(WIP) Aeon Wars

I’m new to writing and this is my first time writing my own interactive Fiction

Aeon Wars (Title not Final)

In Aeon Wars, you play as a newly commissioned officer in the Federation of Courcellia Army. Tasked with the duty of protecting the Federation and its citizens, your journey will involve strategic military decisions, diplomacy, and uncovering the mysteries of Aeon energy.


Aeon is a resource-rich planet distinguished by a unique and potent energy source emanating from its core, known as Aeon energy. This energy has played a pivotal role in shaping the planet’s technological advancements, geopolitical landscape, and cultural evolution. Aeon’s history is marked by periods of remarkable progress and devastating conflict, culminating in a complex, interdependent global society.

Pre-History and Early Civilizations

Aeon, a planet abundant with natural resources and unique energy from its core, has a rich and diverse history. Early civilizations formed around these plentiful resources, with each region developing distinct cultures and technologies. These early societies were often centered around natural landmarks believed to be sources of power, laying the foundations for advanced knowledge and infrastructure.

The Discovery of Aeon Energy

The turning point in Aeon’s history came with the discovery of Aeon energy, a potent and renewable energy source emanating from the planet’s core. This discovery led to a technological revolution, drastically improving living standards and fostering rapid industrialization. The energy was named Aeon in honor of the planet itself, symbolizing its central importance to all aspects of life.

Age of Expansion

With the newfound energy source, nations began expanding their territories, leading to both cooperation and conflict. This period saw the rise of the Federation of Courcellia and the Kingdom of Bolworth as dominant powers, leveraging Aeon energy to enhance their military and economic strength. This era also marked the beginnings of space exploration as scientists and engineers developed the first ships capable of atmospheric and limited space flight, powered by Aeon energy.

Development of Space Flight

Fueled by the limitless potential of Aeon energy, engineers developed spacecraft with the capability to exit Aeon’s atmosphere and conduct missions in the planet’s orbit and nearby moons. These early ships were a marvel of engineering, combining advanced materials and Aeon energy converters to achieve the first steps toward interplanetary exploration. Although faster-than-light (FTL) travel had not yet been discovered, these achievements marked a significant milestone in Aeon’s technological advancement.

Formation of Modern Nations

As territories solidified, modern nations began to form, each with its own unique approach to utilizing Aeon energy and governing its people. The Federation of Courcellia became known for its technological advancements and innovation, while the Kingdom of Bolworth focused on military strength and resource control. The development of space flight capabilities further distinguished these nations as leaders in exploration and defense.

The Great War

Tensions over Aeon energy resources eventually culminated in the Great War, a devastating conflict that involved nearly all nations. The war reshaped political boundaries and alliances, leading to significant loss of life and the near-exhaustion of many natural resources. Space flight technologies were utilized extensively for reconnaissance and strategic advantage, marking the first military applications of Aeon’s early spacecraft.

Post-War Reconstruction

In the aftermath of the Great War, nations focused on reconstruction and recovery. The Holy State of Midlea emerged as a spiritual leader, promoting peace and cooperation based on the shared value of Aeon energy. International bodies were formed to regulate the use of Aeon energy and prevent future conflicts, and space exploration efforts were redirected towards rebuilding and scientific collaboration.

The Age of Enlightenment

This period saw unprecedented advancements in science, culture, and diplomacy. The United Kingdom of Treteria became a cultural and economic hub, while the Republic of Asings championed civil rights and democratic reforms. The Duchy of Penknethia became renowned for its academic contributions, fostering a new era of intellectual growth. Space exploration continued to advance, with more sophisticated spacecraft and longer missions, laying the groundwork for future interstellar endeavors.

Present Day

Today, Aeon is a complex tapestry of nations, each with its own identity and governance style. While tensions occasionally flare over resource allocation and political differences, a fragile peace is maintained through diplomacy and mutual respect for the power of Aeon energy. The planet continues to evolve, with each nation contributing to a shared global culture while preserving its unique heritage. Space flight remains a symbol of progress and unity, with ongoing missions exploring the further reaches of Aeon’s orbit and potential colonization sites on its moons.

Map of Aeon


Federation of Courcellia
  • Background: A technologically advanced federation known for its scientific research and innovation, particularly in energy harnessing and sustainable development.
  • History: Formed from the unification of smaller states, Courcellia emphasizes education and research, leading in sustainable technology and Aeon energy converters. It was among the first to develop space flight capabilities.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • President Alistair Hume: Current leader and a renowned scientist in energy technologies.
    • Dr. Elara Finch: Key figure in developing Aeon energy converters.
Kingdom of Bolworth
  • Background: A powerful monarchy with a strong military tradition and significant natural resources, including rich mineral deposits.
  • History: Known for territorial expansion and military prowess, Bolworth has a history of conflicts over resource-rich areas. It leveraged Aeon energy to build a formidable space fleet.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • King Roland IV: The current ruler known for his strategic acumen and military campaigns.
    • General Victoria Steele: A decorated war hero and key military strategist.
Holy State of Midlea
  • Background: A theocratic state governed by religious leaders who claim to have a divine mandate to rule. The state is centered around the worship of Aeon's core energy as a sacred gift.
  • History: Midlea's history is steeped in religious tradition, with periods of isolation and missionary expeditions to spread their faith. The Holy State has been a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual guidance and has maintained a strong influence over its followers through its religious doctrines.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • High Priestess Liora: Spiritual leader believed to have a deep connection with Aeon's core.
    • Commander Ezra Tal: Leader of the Holy Guard, responsible for defending the faith and state.
United Kingdom of Treteria
  • Background: A constitutional monarchy known for its cultural heritage, arts, and thriving commerce. Treteria boasts some of the largest cities on Aeon.
  • History: Treteria has a history of trade and diplomacy, often mediating international conflicts and thriving economically. It played a key role in post-war reconstruction and space exploration initiatives.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Queen Isabella: A beloved monarch focused on cultural and economic development.
    • Sir Gareth Moor: A diplomat renowned for his negotiation skills.
Castnesian Free City
  • Background: An independent city-state known for its laissez-faire economy and as a haven for innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • History: Founded by settlers seeking freedom, it has become a hub for trade and innovation with minimal regulations. Its strategic location made it pivotal in early space flight development.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Mayor Alicia Byrne: Dynamic leader who promotes economic freedom and innovation.
    • Lucius Black: A prominent business magnate with vast influence in the tech industry.
  • Background: A predominantly agricultural nation with vast farmlands and a tradition of sustainable farming practices.
  • History: Focuses on environmental preservation and food security, maintaining neutrality in most conflicts. It contributes significantly to scientific research, particularly in space agriculture.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Prime Minister Edda Greenfield: Advocate for sustainable agriculture and rural development.
    • Harold Wheatley: A leading agricultural scientist.
Republic of Asings
  • Background: A democratic republic known for its diverse population and strong emphasis on individual rights and freedoms.
  • History: Characterized by revolutions and reforms, Asings champions individual rights and progressive policies. It has been a leader in space exploration and civil rights.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • President Mara O'Connell: Champion of civil rights and democratic governance.
    • Senator Raylan Frost: Influential politician and advocate for social reforms.
Principality of Apton
  • Background: A small but wealthy principality, Apton is renowned for its luxury goods and high standard of living.
  • History: Controls valuable gemstones and rare minerals, leading to its economic opulence. Its wealth has funded extensive space exploration programs.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Prince Leon: Ruler with a focus on maintaining Apton's economic dominance.
    • Lady Celeste Wren: Socialite and philanthropist.
Principality of Ashlech
  • Background: Positioned to control key trade routes, Ashlech has a history of strategic alliances and conflicts. It has developed advanced defensive space technology.
  • History: Ashlech has a history of conflicts and alliances, strategically positioned to control key trade routes. Its fortifications have made it a vital defensive point for the region.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Princess Elara: A skilled diplomat known for her strategic marriages and alliances.
    • General Marcus Kane: Military leader responsible for defending the principality.
Duchy of Penknethia
  • Background: A duchy famous for its academic institutions and contributions to science and literature.
  • History: Focuses on knowledge and culture, remaining neutral to foster intellectual growth. It has been a center for space research and innovation.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Duke Reginald: A patron of the arts and sciences.
    • Dr. Amelia Hayes: Renowned historian and academic.
  • Background: A coastal nation known for its naval prowess and maritime trade.
  • History: Rich history of exploration and maritime trade, with a robust fishing industry and navy. Towleigh has adapted its naval expertise to space exploration, becoming a key player in Aeon’s space missions.
  • Persons of Interest:
    • Admiral Helena Storm: Leader of the navy and hero of several key naval battles.
    • Captain Elias Drake: Famous explorer and merchant.

Currently Writing the Prologue. Demo will be Available after Prologue is done.

No Demo is available yet.

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I like that you already have a developed backstory. The first thing that struck me is that there are so many nations on the planet with widespread advanced spaceflight. Presumably since this isn’t Earth the ancestors of these states colonized the planet. I wonder how the states stay in balance and if or how contests over near planet orbit play into the local politics. For example, what keeps one nation from dropping rocks on all their enemies capitals?


Sounds interesting so far, but I’m pretty sure there’s a rule about not making a post like this without having a demo. Before you have a demo, posts like these need to be limited to the Interest Check Thread which you have already linked in your post. I might be wrong, but I think that’s the rule. I’m sure a mod will either confirm or correct me on this though.


I love the concept I just can’t wait to play the demo

I can close this for now until you have a working demo. Just shoot me or a moderator a DM when you do.