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Good point here. Though Green Journey is quite sandboxy, there is the thread of a narrative throughout the main paths which helps to keep you, the author, and the player focused.

A ‘prime end state’ is advisable to keep in mind to maintain momentum.

EDIT: Though my game is not out yet so I have no idea if the way I have done it is to most players’ liking.


Ok i got an idea im cooking in my head. If any of you are familiar with D&D then you would know what DROW are. I want to create a shorter story. Its going to feature illicit content like torture, suicide, body horror and thats it for now.

It’ll be in the same universe as my first wip. In my archdemon universe, they are called Night Elves, born from a mutation between ancient elves & black skinned or dark brown humans.
Ancient elves all carried the god seed in their blood that Eve (based on adam & eve btw) had before it dilluted to just her bloodline.

These elves had dominant genes where no matter who they produced with, it would always be an elf. Dark skinned humans also carried dominant genes & when they procreated, they produced a super gene. Resulting in a more intimidatingly dark elf. Before eve ascended to godhood, the night elves retreated underground for unknown reasons. History has forgotten them & the super gene can no longer be created above ground.

Night elves have evolved to be essentially super elves. Faster, stronger, smarter with improved senses in part because of not only of the god seed that granted them these traits but also the harsh environment living underground brings. Above ground is the Sol kingdom. Directly below is the Los kingdom.

You would play a brother & sister night elf who lives in a reality where power is everything, no one is safe and ambition is rewarded.

Again, short story. Im thinking 2 chapters. Both chapters will feel like a complete story.

As for the title. Stygian


Would love to see if anyone is interested in this! I’m in the thick of worldbuilding right now.

In an alternate universe where individuals are born with powerful Affinities—Nature, Combat, Technology, Mind, Mystic—you play as the Unit Chief of an elite government intelligence team comprised of members from different Affinities, specializing in handling cases that involve the misuse of Affinity powers. However, an unprecedented challenge arises when you are summoned to investigate disturbances on the West Coast. The source of the chaos is a rumored prodigy—a young Hybrid between Nature and Mystic Affinities, who has achieved the status of Paragon by mastering all their powers by the age of 22. This enigmatic figure is causing havoc, driven by a belief that the efforts to control the Affinities are misguided. You must lead your team to confront the Paragon, all while reconciling your own Hybrid identity and the true potential of your power. Each of your 4 teammates is a potential RO—2 males, 2 females.


I’m new to writing and this is my first time writing my own interactive Fiction

(WIP)Aeon Wars (Title not Final)

In Aeon Wars, you play as a newly commissioned officer in the Federation of Courcellia Army. Tasked with the duty of protecting the Federation and its citizens, your journey will involve strategic military decisions, diplomacy, and uncovering the mysteries of Aeon energy.


Aeon is a resource-rich planet distinguished by a unique and potent energy source emanating from its core, known as Aeon energy. This energy has played a pivotal role in shaping the planet’s technological advancements, geopolitical landscape, and cultural evolution. Aeon’s history is marked by periods of remarkable progress and devastating conflict, culminating in a complex, interdependent global society.

Pre-History and Early Civilizations

Aeon, a planet abundant with natural resources and unique energy from its core, has a rich and diverse history. Early civilizations formed around these plentiful resources, with each region developing distinct cultures and technologies. These early societies were often centered around natural landmarks believed to be sources of power, laying the foundations for advanced knowledge and infrastructure.

The Discovery of Aeon Energy

The turning point in Aeon’s history came with the discovery of Aeon energy, a potent and renewable energy source emanating from the planet’s core. This discovery led to a technological revolution, drastically improving living standards and fostering rapid industrialization. The energy was named Aeon in honor of the planet itself, symbolizing its central importance to all aspects of life.

Age of Expansion

With the newfound energy source, nations began expanding their territories, leading to both cooperation and conflict. This period saw the rise of the Federation of Courcellia and the Kingdom of Bolworth as dominant powers, leveraging Aeon energy to enhance their military and economic strength. This era also marked the beginnings of space exploration as scientists and engineers developed the first ships capable of atmospheric and limited space flight, powered by Aeon energy.

Development of Space Flight

Fueled by the limitless potential of Aeon energy, engineers developed spacecraft with the capability to exit Aeon’s atmosphere and conduct missions in the planet’s orbit and nearby moons. These early ships were a marvel of engineering, combining advanced materials and Aeon energy converters to achieve the first steps toward interplanetary exploration. Although faster-than-light (FTL) travel had not yet been discovered, these achievements marked a significant milestone in Aeon’s technological advancement.

Formation of Modern Nations

As territories solidified, modern nations began to form, each with its own unique approach to utilizing Aeon energy and governing its people. The Federation of Courcellia became known for its technological advancements and innovation, while the Kingdom of Bolworth focused on military strength and resource control. The development of space flight capabilities further distinguished these nations as leaders in exploration and defense.

The Great War

Tensions over Aeon energy resources eventually culminated in the Great War, a devastating conflict that involved nearly all nations. The war reshaped political boundaries and alliances, leading to significant loss of life and the near-exhaustion of many natural resources. Space flight technologies were utilized extensively for reconnaissance and strategic advantage, marking the first military applications of Aeon’s early spacecraft.

Post-War Reconstruction

In the aftermath of the Great War, nations focused on reconstruction and recovery. The Holy State of Midlea emerged as a spiritual leader, promoting peace and cooperation based on the shared value of Aeon energy. International bodies were formed to regulate the use of Aeon energy and prevent future conflicts, and space exploration efforts were redirected towards rebuilding and scientific collaboration.

The Age of Enlightenment

This period saw unprecedented advancements in science, culture, and diplomacy. The United Kingdom of Treteria became a cultural and economic hub, while the Republic of Asings championed civil rights and democratic reforms. The Duchy of Penknethia became renowned for its academic contributions, fostering a new era of intellectual growth. Space exploration continued to advance, with more sophisticated spacecraft and longer missions, laying the groundwork for future interstellar endeavors.

Present Day

Today, Aeon is a complex tapestry of nations, each with its own identity and governance style. While tensions occasionally flare over resource allocation and political differences, a fragile peace is maintained through diplomacy and mutual respect for the power of Aeon energy. The planet continues to evolve, with each nation contributing to a shared global culture while preserving its unique heritage. Space flight remains a symbol of progress and unity, with ongoing missions exploring the further reaches of Aeon’s orbit and potential colonization sites on its moons.

Map of Aeon


Federation of Courcellia
  • Background: A technologically advanced federation known for its scientific research and innovation, particularly in energy harnessing and sustainable development.
  • History: Formed from the unification of smaller states, Courcellia emphasizes education and research, leading in sustainable technology and Aeon energy converters. It was among the first to develop space flight capabilities.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • President Alistair Hume: Current leader and a renowned scientist in energy technologies.
    • Dr. Elara Finch: Key figure in developing Aeon energy converters.
Kingdom of Bolworth
  • Background: A powerful monarchy with a strong military tradition and significant natural resources, including rich mineral deposits.
  • History: Known for territorial expansion and military prowess, Bolworth has a history of conflicts over resource-rich areas. It leveraged Aeon energy to build a formidable space fleet.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • King Roland IV: The current ruler known for his strategic acumen and military campaigns.
    • General Victoria Steele: A decorated war hero and key military strategist.
Holy State of Midlea
  • Background: A theocratic state governed by religious leaders who claim to have a divine mandate to rule. The state is centered around the worship of Aeon's core energy as a sacred gift.
  • History: Midlea's history is steeped in religious tradition, with periods of isolation and missionary expeditions to spread their faith. The Holy State has been a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual guidance and has maintained a strong influence over its followers through its religious doctrines.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • High Priestess Liora: Spiritual leader believed to have a deep connection with Aeon's core.
    • Commander Ezra Tal: Leader of the Holy Guard, responsible for defending the faith and state.
United Kingdom of Treteria
  • Background: A constitutional monarchy known for its cultural heritage, arts, and thriving commerce. Treteria boasts some of the largest cities on Aeon.
  • History: Treteria has a history of trade and diplomacy, often mediating international conflicts and thriving economically. It played a key role in post-war reconstruction and space exploration initiatives.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Queen Isabella: A beloved monarch focused on cultural and economic development.
    • Sir Gareth Moor: A diplomat renowned for his negotiation skills.
Castnesian Free City
  • Background: An independent city-state known for its laissez-faire economy and as a haven for innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • History: Founded by settlers seeking freedom, it has become a hub for trade and innovation with minimal regulations. Its strategic location made it pivotal in early space flight development.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Mayor Alicia Byrne: Dynamic leader who promotes economic freedom and innovation.
    • Lucius Black: A prominent business magnate with vast influence in the tech industry.
  • Background: A predominantly agricultural nation with vast farmlands and a tradition of sustainable farming practices.
  • History: Focuses on environmental preservation and food security, maintaining neutrality in most conflicts. It contributes significantly to scientific research, particularly in space agriculture.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Prime Minister Edda Greenfield: Advocate for sustainable agriculture and rural development.
    • Harold Wheatley: A leading agricultural scientist.
Republic of Asings
  • Background: A democratic republic known for its diverse population and strong emphasis on individual rights and freedoms.
  • History: Characterized by revolutions and reforms, Asings champions individual rights and progressive policies. It has been a leader in space exploration and civil rights.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • President Mara O'Connell: Champion of civil rights and democratic governance.
    • Senator Raylan Frost: Influential politician and advocate for social reforms.
Principality of Apton
  • Background: A small but wealthy principality, Apton is renowned for its luxury goods and high standard of living.
  • History: Controls valuable gemstones and rare minerals, leading to its economic opulence. Its wealth has funded extensive space exploration programs.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Prince Leon: Ruler with a focus on maintaining Apton's economic dominance.
    • Lady Celeste Wren: Socialite and philanthropist.
Principality of Ashlech
  • Background: Positioned to control key trade routes, Ashlech has a history of strategic alliances and conflicts. It has developed advanced defensive space technology.
  • History: Ashlech has a history of conflicts and alliances, strategically positioned to control key trade routes. Its fortifications have made it a vital defensive point for the region.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Princess Elara: A skilled diplomat known for her strategic marriages and alliances.
    • General Marcus Kane: Military leader responsible for defending the principality.
Duchy of Penknethia
  • Background: A duchy famous for its academic institutions and contributions to science and literature.
  • History: Focuses on knowledge and culture, remaining neutral to foster intellectual growth. It has been a center for space research and innovation.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Duke Reginald: A patron of the arts and sciences.
    • Dr. Amelia Hayes: Renowned historian and academic.
  • Background: A coastal nation known for its naval prowess and maritime trade.
  • History: Rich history of exploration and maritime trade, with a robust fishing industry and navy. Towleigh has adapted its naval expertise to space exploration, becoming a key player in Aeon’s space missions.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Admiral Helena Storm: Leader of the navy and hero of several key naval battles.
    • Captain Elias Drake: Famous explorer and merchant.

Currently Writing the Prologue. Demo will be Available after Prologue is done.

Please note that this is an interest check post. If you are interested in this project, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

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It’s an interesting concept, but there’s not much info to really know for sure. There’s a lot of world building, but not a lot of information on the game and it’s story


currently still making characters and thinking of what direction or what the plot will be. I prioritize world building so that I can easily write where the story would take place, and how to proceed. And as this is my first time writing I’m still lacking in experience. I would love to hear some feedback and suggestions to improve the story.


@Lewia12 Theres nothing to feedback on. Your world building is solid though. It gives me Final fantasy 7 vibes mixed with warhammer 40k.

Ive lost interest in military games so its not for me.


I’ve been contemplating making a new story for a few months, albeit my first one. Not nearly satisfied with the world building thus far, but I have a general idea of what I want it to be, and I’m using this as both inspiration and a interest check.

The World

SO, the jist of it is, you ( the mc ) is in a medieval fantasy setting. The continent you’re on ( the continent) is a collection of fractures kingdoms. It has a bunch if biomes and somewhat diversified religions, culture and customs.
Although various races do exist in this world, only humans appear within the main continent.

Both magic and swordsman aura do exist, albeit on a much lower scale than usuall.
Expanding, humans are more inclined to aura and the other races magic.


The next bit is going to fast track it, although the continent is in a fractured state now, it was once an thriving empire. Said empire waged a war under a great Emporer against the other races and lost miserably, causing the fracture. The other races didn’t want to kill all the humans, but decided to contain them on the continent and erected magic barrier around the continent.

The magic barrier is weakened around the extreme northern tip of the continent, where the mc is located.

The war happened hundreds of years ago, generations have gone past and the details about that age has dwindled. Kingdoms are getting progressively restless and arrogant, and a war is brewing once more.


The mc is apart of a lower aristocrat family located at the northern most tip of the continent. They are a minor family withinin their kingdom. Although, they bolster a large amount of resource wealth in mines and hunting. Along with a small, but strong military prowess due to the merciless weather.

The family is caught up in an internal fight between the 2 major factions within the kingdom and are ultimately used as a sacrifice. The mc’s entire family is killed and they are sold into slavery as a last act of mercy and humiliation.

The mc will be bought by a faction based on their stats and they’ll be able to grow their stats/skills and rank within that faction.

They will be able to leave at any time they want and fenture into new factions. Although, some factions may be secretive and choose to hunt the mc down if they desert.

The 2 main paths is, a war will break out. Will the mc stay on their faction and rise in rank and influence the world through that on embark on a journey to get revenge and rebuild their family.


There’s an illness amongst the other races which mutates them into monsters.
The magical barrier has been neglected after so many years, it will eventually fall.
The neglected barrier has small holes… monsters are getting into the continent.

The mc MIGHT have some other race’s blood in their bloodline, would they hate the other races? How would people react when they discover it?

Coding ideas

Integrating a system in which any enemy combats learn the mc’s fighting pattern if they spam certain attacks, and responds to them with counters.

Ex, mc Throws punch 3 times, block. 4 times, counter. 5 times, takedown.

Integrating a main personality system for all additional characters. They would have set decisions according to their main personality. They would also have a player induced personality. The main personality stat would be weighed against the player induced personality and an ultimate choice would be made.

Ex, Susan has the main personality stat for being confident
Does the player induced stat outweigh her " natural" choice of action.

Integrating a system for combat in which the stats and skills are separated.
Skills would be ( punching/kicking/grabs ) etc and stats would be ( strength/dexterity etc )
Skills will be trained by repeating them which would increase the proficiency. Stats would be increased by training aswell albeit other ways and given genetics/builds/factions and body types.

In combat settings, the success rate of a skill would be determined by your proficiency in said skill and the result of an effective skill execution would be based on the skill proficiency, stat, equipment etc etc.

I have alot more information, names etc etc. this is a very basic overview.
I’ve tried making something unique that doesn’t feel like it’s just a washed version of the general trend.

Thankyou for reading this if you have, I’d appreciate any and all input and welcome any questions.


What do you mean by rebuild if the whole family is gone

So what factions can we join?

That’s the parts that need refining.

Could mean that they take over the family head position and their old lands, and rebuilds. Essentially a kingdom management part.
Whole family would also mean relatives like mother and father, but not the servants, soldiers, advisors. Could fenture into finding those individuals and uniting them once more.

From what I’m thinking, it would most probably be between the more well established kingdoms. Maybe something like an adventurers guild.

I’ve been contemplating doing a secretive guild aswell which could fold nicely into the future conflicts

Title: School 2025
(inspired by k-drama “Who are you: School 2015”)

When you wake, you find that you have lost your memories.

This is what you know: you are a popular student in Arcadia, a prestigious private boarding school. Before you lost your memories, you went missing and only recently have returned.

As you attempt to rebuild your life, you see glimpses of your memories: however, they don’t seem to match your current circumstances. In your memories, you were being bullied by a group of boys while the teachers turned a blind eye. You can still remember the loneliness and isolation you felt.

In contrast, everyone at Arcadia seems to love you, even if they are a bit puzzled by your change in personality and habits.

However, the thing that captures your attention the most is that someone seems to be stalking you. Could they be the reason why you went missing?

You are trying to find the truth from the lies, but it isn’t easy.

With the help of a few trusted friends, both old and new, you begin to piece together the fragmented memories and clues. Each revelation brings you closer to the truth, but also increases the danger you face. The closer you get to uncovering what happened to you, the more you realize that some of those you considered friends might be enemies, and some enemies, unexpected allies.

In the end, you must confront the reason behind your disappearance and the truth about your past. Will you reclaim your memories and reveal the truth or will the shadows of your past consume you once more?

what this IF is:

  • slice of life romance wip with a bit of mystery to keep things interesting
  • expect lots of school drama: love triangles, professor-student romance, cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds; rich families, crime, and teen pregnancy
  • expect lots of drama lol, in the realm of soap operas.

what this IF won’t have:

  • there will be no explicit sexual content since this is a story with minors. However, there will be sexually suggestive content (snogging and make outs mainly and fade to black)

About the romance options:

  • considering adding your stalker, your professor, a popular student, and a school delinquent as possible romances. a bit unsure about the professor-student romance aspect since the older I get the more I question why I loved it as a teenager.

Any suggestions is welcome, still in the beginning stages.


This sounds interesting! I like the amnesia trope, though it isn’t actually used that much. I’m also thinking about writing something along the same vain, but the stories are so different that I don’t think it’ll be a problem (especially since you’re much further in the process than I am).

As for the student-teacher relationship, I also liked it as a kid. And I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to use, but it’s certainly dangerous to use under the wrong set of circumstances. And since you’ve drawn the line for no sexual content with the teens, then I feel like this is also over the line

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I’m a bit worried that people won’t like the amnesia trope aspect of it.
I’m curious what the idea of your own IF, but its understandable if you’d rather not get into it.
Initially, I was going to have fade to black, but I think its best to just do no sexual content at all, since their teens.

Mine is about a woman who was kidnapped 5 years ago, when she was a junior in college. The story is a bit more serious and adult, dealing with the repercussions of having full amnesia, reintegrating into adulthood, reconnecting with friends, family and a fiancé she can’t remember, the mental health affects of her unknown 5 years, and discovering what happened to her.

The twist is that she was taken by a vampire, who abused and fed on her ever since. His new vampire protege took pity on her and released her and took away her memory. But as a new vampire, he botched it

That’s completely valid. Some people are really uncomfortable with that content in YA stories, others have a cognitive dissonance between characters and real life. I don’t think either is necessarily wrong, so you should definitely do what’s best for you

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hello, i have an idea for an IF and wanted to see if people would be interested

untitled if

genres: high fantasy, romance, adventure, action

you are born in lothlorien, court of eternal winter. you’re technically a noble, even if your uncle has gambled the wealth of his lineage away.

your uncle arranges for you to marry a wealthy tiefling commoner—a powerful Somniari (dream-walking) mage, both to make your line more magical and to gain access to their wealth. if you marry this person, your uncle promises to make you his successor. its everything you ever wanted: a chance to turn your fallen noble house away from ruin.

while doing background research on your betrothed, your informants tell you of a peculiar detail: your betrothed has found some untouched ancient elven ruins in his property. Hence, they are putting together a quest: they are hiring people to join them in exploring the ruins. already, he has spotted revenants, undead, and other monsters in the area, so he wants fighters and other magicians to join him. the reward for it is good, and it offers a great way to support your family before your marriage.

Most of all, you can identify what type of person you’re betrothed to.

you decide to go, but not as yourself. you intend to take on the identity of someone else while you go on this quest. disguising yourself as a seasoned adventurer, you assume the identity of a rogue, death knight, cleric, elementalist, or dark magician (necromancer or warlock). your reputation is that of a mysterious wanderer who has no ties to nobility or a specific region.

will you succeed in bringing your noble house away from ruin? will you find love with your betrothed or someone else? what exactly will you find in these ruins?

your future is limitless and the choice is yours.


  • Choose your race: night elf, tiefling (has diluted demonic lineage), dhampir (basically a half-vampire), human, or dwarf.
  • Customize your skills. Are you a rogue, a death knight, cleric, elementalist, or a dark magician (necromancer or warlock)?
  • Use your skills in battles against monsters.
  • At least 3 different romance options, whose gender you can decide.

About the different skills/professions:

  • Rogues use stealth attacks and can disarm traps. They are also trained like assassins. And use bombs and grenades. Can go invisible or make objects invisible.
  • Death Knights have super strength, speed, and agility, as well as intangibility.
  • Clerics can heal, cast barriers, cast temporary buffs/enchantments, and purify/exorcize undead.
  • Necromancers can sense, summon, and control undead.
  • Warlocks can sense, summon and control demons.
  • Elementalists control all 5 elements: air, lightning, fire, water/ice, and earth.

It seems really cool! It’s an interesting take on the arranged marriage trope

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Before OaoM, I’ve decided to make a smaller-scale project with the same premise.
Please do correct any mistakes in my writing, as I am new to producing works such as these.

Brain Death - An Oracle’s End is an interactive adventure powered by your will to continue existing, and limited by the time you are given. I’m leaning heavily on customization features; every choice will lead to personalized outcomes. It’s not my wish to make a linear experience.

Personally, I enjoy the feeling of being in control of my characters. I dislike being told what my character feels at any given moment, and I value the ability to choose these things for myself. That’s the entire goal of this project.

In this story, you’ll be placed into the shoes of an Oracle suffering from early symptoms of brain death. I’ve been expanding upon the different stages varying from inability to retain information, to lowered immunity to disease and injury. As this is still a WIP, things could change at any time.

This project will give me time to work up the foundations for the main story, as well as practice coding and figure out my own limits regarding storytelling and choices. I will say right now, the story is centered around a lot of mature themes, so it won’t be for everybody. But I do hope that some of you will enjoy it! I’m working on a demo right now. Here’s a screenshot showing some of my work so far.

As I said last time, if you have any questions or comments regarding my project, feel free to reply! Take care of yourselves.