We've got forums, now what?

I came to CoG, went to the blog, found the forums. I got pretty hyped up, but I still wasn’t expecting an update. Honestly, at this point, something like a change in the theme of the site would get me excited. I quickly joined the forums, smiled, and continued on with my day. I’m glad we now have a place to talk about the games, but what do we do now? I’m not trying to complain about an update, but not much happened to the site. I guess I should just be happy that now I don’t have to search high and low through the internet to find out how to achieve a certain ending in a certain game.

Hahaha good point you got and good questions… I finished all of the CoG on my free time and discovered most of the best/unique ways to finish most of the CoG games… anyways back to your topic… I say that…we just be patient and wait… maybe even donate??? Cause I am… and I’m also sure that donating will speed up all the process of CoG…Updates,CoG Guides,etc etc etc and more things to do on the website…:wink: so overall patients! And Donate!!! Lolol :stuck_out_tongue: Duces!!!

“Baby,I’m Honor-Bounded.” ~O)

Well, there is hint of a update soon, so it is better than nothing xD

Oh well the forum’s a little big dull.
How was everybody’s weekend? :smiley: Liven it up a bit.