Is anyone from the old days still here?


I first came to the sight when there were two hosted games and two user made games. The site also had a vastly different format, and no forums. Anyone still around from then?


There’s probably a few, but from what I’ve seen it’s mostly a new crowd.


I am a very old newbie.

I made an account when the forums were a bit smaller, but mostly lurked or just plain didn’t log in. I just started getting active again.


I followed the Jayisgames Choice of the Dragon review over here. So is February 9th(ish) 2010 the old days? I’m generally a silent lurker though and never participated much in the community.

I really dislike the format of google groups and that was all I could find in the way of forums for a while.

I only joined the forums very recently, and just because I found a game that I loved and wanted to tell the author and then I got sucked into the contest by @LordIrishDas and somehow thought I could try making a game and the forums is a great source of information for that.


Ah yes, I remember those times quite well.

… wait no I don’t, I just got here a couple of months ago :v


I’m old, but not that old.


I’ve been around since June of 2012 so I guess I’m semi-new.


If you check someone’s profile you can see their join date.


I joined in June of 2011 after lurking for a long time so I remember a lot of it.


Joined in 2012, but was here just after CoI came out. Lurked, then joined