2011 02 01 update:Forums!

So, while I was in school, I was thinking of something to kick off the forums! So, I’ve thought about this pretty good idea. How about moving the blog updates discussions here? The success of this one’ll probably define if I do others or not.

This one’s a pretty nice on to start with, what do you guys think of the new forums? :]

Hahaha glad you made a discussion… I’m pretty sure this one is gonna be successful…:wink: well back to the point… I’m pretty happy that we got a forum now… we can share info about CoG.and other things… Just a good reading community… i know CoG& the forum Community will just get bigger and better from here…Duces!!!

“Baby,I’m Honor-Bounded.”

Agreed, it’s like we finally have a home to come and rest in after a hard day making decisions about our lives =)
I think theres no need to move blog discussions here, that will happen of its own accord as the community grows and embraces the new forums. Till now people have used the blog comments to communicate because we’ve had no other option. Now we can finally embrace each others company and build up strong support for both each other and the games themselves! And CoG obviously!