, I’m already on one spectrum and don’t really want to pile them up.)

(Of course, you can describe yourself using whatever you’re most comfortable with. This is just how I see/use the term.)


Hey everyone!!

I am still on my New Year’s holiday before I have to get back to work, so that means I still have more days left to write. :slight_smile:

While I didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked last month, I did figure something important out.

This is going to sound obvious to those who are already prolific probably but it wasn’t obvious to me until last week.

If my “muse” or creative side isn’t interested in writing, white-knuckling it in my seat isn’t helpful. I’ll end up sitting in my chair for like five hours and only squeezing out like 600 words (if that).

If the muse is bored with my planned outlined scene/branch, instead of trying to write it, I need to get it interested and engaged, which means instead finding an interesting and cool idea that excites it that could conceivably happen next and running with it. My creative side, I’ve discovered, will find a way to make it logically integrate and give what I’m writing drama and conflict naturally. But I need to get it interested first, which means if I have to resort to a gimmick or two, fine.

I can always cut, smooth and revise it in revision if need be.

Until I have figured out a better way to engage my muse, cheap tricks will have to do!

Good luck writing, everyone. :wink:


Happy new year everyone, currently editing ch21 of 22 of Fallen Hero retribution. We’re in the homestretch here…


Happy Birthday @Eiwynn :two_hearts:


Happy New Year! Last month I planned on wrapping up my game!

This month I, er, plan on wrapping up my game.

It’s mostly my own dang fault: If the player’s in a relationship with someone, I wanted the final chapter to give you a chance to spend time with them. That turned into a heck of a lot of words to cover the various possibilities.

So! Onward and upward into definitely maybe finishing this month.


January things!

I’m hoping (REALLY hoping this time) to finish up Chapter 7 of Royal Affairs and get a decent start on Chapter 8. To be precise, I’d like to get the code down and have a sense of how big the chapter’s going to be.

I’m also going to be sharing Noblesse Oblige Chapter 2 in a couple of weeks, which I’m excited about!


Hi everybody! :love_letter:

Happy 2022! :beers:

Remember: they who write on the 1st of January will keep writing all year long!

So, don’t slack off today, WRITE!


Happy 2022, everyone! Best wishes to every one of you, and all to your near and dear ones. :star2:

A few weeks ago, I’d wanted to start a WiP thread by the 1st. I haven’t done that. Honestly, though? I’m not torn up about it. I’m enjoying the journey. My goal for this month is to continue setting incremental goals - perhaps weekly and monthly aims. I’d like to start dedicating at least an hour on every day to writing - not necessarily in a scheduled manner, but with the intention of maintaining a consistent rate of output.

Good luck to you all with your figurative battles this month! :white_flower:


I’m in exactly the same boat as you. Maybe I’ll just start one even without enough material; the thought of people actually looking at what I’m doing might spur me to work faster.


It’s been many months since I’ve been around here but I’m finally getting all my shit back together and I’m really looking forward to writing again. Hoping to start making some daily progress now, and honestly I think going on a time-based goal might help me get back in the swing of things. I’m going to shoot for at least an hour of writing every day.

Also gonna have to start checking in more often or I’ll let myself get caught up in life again haha

Hope y’all have a great start to the year!


Happy New Year, everyone! :sparkler: :champagne:

January is not going to be a productive month for me, writing-wise. We’re anticipating some happy events, and that means I need to be more available to help my family, which naturally cuts into my writing time. Still, I have certain tasks planned that are less intense in terms of the amount of focus they require. I hope to accomplish some important things, in between helping my family and taking care of certain real-life obligations.

2022 is a new year. I absolutely plan to finish TC this year… but you know what they say about the best-laid plans.