Interested check: Twist of Faith

So… I’m not new in the forum, but I’m new in terms of post and replaying things. And English is not my native language, then pardon my mistakes.

A while ago, I start to develop a book with my best friend. He came up with the idea and decided to do it with me.
He was like: Let’s make a adventure book!
And I was like: Let’s make a romance!!

I win :wink:

So we started doing some things and developing the story. After finally my first post here, I decide to make my own game and with his permission, I started to adapt the story of the book to a CYOA. So without further coiling, that’s it:

"A world with two dominant race. The Day-Dreamers and the Night-Thinkers, beings of light and darkness.
After the great war, the two races began to hate each other and vowed to destroy each other. The player is the prince/princess of Héron, one of the two kingdoms that caused the war. They father has always been rigid and blind to revenge after the murder of his wife. He preached that the Night-Thinkers are evil beings who came to the land of Ekin with the sole purpose of causing chaos and doom.

After the player being sent to the Sentinels, who’s guard the frontier between Héron and other shadowy kingdom, to prove their value and courage to the King, they meet a Night-Thinker. The dark armor and mysterious air is enough to awaken their interest on the neighbour people. But that interest brings many risks and puts in proof their loyalty to the Kingdom and his father. They start to discover secrets, the truth about the war and who really are the shadowy people. After all that they will have to choice between the throne, royalty and power or face the Lord of light itself and the dangers of black magic, having to go over everything they thought they knew to stay with their beloved."

Currently, we just have written the prologue and the beginning of the chapter one. I still need to code everything and translate to English.
But I was wondering if someone have interest in it and I don’t know… Give opinion and suggestions?! Something like that. It will be a game with focus on relationship between characters and romance, of course.

So, just ask whatever you want. Thanks for the attention

Thanks, @Eric_knight for help me with the title :grin:


Now it sounds like a really good story to read, I like it! And don’t worry, your English is pretty good :slight_smile: looking forward to reading the demo for it.


Just one small issue. You will have to change the title of the work if you want to get it published. Heart of Darkness is already a famous novel by Joseph Conrad.


It has potential, i am looking forward to beginn reading it abd i am sure it will receive a lot of love :grin:


I find the premise to be intriguing, from what it sounds like you have story set up in mind and choices you want the character to make. Though I must say be careful with the translation from Portuguese to English. As their expressions in Latin languages that don’t really work in English. So a character’s personality and mannerisms can change just because of how limited English expressions are.


Sounds interesting, can’t wait for the demo. :blush:


So my character can become Prince/Princess of Darkness or Prince/Princess of The Damned ? That is so cool :grin:

The Night-Thinkers aren’t really Evil right ? Can we solve the conflict using Diplomatic Approach ? :smile:


This sounds interesting I’m glad it’s not genderlocked and can we be dark as well like evil or no

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You had me at “romance”. :heart:

I hope you both get the demo up soon!


Is that novel still copyrighted? It was published in 1899… also there’s a videogame with the exact same name launched in 98.


sounds interesting and romance is always a plus


Uh, sorry for that. I didn’t know, I’ll change then :grimacing:

Thanks! I appreciate that :grin:

Yeah, thanks for the advice. I was looking for someone to help me with the translation, but @Eric_knight said that he will help me with that part so I guess it’s fine for now.

Well… For now, MC are the prince/princess of Héron, the Day-Dreamer kingdom, but perhaps they can become something more…

Just playing to know, dude :grin:

Thanks! No, you can’t be. You’re the Light, but that don’t prevent you for doing something bad.

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I would be really interested in reading this. Looking forward for your WIP.
By the way, i see it’s not gender-locked but there is no non-binary option. I don’t know if you intend to put it but if you do, here is the great work of @Avery_Moore if you’re new to coding as well Non Binary Code .


Thanks for that, I was thinking in put but didn’t know exactly how to do that.


(thought this was going to be a heart of darkness adaption)
But, as a rule, I’ve found it’s good to follow that quote from that Kevin Costner movie “Build it and they will Come.”


I get to be a princess? Yes please!! :heart_eyes: but I got to ask, will I have female romance options?


Of course, @Lizzy! Maybe it will have one or two characters that you can choose their gender.


I’m good with that, I’ve never really minded the gender swap characters since I’ll never see what they are like as male…I just don’t like getting my hopes up just to find out a story is hetero only :disappointed:


Don’t worry about that :grin: I’ll do what I can to make everyone happy.

Originally in the book, it was hetero but since it’s a choice game, I’m trying to reach everyone’s taste.

About the gender swap character, the Night-Thinker, actually, was a girl but I decided to let the player choose.


So i read that there will be black magic ?? Some sort of Necromancy ? or Life stealing Magic ? :smile:

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