Is The Civil Evolution Already Released?

Just seen that The Civil Evolution is WIP and I wanted to know if it is still continuing or not.

If it is still continuing and has released please send me the link to the download because I was hoping to play it. :slight_smile:

It isn’t released and its WIP thread has been closed for 6 years, and the author hasn’t been on the forum in 3 years. There’s always the possibility that authors will return to projects but if that happens, you’ll see the thread reopened and the author will post about it themselves.


Damn, I was hoping for it t be released since it’s been so long to keep it track off. Thanks! Perhaps he just give up

Sorry to bother, but I want to ask what happened with The Tale of two cranes, I remember that It was submitted in 2017, but since then, we never heard anything about It anymore.

No idea, I’m afraid. There was a thread up about it a couple of years ago.

In general really, if a WIP thread has closed my comment above stands:

There is the “what WIP would you like to bring back from the dead” thread which sometimes has more info. But sometimes it happens that there just isn’t anything visible about these things - just part of the nature of creating public WIPs.

Going to close this thread here as there isn’t much more to be said, and point those interested to the “back from the dead” and Hey, what’s that game threads :slightly_smiling_face: