Is there a lord of the rings or star wars themed game


hey i have been playing for a while now and i coulded find a lord of the rings or star wars games anywhere so if anybody knows anything please can you tell me something Thanks :smiley:


Idk what youre looking for but people really dont do fanfiction on this site, and I havent seen games like that but there are alot of space themed game and alot of medieval type games here


thanks I’ll check out other games and mabye look for them on other sites if i have any energy


A couple people have done fanfictions on here, only to be verbally shot down. But I’d like to see one.


I kind of like to see some too a bit but It makes me worry if one person does it, does it mean the site will be mistaken as a fanfiction site and people will start spamming lame fanfictions, if people are going to do a fanfiction atleast be mature about the content, do you research, dont try to make money off it, be dedicated, have respect for the universe, dont make nonsensical plots, dont write it just because it’s popular, dont have lame romances that would never happen and for the love of everything holy dont make it erotica.

If people arent going to respect all those rules then I dont believe they have any business writing a story, I very much would like to see a fanfiction but still im very nervous of how it would be received, since most the time fanfictions are horrible 9 times out of 10 they are garbage.


I agree if they are going to make a fanfiction make good and dont make it have stupid plots,just stick to the games,movies universe


There’s officially published Star Wars Choose Your Own Adventure books. You could always buy those and play them.

I did a search for LOTR choose your own adventures and the first link that came up was for a LOTR interactive slash-story. You’ll probably want to avoid that. What is seen cannot be unseen. Poor Legolas.


@DJNIKOLDO if you want a pretty good star wars adventure you could check out the ones JMgskills wrote, he has 8 parts done so far & working on a 9th


ya i saw some of the star wars books and bought 1 thats 1 of the reasons i wanted to know if theres a online version


I played the clone wars one. It would’ve been decent, if not for one thing.
As this is the case, I despise it.


I’ve actually been working on an SW CoG for the hell of it on and off (because I’m a massive SW geek), may eventually finish the prologue… in like ten years. XD Whenever I finish at least that I’ll share it here, and those who like it–cool, those who want to whine and hate, well, I obviously didn’t write it for them. XD

But, I’m more focused on a different CoG which I’m far more behind on then I ever intended to be, I actually meant to have a demo posted up last week of the introduction. But it’s still unfinished do to being swamped with work and whatnot.


@Apillis post it.


I’ve always wondered how the whole clone wars got started. Since the Republic was a democracy, why won’t they allow the separatists to leave in peace?


@lackofmops Which the SW CoG that’s prologue is no where near done, or the other CoG I’m primarily working on that its prologue too is no where near done? XD