Introducing my Dynamic Event Altering Death system of DEAD system for short

Hello my friends. I’ve finally finished my demo test for my DEAD system or my Dynamic Event Altering Death system.

This is a system I plan on introducing to my current project “The Graveyard Watch” so I’ve whipped up a quick demo of a scene and a death just to showcase what the system is meant to be capable of.

It is currently 2230 words long (writing + code).

Just to repeat the introduction from the demo itself.

Welcome to a brief test of my Dynamic Event Altering Death System. This system DOES rely on randomisation but it does not screw the player. It would be only triggered when they have already failed because of their stats/choices. The point of the DEAD system is to offer variations in a player’s death scene to make death more interesting.

You can check the stat screen after the page_break to see what combination of variations you have received. Do not look at the stats before the page_break as that will reroll your combination

I hope you have fun with it.

Test it here

Enjoy your character’s death!


So it just changes some flavor text depending on numbers rolled? I wouldn’t call that much of a “system”, but I’m all for it. I think even the staunchest opponents of randomization would call that a neat little thing, especially if the player is likely to die more than once.


I called it a system as its code that does something.

It does roll four variables but also tracks those variables and creates different death scenarios.

For example it knows if your character is knocked down if you are unconscious and tailors a scene.

This is just the test demo. A proof of concept so people can see what I was trying to do. The actual DEAD code (if you prefer to system) Will track where the player is, where the enemy is, where the npcs are and change its options accordingly.

I’m just trying something new which will hopefully make failure more interesting :slight_smile:


A neat concept! I’d be interested to see it implemented in a full game that has multiple possible points for player death along the plot. Playing around with code and making subroutines and systems and learning what fun or interesting things you can do is one of my favorite parts of any language. It’s just fun. Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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Since you can die, I wonder if you will get the ability to just barely escaped death and if you do escape, and now you’re injured, I wonder how that would change the scenes? and if you being injured would lead to another death?

DEAD occurs when you fail a check that leads to death so you will have already failed to escape death.

You have reminded me that it will also have to track for any injuries if I add them to the actual game.

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Yay I helped.

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