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Sounds interesting I’d love to read it.


In the gleaming metropolis of Neo Solaris, a utopian haven flourishes for those residing in the opulent upper city. Thanks to astonishing technological breakthroughs, everything from appearance to genetics can be customized to perfection. This unprecedented era has brought about a society free from crime, disease, and poverty, projecting an illusion of harmony and prosperity.

Yet, buried beneath this facade, lies the haunting past of the Eclipse Incident - a catastrophic disaster that plunged the city into chaos. Corporations seized control in the aftermath, imposing martial law upon the citizens. The once-glorious lower city now serves as a desolate prison for societal outcasts, stripped of their rights and left to despair.

Azume Industries the former leading corporation in artificial intelligence and medical science was left to blame. Their leaders excuted and domain to tatters, leaving behind the heir of Azume’s legacy, the scion of the founders.


In the cyberpunk metropolis of Umbra, a world dominated by mega-corporations, an enigmatic breed of artificial beings known as Vores emerges. Genetically enhanced and cybernetically augmented, they exists only as creations to be used upon the whims of the Veritas Corporation.

Among the Vores is a recently awakened creation, struggling to make sense of their newfound existence. Stripped of past memories and molded into Veritas’s loyal enforcer, the Vore grapples with a growing sense of self-awareness, questioning their programmed allegiance.


In a world where gaslit streets and grand academia converge with a realm of mystical wonders, an ancient and secretive order known as Earthshine stands as the last bastion between mortals and the encroaching darkness of magic. As the Veil that separates their worlds weakens, malevolent monsters, enigmatic creatures, and dark magicians haunt the streets, threatening humanity’s very existence.

Follow the journeys of diverse and skilled members of Earthshine, each grappling with their past and driven by their own motives. From cunning scholars and daring detectives to reformed dark magicians seeking redemption, this eclectic group navigates a Victorian-inspired world filled with hidden knowledge and forgotten lore.

  • Solaris
  • Umbra
  • Veil
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I would love doing a POV Zombie game, the only issue is, at least from my rational brain is that how would you be able to think or react? Or make choices? It would take the fun out for me personally.

Posting some concepts that most likely I’ll never develop but I must get them out for mental peace and because I’m curious to see if someone is interested:

Unnamed Superhero/Cyberpunk

Non canonical spin off from my superhero project

  • Customizable MC;
  • You are a new special agent working for the superheroes;
  • Karma meter: you can play as a paragon hero or as a full sociopath, you can’t play as villain;
  • A sociopath approach gives you more benefit on short terms but more problem on the long run, a paragon approach gives you harder paths on short run but more help on the long run;
  • You can choose to be either an enhanced agent or a powerless;
  • Powerless is the hard mode but it gives you some bonus in initial stats and relationship boost through the entire story;
  • You can choose among different sources of power, the differences is mostly writing flavor but each one has a different “kryptonite”;
  • The powers are skills that give you an instant pass choice, however if you abuse them your enemies may take counter measures later;
  • The structure after the prologue is divided in: pre mission briefing - neutral zone in mission - hostile zone - (optional) confrontation with a major character - aftermath - intermission pause, repeat until the final chapter;
  • The mission is a “box” where you, and ocasionally your allies, can interact for a variety of multiple approaches to the target;
  • Stats and approaches are built around the triad Combat/Diplomacy/Stealth;
  • You can finish the story without ever been detected or fought, note: some confrontation are inevitable but you can either win them with diplomacy or stealth;
  • Between mission you can socialize with other characters and dig into the superheroes’ secrets;
  • RO: one gender customizable, one male and one female;
  • Interact with a various cast of heroes, antiheroes and antivillains, (and even villains);
  • Uncover secrets in a world where everyone has something to hide;
  • Follow orders or doubt your allegiance;
  • Multiple endings;
  • A secret ending (one more scene to your regular one) if you played very hardcore (Powerless, Never killed, Never detected, Full Paragon);
  • Content Warning: explicit and graphic violence, terrorism. May contain scenes of abuse, brainwashing, hate crimes, torture etc.
  • Self conclusive, can be extended to a series;
Unnamed Fantasy Mystery

Semicanonical spin off from my fantasy project

  • Two MC;
  • The protagonists are an inquisitor and his/her bodyguard;
  • You are both tasked by the Sidereal Empire to investigate a series of murder in the Woods Elves (their allies) capital;
  • The MCs are classed based. For the Bodyguard: Orc Warrior (gl male) (high strength and endurance, low speed, agility and mysticism), Felix Champion (gc) (average strength, low endurance, high speed and agility, average mysticism), Technomancer (gc) (average strength, endurance, speed and agility, high mysticism). For the Inquisitor: Human Inquisitor (gl f) (high diplomacy, average knowledge, low stealth), Felix Imperial Inquisitor (gc) (low diplomacy, average knowledge, high stealth), Technomancer Diplomat (gc) (average diplomacy, high knowledge, low stealth);
  • Day cycle structured: except for major plot events the day will be divided in more phases with various activities and scripted unique events, said activities and events will either help you with investigation or boosting your stats;
  • Investigate intrigue(s) and uncover dark secrets;
  • Explore the Woods Elves capital and discover the multi faced world of the Elves (and others);
  • Multiple endings based on your performance during investigations;
  • RO: Not planned but I’m open to suggestions (don’t complain if you want to romance the culprit/one of the culprits though, it won’t end well);
  • Content Warning: explicit and graphic violence, graphic murder scenes, torture, racism and segregation;
  • Self conclusive;
Unnamed Fantasy Romance

An experiment: trying to combine a Romance cyoa with a skill (not stats) based duels adventure

  • Predefined MC (I thought as a gl male, but I think it can work also as female, maybe gc);
  • MC is a magic knight, a knight who fight with a light sword channeling magic to power themselves and to deflect spells from mages;
  • MC was trained from childhood by a heretic knight who used to practice the dark arts, MC killed the master and now MC is searching for a new life;

About game mechanics:

  • To quote the master “Remember: the most important part of a fight is… you must win!”, MC can use a variety of gadgets and trick weapons to gain upper hand;
  • Choices don’t require check stats, stats serve to unlock skills that will help in combat and more;
  • Duels are a test of skill to break the opponent guard before they break yours, it’s a brutal dance of attacks, combos and counter attacks
  • MC has a predefined personality, however certain stats scores will influence MC’s behavior;
  • Stats represent the five paths of magic, two couples of mutually exclusive and one technically neutral:
    Light Path: white light sword, this path follows a way of peace, altruism and self sacrifice, the style is mostly defensive and focusing on healing support, protection and dispelling curses. The opposite is the dark path;
    Dark Path: black light sword, this path follow a way of death, egotism and dominance, the style focuses on precise and deadly attacks and counter attacks, this path is the only where the support is used directly against the opponent with curses, life steal and instant death spells. The opposite is the light path; note: MC starts with an advantaged stat on this path
    Calm Path: blue light sword, this path follow a way of calm and rational behavior, the style focuses on elegant and fluid movements, occasionally also acrobatic, trying to trick the opponent with unpredictable strikes, the support focuses on indirectly hindering the opponent and improving movements. The opposite is the emotional path;
    Emotional Path: red light sword, this path follow a way of intense emotions and actions, while not necessary evil it’s a path with much violence, the style focus on violent, fast and aggressive attacks, the support focus on boosting stamina, fury and strength. The opposite is the calm path; note: this is the starter dominant path of the MC
    Life Path: green light sword, this path follow the rules of nature, both the altruistic and the selfish ones, the style focus is balanced both in offense and defense, aiming to defeat the opponent through brute strength and surviving through endurance, the support focuses on boosting physical strength and endurance, often also recovering from strikes and wound. While technically neutral, this path is incompatible with the dark path because the antagonism life vs death;
  • Paths can be combined to gain more skills:
    The Devout Guardian Path (white and green);
    The Holy Warrior Path (white and red);
    The Enforcer Path (white and blue);
    The Predator Path (red and green);
    The Natural Growth Path (blue and green);
    The Manipulative Assassin Path (black and blue);
    The Madness Path (black and red);
    The Holy Knight Path (white, blue and green, white is dominant);
    The Natural Champion Path (red, green and white, green is dominant);
    The Darkest Path (blue, black and red, black is dominant);

About Romance

  • All RO will be women. I-won’t-changing-this-feature. Period.

  • RO list:
    A White Mage: she’s in pilgrimage to the Holy Temple, raised in a cloister from childhood she’s exited to see the world for the first time, she’s inexpert but she’s not so naive as she seems;
    A wandering Mage in training: a young mage from a far away country, in travel to widen her magical horizon, she’s eccentric, energetic and friendly, however she can sometime show a more egoistic and petty side;
    A Necromancer Witch: a witch practicing the dark magic, she’s ambitious, uncaring and self centered, but she may save a spot for the MC to her side;
    A Thief: a cunning and reserved woman from a very far country, grown up in poverty with a desire to live like rich people, she’s very good in crafting and inventing gadgets;
    An Amazon (???): a proud woman warrior from a remote island with lust for battles. I’m not sure on this one because I don’t know if she would fit the story

  • Can I have a polyamorous relationship? Yes, there a few combinations;

  • Can I have the harem option? Yes, if you are so despicable to brainwash some of them until they become empty horny husks;

  • Can I romance no one? For background purpose MC has already been in full relationship once, aside that one you can reject every RO;

  • Can I develop more platonic relationships with the ROs? Yes, more details below;

Other features

  • The story will be heavily railroaded to focus more on characters development;
  • You can’t change the world, but you can change, for better or worst, other major characters (not only ROs)
  • You can help your ROs facing problems and question about their life, said interactions are not tied to their romance;
  • You can adopt and train your own apprentice, the apprentice is not a RO because that would be pederasty and pedophilia;
  • Content Warning: explicit and graphic violence, explicit and graphic sex scenes (there is the fade to black option), nudity (not always intended for sex appeal), abuse, slavery, torture;
  • Self conclusive or series? I still don’t know

Some polls:

Which one interests you?

  • I’m interested in the superheroes/cyberpunk
  • I’m interested in the fantasy mystery
  • I’m interested in the fantasy romance
  • I’m interested in all three
  • No one interests me
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For Superheroes/Cyberpunk

  • I like it as it is
  • I want to know more before I decide
  • I think it can be improved (please comment or pm)
  • The content warnings are too much
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For Fantasy Mystery

  • I like it as it is
  • I want to know more before I decide
  • I think it can be improved (please comment or pm)
  • The content warnings are too much
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For Fantasy Romance

  • I like it as it is
  • The content warnings are too much
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  • I like the game mechanics
  • The game mechanics could be better (please comment or pm)
  • I don’t like the game mechanics
  • I like the not romance relationship paths
  • I don’t like the the not romance relationship paths
  • I like the ROs
  • The ROs could be improved (please comment or pm)
  • I don’t like the ROs
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I guess over time, if the outbreak was allowed to continue past the early stages, the virus, parisite, or whatever would mutate more. The need to be a more effective hunter, like the ability to plan, camoflouge, catch, etc… most predators are pretty clever, which seems to be something “zombies” lack in most media I’ve seen.

Though, I would imagine it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that when a bunch start to die or decompose before they have the ability to propagate and spread whatever it is that makes them a zombie, they would adapt somehow.

So rather than being a “zombie” maybe you just play as some sort of sentient parisite that has evolved to use creatures or their corpses in order to hunt and propagate?

I can only say that for me an intelligent zombie would be that individual who still has certain parts of his brain that make him human (intelligence and consciousness) while the parts of his brain in charge of basic things (like rabid animals) have them. the MC like the hunger for raw meat or maybe and just maybe, empathy for other zombies.

The Demo for my game novel Life As Ruler:Nexus Island is now out.I failed to do it in a week or less as I promised.
I will appriciate the negative and postive feedback that comes from you guyz on the game.
I already have a story in play in my mind but I’m open to a few tweaks and suggetions.

Life As Ruler:Nexus Island.(WIP) Kingdom Simulator

you can find more :point_up_2:

There is this feature I want to put in the game.It’s already in my drafts ,wanted to know who else like that idea.

  • I would definitely like to be a dragonborn.Which happens to be the appex predator in Legends in the game.
  • Other animals ,ones that are not myths will do for me.
  • How about all of the above.
  • I have a suggestion of my own on pets.Give me one or two then.
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friends I have spent about 4 days thinking on this very hard but I finally have a very VERY rough outline on my project and I want to see if people are into it:

  • small contingency of mercenary warband paid to help rebels fight off government
  • terrain is mostly thick forests and jungles and the government outweight the rebels when it comes to equipment so guerilla warfare is the name of the game
  • one person I asked for advice on the matter recommened I read up on landsknecht and I liked them so much I based the company off them
  • youre all essentially shock infantry with heavy armor and big weapons sent in to fuck shit up
  • there is the greatsword regiment (you), halbedier regiment and arbalest regiment
  • each regiment is made up of 5 troops
  • each troop is made up of 6 people: the leader, the second-in-command (you, yes you will be able to take leadership position) and four soldiers
  • there are also two women you can romance: quartermaster with psionics and brown indigienous woman with hips that could birth adult men (latter was born from the need to matepress chel from road to el dorado)

there will be many questions one could ask:

  1. dividom wtf is up with the army structure and why are there so few men
  2. dividom give me more info on your homeland and the place youre fighting in
  3. dividom I thought this was a 16h to 17th century vibe era why the fuck are there people with psionics running around
  4. dividom what are the foot sizes of the ROs

all of these have already been fleshed out in my mind (except the last one) I just dont want to bloat up this post any more than I need to.

HOWEVER, there are two stinkers which I am pretty sure most people here will not like:

  1. This game will be gender-locked to male. I will try to make it so that you can flesh out your MC in deep detail but this is the one bit I cannot change.

  2. No gay romance. however this does NOT mean that you cant form bonds with the men in this series-far from it. the whole point of the project was that I noticed theres a lot of romance and lewd stuff when it came to CoG stories but not a lot of friendship related stuff. you can romance this hot war criminal, you can have that girlboss businesswoman sit on your face, but you cant really sit with the lads and get to know them/goof around with them. the original wip was a generic heroic fantasy setting where you and your crew were on a quest to kill a dragon, and you interacting with your crew wouldve been the main pull. its still there in this iteration, I just put some other elements into the background to spice it up.

I am still far from making it a reality. I still need to pace out the story and figure out the stats and get to terms with the whole coding side of things. but I DO want to make something of this project so I will do my best to push it along. any questions and criticisms would be very helpful.


Well, this sounds like the perfect straight male fantasy, ngl.


You definitly got me with this one


Just got a tumblr blog up and running for my WIP.:hugs:I heard it has it’s perks.Sweet.

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Hello. I’am so sorry. But now every think is good. And Q&a time!

Interest Check and let me know if anything is amiss as this is my first time posting though long time lurker! I have tons of notes/outlines in a variety of places so sorry if everything is well…everywhere.

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Story Idea:

You play as a witch/warlock who is on a one year pilgrimage in the human world. During your time in the human world, you must keep your identity a secret as humans aren’t as accepting of magical beings although they have been there since the beginning. Upon choosing a LI, you will be put in a position to reveal your secret which acts as a catalyst for the quiet conflict between the two factions to finally be brought to light.


  • You can select one of 4 magic affinities - fire/water/air/nature
  • There is a fifth magic affinity but is fairly rare - chaos (can create barriers/rifts/travel between worlds freely)
  • There will be personality stats that make a difference with the MCs reaction to certain things
  • All involved characters are 18 & older including the MC
  • Hidden pathways will be made available based on certain choices made within the books that will reveal new endings and shape the LIs future
  • Magic is a choice. Any being who has magic in their blood must make conscious choices to want to be a part of the magic world.

Main conflict: The divide between human & magical beings. When humans first learned of the existence of magic, they were excited and wanted to learn more about this new world. Through the help of the magical beings, humans began to see how powerful this other world can be but also how powerless they are in the face of it. This planted the seed of fear and hatred within them causing a shift within the bonds that been formed. Magical beings, not wanting to fight with the beings they grew to care for, created a rift between the worlds.

Definition of magical beings (won’t always be called this but just simplifying): Can be human but can also be animals. The human world isn’t the only world that is visited on a pilgrimage but is the one most attuned to the magical elements.

Romantic Interest:

  • 3 total
  • Can be male/female
  • Two are from the human world, one is from the magical world
  • I am planning on this story being 3 books so your LI will have to be chosen in the first book then locked in for the next 2 in order to create a solid pathway.
  • The 3 interests won’t always interact but their character choices impact the pathways chosen.
  • I wanted to create LIs that exist outside of the MC to showcase that the MCs involvement in their life created a change within them. Playing through each pathway, you will get to know the LIs and know how they impact your story.

In my WIP today I managed to fix some errors in Agricultural and Industrial activities, at least the ones I noticed.
You can now also view what resources your territories have through stats screen.

Another minor update.
As I played the game I realised how tough it is to start with few workers so I added some.To have them one would have to restart the game.
Now you can also get required help from the labourmaster if you provide with needed resources.
I feel like I should spoil my fellow forumers, like are there dragons in here.
Sure those won’t be missed.At least that is what I believe you can choose yours.:smile:


Interest Check I’ve been a lurker for some time now and this is my very first WIP, Demo is already in progress, just remembered to come do an interest check first.

Name: The Thousand Of Us

Genre: Superpowers/ Post - Apocalyptic/ Sci-fi

Progress: Might soon release the demo, just testing waters first.

Story Idea:

Your story begins at what everyone largely saw as the end of the world. There was a bright flash that illuminated the night sky so brightly, it was identical to day as thousands of missiles in a last ditch effort to save mankind collided with a ginormous asteroid entering our atmosphere.

You wake up two years later and find out that the crisis really was averted, but a new crisis of similar proportions was created. The asteroid was carrying a never before seen element, mixed with the radiation that bathed the earth. It created a chain of genetic mutations that wiped out nearly the entire population of the planet and put every other living being in hibernation for two years.

For starter’s all adults are dead, only a thousand people from 18 years of age and below around the globe survived, and the thousand of you that survived, wake up to discover that you each now have unique powers. Only problem is that your not the only ones the same phenomenon that gave you powers, also mutated every other living organism on the planet to varying degrees and they were also in hibernation for as long as you are, so they have about 2 years worth of hunger to satiate.

Would you focus on Survival and Rebuilding? or would you try to Unite or Conquer other groups of teenagers to form a more powerful force against the threats you face? Would you try to Find a Cure or Solution by could striving to find a way to reverse the mutations in animals and restore the planet to its former state. or would you struggle in Navigating Moral Choices? You could Uncover Hidden Powers or struggle to Establish a Safe Haven for you and your group.


  • You can select one of out of a long list of abilities, ranging from just flight to insane regenerative abilities to even earth shaking strength or even necromancy.

  • Struggle to stay alive as you not just have to watch out for mutated plants, animals and even crazy weather conditions, but also have to watch out for other humans who seek to conquer and lead the rest of the survivors with their terrifying abilities.
    *You get to choose your MC’s demeanour and how you react to situations. You can be cold and calculative or your could be shy and reserved

  • Most involved characters are up to 18 & older including the MC

  • Hidden pathways will be made available based on certain choices made within the book that will reveal new endings and shape the LIs future just try to explore this new world.

  • There might be some explicit scenes but if there are you’ll have the option to fade to black. Mild gore might be unavoidable and there would definitely (depending on your choices though) be death scenes.

Romantic Interest:

  • I’m gonna try make this relatable so no definite number yet but nearly every person you encounter, depending on your interaction and relationship with them can be romanced by your MC.

  • Can be male/female/non-binary.
    *I don’t know if this book would have sequels yet, but it’ll most definitely be long.

  • I would also try to create LIs that exist outside of the MC to showcase that the MCs involvement in their life created a change within them.

  • Polyamory possible.


I am not particularly a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, but when it is done well (The Walking Dead, Mad Max, etc.), it is worth watching or playing, and I would give this WIP a shot. (Sorry for any grammar mistakes.)
BTW, I’m sorry if it does sound stupid. I might have read it wrong, but you said there are only one thousand people left in the world. The world is a huge place how will we find other humans?

I agree, I think the proportion of survivors should be more in line for this scenario to be more credible, unless 1% of the World Population still leaves at least about 70 million survivors in different parts of the world.


Yeah that’s a good idea, and trust me i really did think about the possibility of how survivors would find each other with such a thin population, but i already solved that within the game, by giving every human left alive a passive ability i call beacon. They are constantly emitting unique bio signals which most other humans especially the ones with sensitivity related powers can trace. In this case if there are any survivors who have the power to and want to go on a power trip (which trust me there are quite the number of them) they would actively seek out other survivors and those who can’t seek them out efficiently enough would look for those who can.

Your MC is known as a late waker, someone who didn’t wake up immediately after the 2 years period, you took 5 months extra. and when you wake up you find that a bunch of other teenagers that are part of a larger group of people who managed to find each other in an active effort to unite and create a safe haven had found you and were keeping you safe till you woke up. the entire group you later come to find out is about 113 people, which is largely thanks to the teleporter and tracker duo in the group that tried to bring as many people as possible together in an effort to survive in this strange new world they woke up in.


ok I am convinced. Cant wait for the demo


Yes in Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island there are…

Fantasy Elements

First and foremost you are believed to be a dragonborn because you are a Stonebearer


  1. Dragons-
    Currently the Apex Predator.

  2. Intelligent Gorillas-

  3. Griffions-
    A flying lion no eagle head just a lion the whole body.

  4. Pegxus-
    A flying horse with some abilities.

  5. Unicorn-
    Was the Apex Predator.

  6. ?Uknown- Potential Threat.
    Vies to be the Apex Predator.

For more info visit the Library in the WIP.

These are the rarest minerals that are found amongst the most valuable resource in Nexus which is Sparkles.

5.White Pulsar-
The least rare mineral amongst pulsars.It cures sea water if used by experts.

4.Red Pulsar-
Revives Valhallas those who have only died in battle.Requires an infirmary.

3.Green Pulsar-
Replenish the the MC’s sense of time.

2.Blue Pulsar-
Forms a shield barrier in all of MC’s owned territories.If used by an expert of course.

1.Rainbolic Pulsar- The Alpha Pulsar.
Contains all the powers of the other pulsars.It also gives one the ability to look The Grim Reaper right in the eyes and say “Not today!”

Now to every one of these elements there is a Legend tied to it.
In this game novel legends are ancient lore that aren’t believed by most people.But the truth is as the saying goes “At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth”~Michael Scott

To learn more one would have to visit the library.

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