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I haven’t decided the full details yet, but the spouse being a supervillain is a well-known fact. I suppose appeasement would be a correct term (the MC:s parents trade the MC to a non-aggression treaty), although it could backfire (depending on what the MC does).


I have a choicescript, finally after reading so many topics. I’m finally starting a choicescript.
This is a genderlocked female so far… i’ll change it. But it’s a thriller, romance story.
About a girl’s best friend falling off a roof at a party. Everyone thinks it was a suicide but you don’t.
You think she was pushed So you’re off to find out who did.
Content Warnings*


Signs of mental trauma
And I think more is to come.

The link is coming soon!!!


Sounds intriguing, looking forward to the first update on it

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Villain spouse: you are mine
MC: nah, who does the cleaning and cooking? ME, YOUR MY BITCH NOW!


So, antagonistic MC who enjoys annoying the spouse to death? Am I reading this right?


Ok I hope I’m doing this right. I’m planning a community-based game, one that will be written largely by the users of the forum. We’ll decide stuff like genre, genders (how many?) the characters and what they are like. We can decide the setting and what happens, and then it all goes into the book (I can do the coding for it).

Will anyone be up for this? and where would I start a thread for this?


No, I was trying to say like villain spouse things they are in control when in reality it’s the MC, think Italian/Spanish house wife, at first glance you think there the sub but there really the dom of the relationship

Ah, okay. That explains it. (I was trying to figure out what kind of MC you were envisioning.) The spouse isn’t actually like that, I’m afraid I enjoy creating expectation-defying characters. (You could, for example, have an antagonistic relationship, but you’d have to work for it. By default, they’ll just leave you alone. On the other hand, they would totally do anything you ask if you decide to work for a good relationship.)

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That sounds like a super fun idea! I don’t know how successful we’ll be at that kind of coordination, though :joy:


Oh, I’m all in for this hell of an idea, it’s gonna be fun.


Will it be like making a movie? With directors, scriptwriters, and thus a group that works for a common project?

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MC: make me the ruler of North Korea
Villain spouse: ok

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So does that mean the MC has powerful parents and in order to keep their stuff they sold the MC off? Because Marrying someone off for a non aggression treaty is something monarch’s normally do

It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic setting, and that’s one of the parts I haven’t fully settled, but they’re heads of some more or less nearby community.

So is by supervillain do you mean in terms of superpowers and superheroes cuz idk if its just me but when i think of superpowers I think of cities

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Yes, I do. It’s not like a city is a requirement for superpowers, but of course that’s a place where biggest amounts of people live.

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It could be a very interesting experiment.

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Hey gang! I have been a huge fan of the majority of your lot’s work for quite some time (roughly 5 years. Sept 2017 era) and I have been amazed. Often times I’ve been so attached to what is ‘Choice of Games’ and everything pertaining to, that I’d read sometimes for 10-12 hours or more a day (Don’t let my read time fool you). What a true delight it is to have something so distinctly different from mainstream entertainment, and yet, so irresistible and just… cool. I’ve been wanting to do something to help the community and our ‘itch’ for more content. In normal human words, I’ve been wanting to write a game for a long time. I just never have had the software to do it. But here we are. I don’t have any demo-worthy content, and I’m nothing if not ambitious, which means that not only will it be quite some time before I publish a demo, but it will be quite, quite some time before I give you all something worth your attention. I want to write a paragraph or seven just explaining some of the concepts and settings that I have, and the general trajectory in which I intend to enrich your experience with. That being said listen here ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between…

My idea takes place in a world called Cinerae. It is a vast world of people from cultures yet to be seen, and stories yet to be heard. Your story begins not in one, but two places. You are the heir to the throne of Therania in the north, (1st son/ daughter of King Julian Cassius Lionell of the Stonemour, 2nd of his name) and also, a soon to be Therani farmer (son/daughter of no one special) in southern Therania. Two destinies, fated to intertwine, and to be thrown apart? The decision will be yours to some extent.
. You will decide the paths of two people
. You will also be subject to inescapable truths
. (Prince/princess) Will you train to your father’s standard and become a hardened monarch, or will you become a failure, a kindhearted feeble-spine, or is there another way?
. (Farmer) will you attempt to honor your dead Pa’s wishes and be a farmer, or will you follow your dreams, and travel to the Theranian capital (Loredon) and find a way to get ready for the Grand Tourney of Solace that happens once every 2 summers?
. Above all, despite the wars (pirate raids from the isles de Monkul, the Breach of Treaty by the Borge peoples of Borais, the wars of the Evergreen tribes between the Valendir and the Faer, the civil war of Escoléa, and the blood cults of Nyrland -which is just speaking for the northern-most continent of Eitor-) personal distractions, and politics, will you both look to the far south, south of the Southern Dust into the forbidden, and unspoken land of the Further, where there are multiple rumors of growing populations of slave castaways who survived the drop from the stitch?(The stitch is a mountain range that separates the furthest known civilization from the ‘desert that should not be there’, or the Southern Dust. It’s called the Stitch because it seals the inside from the outside, and is said to even resemble stitches geographically. People working in the Ufurian slave communes get dropped from the Stitch, into the Southern Dust [aprox- 2500 feet], when they are deemed worthless by the karpothi centurion)
.If the rumor is true, which would be impossible, it would mean a war that the squabbling people of Cinerae might not be ready for….


Sort of… except we’ll all decide on everything. How this will actually work will be an interesting experiment.

Anyway it’s all going as expected. I seem to have hurt myself a little by overtraining (maybe) so i apologize if I seem a little distracted.

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The official game thread is here

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