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Maybe the central conflict is the friends you’ll make along the way! In all seriousness, this initial story is about discovering the world below and preventing Arcadia’s destruction. Arcadia’s engines need constant upkeep and resources are finite in the city. As you explore, you’ll discover more about the world, how it “ended” and hopefully discover a way to mitigate (or eliminate) the risk of Arcadia plummetting out of the sky. There is a political aspect to the story as well. The Argonauts survive on the good-will of the influential and powerful. Depending on what the player discovers, some of these influential people might throw their support and resources behind the organization, or they might openly oppose the Argonauts.

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I have 2 concepts in my mind bugging me for a long while

Space Themed - Into the Deep

fantasy elements - several career paths on a distant station habitat by 10.000s
miners, techies, pilots - cargo or fighter depends on your courage ^^ , gunners - defenders of the station, traders, and swashbuckling freeagents ^^
(Adding a mash of Wing Commander Series, Expanse, Firefly sauce - while playing or watching I always have alternative questions at the back of my mind so why not combine them for the game)

It’s was yes, but we are 1000 years far away from the Mother Earth, Alpha Thaurus.
First colonizer arrived to the bright star of Aeckheleon with hybernations of many cycles, even with longevity and therapeutic mitochondria and DNA injections to the cells - revolutionized the life span - took several generations to reach .

Space Station New Atlantis was built to accomodate the colonization of the Terran like brilliant planet Aeckheleon Prime but some ill-series of events prevented that and the terraforming or colonizing will require some additional reserarches.(And generations, meaning you are stuck with space station and some smaller ones much behind)
The arriving colony ships resorted in to founding the great station New Atlantis, full of enginering wonders, hope and all.

During your career you can be a station trader climbing up the ladders by doing business inside,

  • gunner cadet - defending against the pirates (no one knows how they came there but theories of a failed colonyship succumbed to anarchy and somewhere behind the main fleet stuck and became a pirate base)
  • pilot cadet- kargo or combat- will be open on later
  • trader assistant - off station / on station
  • tech trainee - start with basic HVAC fixes to design systems, design ship armanents and build stuff
  • freeagent ^^ firefly , millenium falcoln, or trader joe - as you wish :cowboy_hat_face: :knot:

My experience with Luuckey United stat works provided me with some insights to develop genuie and entertaining action engines - so no gameplay will be same with action details - story for sure share elements.
Suprise element Tharkonians - soap opera so don’t want to give more spoilers just concept.

Werth Quh Iom - Medieval Fantasy

Had a story written with several chapters and some notes many years ago(2003 or 2004) in a fanzine and people digged it. So it will based on that , sort of a closure for myself ^^
Medieval Fantasy - R.A.Salvatore style full action in the first scene - saving er ryan like entry, you will be an enlisted human against many foes including giants, assassins, troll like enemies long forgotten attacking to the northern most security point - the keep of the twin horns, two layer walls with towers.

Defenders has the Staon knights - the berserking great knights - swordmasters + viking frenzy , Clerical, healer cast, archers, infantry, special attack teams - engineer+archers+foot soldiers

You start as one of the given class, but no matter which class you picked you will not be able to breath in the first chapter or two. No quarter given to MC or NPCs they are all doomed

You are hastly enlisted and arriving to the battle zone, first wall have some breachs, second wall also breached - so you have to close the breach and stabilize as a green soldier - but the destiny doesn’t asks to our MC if they are ready or not ^^

So many reserve units rushed to the battlefield to close the inner circle, secondary wall breaches. Some breaches are closed by dead bodies of attackers and the defenders.

Smoke all around, barely have a vision and your green unit made it only to face a challenge they are not up to, the giants ogres rushing to your ranks. You are trained for that, no matter what shield wall needs to hold, the comrades needs to be on your sides
(Before the Vikings or many other shows on the streaming services I wrote that with more details yep :slight_smile: )
You feel like those endless drills should had prepared you, and while arriving to the battle zone you thought you are sort of prepared with only one main problem.
You are at the front line! Nothing prepared you for a direct clash against the enemy.
To be precise that giant things with their giant battle hammers are charging to your unit, an ugly one directly to you…

…will refrain myself to write - first action scenes are pretty much omaha beach landing style - no quarters and total chaos ^^

One of the medieval one is Werth Quh Iom, action packed. I may combine it with my other medieval idea - but it’s more realm building style - will see after some thought given.

Being able to create subs for algorithms enable me to prepare rich stuff. From combat of footsoldiers to the combat of space station gunners or ships.

So sharing this here , at list my mind will be in a bit ease while working on the Luuckey United FC


As per this meme:


I wrote this idea back at the end of 2022. but I didn’t write anything and I decided to revisit the idea since I got a co-author.

I have Tumblr which is empty but I soon will be post about work. If you have qustion DM me on forum.

Game name: At the Mercy of Hatred
Genre: Superhero fiction

You will play as a vigilante seeking revenge for the deaths of their family and friends, while also uncovering the identity and motive of the murderer, and also as an antihero, a former agent of the Superpowers Regulatory Agency, who was accused of murder they did not commit, and who has returned to take revenge against their former friends and employer.


The Butcher Story: I’m the most wanted person in the East Federation. They want me for a murder I didn’t commit. Everyone I considered close friends betrayed me. They thought I was going to disappear, but here I am. I’m back in the High City, and this time I’m here to get revenge on those who have wronged me.

The Vigilante Story: I have nothing left. My old life, my family, my friends - all gone. Agents from the Superpowers Regulatory Agency took them away from me, right infront my eyes, and there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t save them. All that’s left is a burning hatred and a desire for revenge, and I will find the truth about why they were taken away and for what reason.

  • play asmale, female, or nonbinary as well as trans;
  • choose your sexual orientation and/or romantic orientation;
  • full character customization;
  • choose your power for Butcher or power/powers for vigilante;
  • play as chaotic neutral or chaotic evil characters;

The information will be added to the blog and extended. Additions will be made as we write

Butcher’s ROs:

  • Jester (cis female/male): ex-assassin, joined the Butcher after they defeated her/him in battle;
  • Noise (transmasc nonbinary / transfemme nonbinary): hacker of the Butcher team; they’re helping Butcher because Butcher saved their parents;
  • Poison (cis female/male; trans man/woman): ex-superhero. Seeing as the superhero community isn’t so perfect, they decided to join Butcher;
  • Baron / Arthur Weeks (cis male): equips the team with money, transportation and weapons.

The Vigilante RO’s:

  • Frost (cis female/male, nonbinary): thief and leader of a thieving gang;
  • Abigail Day / Firestar (cis female): novice superhero, looking for her mom, who’s missing
  • Neo (cis male/female, trans man/woman, nonbinary,transmasc nonbinary / transfemme nonbinary): a hacker who continues the work of their parents, who are in prison;
  • Psyche (cis female): agent of the Superpowers Regulatory Agency and leader of Unit Zero;
  • Secret ROs: Dragon and Frostfire: secret weapons in the hands of the government;