Interest Check Thread

This sounds very interesting! Does it have a title yet? Also, will the MC try to surpass their parent? Maybe it could be explored the feeling of living in the shadow of someone else, especially a famous family member!

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Thank you for your interest! Tentatively I’ve been calling it The Love School so far, but I took that from an old TV show about the Pre-Raphaelites, and I don’t want my inspiration to be too obvious :sweat_smile:

I like that idea a lot! Would you mind if I took it? I like the idea of exploring a lot of angles of what creativity is to people, the sort of meaning art has in their life, and I think imposter syndrome is a big thing with creators, especially measuring up against a family member. One of my planned stats is a confidence/insecurity meter and I was thinking of gauging how much the protagonist feels confident in their abilities.


No, I wouldn’t mind at all! I’m glad I could help, actually!