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No, I wouldn’t mind at all! I’m glad I could help, actually!


Hey y’all I’ve been lurking around for some time now, but I’ve never had confidence In my writing ( mostly cause I’m illiterate as fuck), and frankly never will so I just want to put my ideas out there for someone else to pick up.

I’ve been focusing on putting my ideas into this game called Blood and Glory, which ain’t nothing special but maybe someone who’s more creative and can actually write and spell correctly might be able to turn it into something worth publishing. Anyways here it is.

                    Blood and Glory

Born the 3rd son to an impoverished noble with only a manor and village to rule over you were never expected to make a mark on the world, though that only drove you to be stronger, fiercer, and more ambitious then the rest of your family for you understood fate has its favorites, and you knew you weren’t one of them. Strive to prove yourself in battle or show the world how clever you are through diplomacy, but remember you can never gain glory without spilling some blood.

Yep that’s that’s the gist of it, ain’t nothing special but I’m sure someone more talented could make it at least presentable.

If your interested message me and I’ll give my notes on the world building and everything.


Please send me a note about world building.

Hello, everyone! I basically have two new IF ideas and I wondered which one people would be more interested in reading.

[1] Gods & Monsters


Summary: All your life, you had the ability to see strange creatures. With time, you understand that these strange creatures are called ayakashi or yokai. They are spirits of nature. As you grow, most of your friends are spirits and not human. But, one day, when one of your closest spirit friends disappears for a month, you take it upon yourself to follow a friend’s advice and take part in a strange ritual to bring them back. It turns out you were tricked and betrayed, and that the ritual was actually supposed to strip you of your humanity and elevate you to godhood. You have to figure out how to live the life of a spirit even as you masquerade as a human.

  • Choose what type of spirit you become. There are six options: unicorn spirit, nine-tailed fox spirit, dragon spirit, phoenix spirit, peach blossom tree spirit, or moon rabbit spirit.
  • Develop your character from childhood to adulthood. Your choices influence their skills and personality.
  • Full character customization: ancestry, name, looks, independent gender and pronoun selection, and background are also available for the player to customize.
  • There are eight romantic options, six of which are gender selectable. You can romance one of them or you can forgo romance altogether and build friendships instead.
  • Choose your magical specialty. The options include: Alchemy, Elemental Magic, Space/Time Manipulation, Somatics (Magical Martial Arts), Dark Magic, or White Magic.

[2] Sun & Moon Recesses


Fae and humans are gathering together, sending their best and brightest young people to be their delegates in a summer-long summit. The goal of the summit is to promote peace and prosperity between faeries and humans. The time together is supposed to foster friendships, alliances, and marriages. But this year, things are different. Never had the world been this close to the razor’s edge of war. What happens at the summit could very well determine the fate of the world.

You are chosen to be one of the delegates.

Do you attempt to push for peace or do you push for war and destruction?

It is your story and it’s not yet written.

  • Choose your ancestry. There are four options: Seelie Fae, Unseelie Fae, Human (without magic), and Human (with magic).
  • Full character customization: ancestry, name, looks, independent gender and pronoun selection, personality, skills, and background are also available for the player to customize.
  • There are four romantic options, all of which are gender selectable. You can romance one of them or you can forgo romance altogether and build friendships instead.
  • Choose your magical specialty. The options include: Alchemy, Elemental Magic, Space/Time Manipulation, Somatics (Magical Martial Arts), Dark Magic, or White Magic.

Below, is a poll. Which game idea are you most interested in?

  • Gods & Monsters
  • Sun & Moon Recesses

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This will probably only appeal to a group of niche audience, but I wonder if anyone is interested in the good ol’ space exploration IF?

Basically, it is set in a not-so-distant future where humanity finally decides to set foot on Europa, the ice moon of Jupiter. You are the captain of the exploration force, and under your command there are a former sergeant, an astrobiologist, and a robot. The main objective is to determine if there is really life under the smooth icy surface of Europa, but throughout your journey there, you keep having a feeling that something is amiss.

A more spoilery introduction

Yes, there is indeed life on Europa. But after the initial giddiness of discovery, you find that all of your teammates are acting weird. The distrust between the sergeant and the astrobiologist seems irreparable, and violence ensues. In the mean time, there is a mysterious beam of signal coming from Io that decays over time, and upon receiving it, you find out that the robot is acting strangely too …

Companions & ROs

The Astrobiologist (Gender selectable)

At first glance they appear to be rather reserved and awkward, but when presented with their favourite topic, i.e. biology, it often takes a gag to stop their ramblings. To the chagrin of the other human companion, the astrobiologist is a strong proponent of the open contact policy when it comes to aliens.

The Sergeant (Gender selectable)

A former military personnel equipped with skills such as first aid and repair, the sergeant’s main objective is to protect the passenger’s safety. They are also rather suspicious of extraterrestrial life, for they believe that earth’s safety is of the paramount concern.

The Robot (Gender selectable)

The robot body is merely an extension, like a limb to a human being. Their actual ‘brain’ resides in the computing unit within your space-craft, made with billions of closely packed silicon chips. Although it is the first generation of AI that passed the Turing Test, whether they are in fact sapient or just really good at mimicking it is still a hot topic of debate.

And there is one surprise companion in the story, but they will come in past mid-game.

The surprise companion is, as you might have guessed, the alien life on Europa. But whether they are malvolent or kind is up to debate, after all, their thought-patter is completely different from that of a human.

Currently I have planned for about 3 main endings, besides the general structure of the scenes. But there are a few rather important gamey details not finalised. One of such is the possible skillset of MC. Originally I hope to go for the something akin to tabletop game system, but I realise that maybe it doesn’t really apply here. For example, strength is rather unnecessary when you have the help of a robot (and the enhancements in your suit). But then willpower, intelligence and charisma seem to play greater roles, for you need them to solve problems, to remain calm in stressful situations, and to diffuse tension among teammates. This could potentially lead to an imbalance of physical and mental stats. Or maybe go with something akin to specific skills, like repair and medical care? But the list provided might not be exhaustive, and there are probably some niche skills where you use once and never again.

If you are interested, let me know what you think. Much appreciated!


I’m interested. I also somehow read that the astrobiologist is the robot :woman_facepalming:

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Sign me up for Gods & Monsters looks interesting

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I have been lurking here for a long time, and I finally decided to make an account and post my idea. Here is an idea for a game that I have. The story is still an early concept. I’m still developing it.

Genre: A superhero game. Kinda.

Wait! A superhero game!! Again! Uh, get out of here.

Just shut up and keep reading!

Mine is a little different. Ever wondered why the hell all those powerful people would kiss the feet of humans and save them while they can control the world and rule over humans?

Well, in my world, they did just that and made the humans their slaves. They formed their own empires and nations.

You are a Class B powered, sent to the city of Ilasa where a large renaissance is forming of Class C and D and normal humans. Rumors are that rebels are led by a unknown class A, and their goal is to be free from the empire.

The story is set in one of the nations. Here is the hierarchy of the empire.

Class A: The ruling elite and the most powerful among the powered people. Your empire is run by six class A who all plot against each other.

Class B: The second most powerful among the powered. You are one of them. Class B are the governors of cities and military leaders. They answer directly to class A.

Class C: They engage in helping class B run the cities, and they also make up most of the armies.

Class D: The lowest and weakest of the powered. Most of them work normal jobs among humans.

Class Humans: The empire servants.

Will you bring the rebels down and bring stability to the empire or will you go against your overlords and take up the rebels’ cause as your own?

There will be four RO, and their romance will depend on your gender.

  • Love the idea! Write it now!
  • Not my thing.

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@Ola_Naden – The system was giving me an error, so I had to use a work-around to get your post through.


My cousin and I are writing a space opera/science fiction game that will revolve around being the captain of a small ship with a few crew-members and going on various space missions to different parts of the galaxy. There are various alien races to meet and planets to explore. You will also get to know your crew members and explore the secrets of your ship. My previous game demo was a very linear, straightforward military mission. I want this one to be much more open and allow numerous paths for the player to follow. I am taking some inspiration from Mass Effect, Star Wars KOTOR, Firefly, Rogue Tyger, and other areas. Let me know what you think of this idea. I may be able to post a demo in the next week or so. Thanks!


Reminds me of Fire Punch, interesting concept. Would it be set in modern day times or earlier/later?

repost cause I might’ve accidentally formatted it wrong…
p.s | I spent so long formatting this istg, how come yall never told me how hard it is

Hey all!
I’ve been stalking the forums of many talented writers and have loved every second of it. In short, they’ve both motivated and intimidated me into wanting to create my own. The only problem is — I’ve got no idea if ‘my own’ is something people will enjoy…

hence…this :no_mouth: …so, enjoy


A series of ‘one-shots’ set in the same world. I plan to write four (‘plan’ is a very strong word)

All four stories will base around the city of “Noyllopa”, a cesspool of corruption, murder and lies. Each character will face unique trials and tribulations, both mentally and physically throughout (trigger warnings will be a must, as some of the themes that will be mentioned are dark).

These stories will include romance, heavily. Romance is integral to the plot and each book has one chosen love interest > apologies to those who dislike romance, I assure you, this is purely for selfish reasons :point_right::point_left::kissing:

(All RO’s will be gender-selectable)


Four stories. Four branches. Four romances. Four tragedies.

In ‘Conflict of Interest’ you are able to travel down four unique routes that take different turns depending on the choices you make.

Will you:
Pierce the heart of the Killer?
Show all your cards to the Gambler?
Take a peek behind the curtain of the Detective?
Immerse yourself in the story of the Librarian?

The city of Noyllopa is large, and the dangers that lurk within, even larger.

While the depravity and debauchery of the lower-middle class are displayed brazenly, the scandals of the upper class are now being exposed to the scrutiny of the public. Even the most elite, influential predators at the top of the food chain are being knocked from their thrones, and no amount of money, or power can sway the media to hide it.

The highest echelons of power are amongst fear and unrest. The Circle has been growing restless. The Government is drowning in corruption. Murder is commonplace…

Delve into the depths of greed, blood and lust.
Tell me of what you find…

BOOK 1 .ೃ࿐

You are an aspiring Detective, but right now you wear the uniform of a police recruit, fresh out of the academy without even a penny to your name. Your days have been spent as the resident gofer, doormat and overall company complaint box to your superiors and truthfully that is how you thought you’d spend the rest of your recruit-days. That is, until you get kidnapped.

A contract killer employed by The Circle themselves. They’re uncontrollable, manipulative and just on the bad side of crazy that interacting with them feels like walking around eggshells. Those who cross their boundaries are seldom seen again, collateral damage the Circle is happy to ignore knowing their favourite loose cannon is in a well enough mood. It’s best not to get too close, you never know the skeletons you’ll find in their closet.

BOOK 2 .ೃ࿐

Your father handed the job of being ‘Chief of Police’ to you one night on a silver platter, decorated with his infamous scowl and penchant of forcing people to do his bidding. You couldn’t refuse, you never have. After his murder, you stride over the backs of people who could lead better than you, and while they stare daggers into your back you drink the gazes away. Until one such gaze takes over your own. Like a fly in a web you’re captured.

They were born in the deepest depths of the slums, drowning in piss, cigarette butts and alcohol. That was then. Now, They take the throne above the rich and famous, licking money from silver spoons and drinking indulgence from crystal decanters. They own ““Ophelia”” the most exclusive, luxurious and downright scandalous casino in all of Noyllopa. When you make it there, you make it anywhere. It’s not a surprise to know the owner takes after their casino — mysterious, secretive, every women’s wet dream and man’s desire. No one truly knows the way they think, and with that mask over their face, you’d hazard a guess no one knows what’s beneath.

BOOK 3 .ೃ࿐

Life doesn’t always conform to your wishes, and you know that. You know that too well. But your parents don’t, and they’ve been wanting you to become a surgeon since they planned your birth. The pressure is getting to you, threatening to pull you under without the hope of getting away. So you do what every other college student does in the city of Noyllopa. You turn to the new drug on the street, and now, life doesn’t seem all that bad.

Hired for their uncanny ability to catch those who don’t want to be caught, the Detective is feared for all the right reasons. They’re widely known by the underworld as someone to look out for, someone to avoid eye contact with and hope they hadn’t noticed you walking past. A heart of stone and an expression to match, they’re stoic, sexy, and barely give anyone a spare second of their time. They’ve incarcerated many and are on the tails of many more, but to you, they’re just one of many customers. Consider it a blessing.

BOOK 4 .ೃ࿐

The circle pays you to clean up their crimes. Homes, alleyways, warehouses…and most importantly, people. You can say that the act is meditative, serene, if not peaceful. You wish it’d stayed that way. There’s a new serial killer in town and they’re not affiliated with your organisation. The Circle, for whatever reason don’t want them dead, so you’re tasked with cleaning up their mess. It’s irritating, frustrating, beneath you - but as you find trinkets at each scene, you become curious. And curiousity always kills the cat.

Kind, sweet, gentle. Big round glasses, innocent eyes, a laugh as magical as time. Where’ve they been hiding all your life? They like a good book, and tend to live in the land of dreams and imagination. But their quick thinking, and sharp-as-a-knife wit makes you think twice on how innocent they really are. Sometimes you find their gaze to be a little harsh at the corners, their smile a little too big, and their voice? You’ve heard it somewhere…


Random thoughts I have concerning this idea

• I wanted to write all these stories into one full book, but I realise that writing four stories will take a lot of time. I also don’t know if choicescript can handle multiple, full books in one. So I’ve resigned to having all the books separate (jks, resigned is not the word I’d use, more like “I want to do it so I’ll wait till I’m more experienced in choicescript to”)
• This is going to be a huge project for my first book, which makes me doubt myself, but one step at a time :ok_hand: I’m going to be here for a while
• You’re probably asking “why write down all synopsis’ for us?” — well I wanted to be transparent to those who are voting (see poll below hehe), so everyone knows what I want for the future of the series and can make a better decision on what they want to read.
• A goal of mine for this particular series is to focus massively on the characters and the romance.

A superhero book (yeah, I know) where you, the Villain, have been forced into the world of ‘heroes’

Don’t hate me, but I have no idea what I’m going to name these cities (I promise you, my ideas get less-fleshed out as I go). Anyway, your character will be tested to their limits throughout the story, where people who don’t know you, hate your guts solely on what you’ve become. You’re a villain to the populace, but who will you be when no one is looking?

This story is going to be lighter than my previous idea, with a more linear story (syke, I just know future me is going to ruin my sleep with a number of endings). It’s setting is futuristic, where your character will actually visit different planets and see the different ways of life being lived. You’ll solve dilemmas as a team and by yourself, grow your powers, romance different characters (I know…I’m a romantic okay), and fulfill your destiny…maybe

(Also fair warning, my naming-skills suck, I will offer no compensation for any repercussions)


They call you a villain. A harbinger. A monster

Society has molded you into a role that has given you your freedom, your liberation of confornment, your very life. But, as you’re forced to escape your planet, your home, things are starting to change.

In desperation you make a deal with an entity, giving you powers you’d never even dreamed of that comes with a hefty price. A price currently unknown to you. And as you drift into the clutches of an organisation of the New World, you find yourself juggling the fundamentals of morals, new friendships and the fate of the universe all at once.

Will you bow underneath the expectations laden upon you, or will you grow claws and fight back?

PLOT .ೃ࿐

You’re a villain where superheros and abilities exist, and honestly, you’ve been living pretty well off. Money comes easy to you as much as capitalism gives to the rich, aside from a certain superhero trying their hardest to put a pin in your plans, everything in life is a walk in the park. That is, until the night of the celebration to the Villain Embassy — where your father sits at the highest seat.

You are forced to run, making a quick getaway from your planet and unknowingly (or knowingly) bringing a stowaway on the impromptu adventure.

Deep space is a hole where insanity thrives and loneliness is something that’ll eat you whole. That is where you’re confronted by an entity with a deal slipping from their lips like honey.

Along with newfound powers, you are thrust into the New World, where trouble is daily life and an organisation of Heroes is what keeps the forces of evil from their front door. You are forced to become the thing you’ve hated and despised your whole life, but will that awaken something hidden deep behind the hurt you’ve built into a wall, or will it finally be the catalyst to what’s been building in your heart for years.


All RO’s are gender-selectable, and can be romanced by any gender ofc ofc

(M) Idris | (F) Ismene

A justice-driven, borderline narcissistic hero on a high, very high horse. They find themselves to be the best of the best (or so they think) and strive to put a pin in every plan you hatch. Although chronically brainwashed into thinking they’re doing the lords service, they weren’t always like this. At one point you could’ve called each there, well, close.

(You will have the option to be — ex-frenemies or ex-friends or ex-lovers :smiling_imp: 'cause angst…why else?)

(M) Rowan | (F) Rue

Who would’ve thought the government superhero program you got forced into was going to have a spineless compensating asshole with authority issues and a penchant of losing his cool (not me). Although they fancy themself to be the top dog in the program, you can see by the friends they keep that the call for common sense is coming from inside the house. No one likes them, for good reason mind you, and well, now they’ve set their mind on you being the new punching bag. Fun

(M) Kaede | (F) Kasia

A total drab of a persin if you’ve ever met any. The Dr. finds conversing with anyone who doesn’t have a PHD and a stick up their ass tiring, if not a total waste of time. Their mind compensates for the lack of social clarity, but sometimes you think it also compensates for the lack of human decency. Although you’re not really one to talk. They think your specific situation is groundbreaking. Honestly speaking, if they had just one less braincell you’re pretty sure they would’ve kidnapped you by now.

(M) Ambrose | (F) Astraea

Ah the one who’s in charge of you and your new team. Perfect. It’s like you’re two years old all over again and your father has left you with a babysitter. Although, you gotta admit this one has way more morals than the criminal-teens you were stuck with. They’re nice…you guess…a little quiet…a little awkward. If not for the good looks you’d mistake them to be the front-of-the-class-nerd, but there’s something off, about their mannerisms. The way their chin is tilted a little higher than those around them. The curious glances whenever money slides across the table. It’s all a little suspicious. But you’ve got other things to worry about…

Khaos (I think I want them to be name-able)

The voice inside your head…er well the other voice inside your head. It’s not yet known whether they’re there to keep you alive or to straight up make sure you walk the path of doom, because, you know, no one that’s a shadowy figure with dark pits for eyes can be an omen of good. They have jokes though, and they’re there with you through just about everything, so you’re eventually going to get close. You just wonder that if you do, one of you is going to get broken


Yes! Poly routes! I’ve always wanted to write a poly relationship and now…well idk what to do with myself

The Rival & The Leader
The Leader views the Rival as a steady rock against the chaos of their life, a sentiment that is shared by the Rival. When they’re together, everything is right, everything fits, like a puzzle with a thousand pieces.

The Doctor & The Entity
They both have a mutual fascination with each other. The Entity finds the Doctor to be interesting, as the Doctor was the first to discover the Entity hiding inside your mind. The Doctor wants to know more about the Entity from a scientific point of view (at first…hehehdhdbfirhfi :smiling_imp:)

The Bully & The Rival (???)*
The Rival is a calm presence in the face of the Bully, and tends to treat them as you would a flame. Watch from afar, protect from the winds and the environment, and let it captivate your mind when everything else goes silent.

The Bully & The Entity (???)*
The Entity finds the Bully’s antics to be amusing, and tends to rile the other up when they can. They like to watch the Bully squirm, all shifting bits and pieces, awkward fiddling and stuttering words.

(???)* Only because I can totally see it, but I feel like extra routes could make the book convoluted, and it’ll be a lot of work. I may start out with 2 and add more depending on reader-shippings.

Note: I didn’t write about how you, as a character will fit into the romances because I want you to be able to create your own role. One that all of them will love no matter what.


Random thoughts I have concerning this idea

• A problem that I’ll no-doubt run into, is that I plan to have many sub-plots, dilemmas and problems for you to solve throughout the book. So juggling all of them (as well as pacing & keeping you entertained) may be difficult for me. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. One step at a time!
• Poly romances: never in my life have I written a poly romance, so being the first time at writing one and wanting to bring the right kind of representation into my writing will also be difficult. I’m confident that I’ll have help when I need it :relieved:
• I want you to be able to change your moral standing throughout the book, but for you to be able to realise that being ‘good’ and being ‘bad’ is all up to the ‘eyes of the beholder’. That’s the kind of lesson I would like to hide in there…somehow. So no matter if you think a decision is ‘right’, there will always be consequences and people who dislike your choice — and at the end of the day, that’s okay!
• I really want to focus on character relationships, especially the relationships with your team. But I also want your character to be able to remain ‘stoic’ or ‘detached’ if you will it, something that won’t change how the npcs view you, but may change their reactions to important plot points in future events.
• Piggybacking off the previous point, this book is one that I plan to introduce friendships, or should I say ‘non-relationships relationships?’, whatever you may call it, so if you’re not into romance, don’t worry, in this one I’m hoping to really emphasise friendships. I’ve been thinking I also want to drabble in asexual and aromantic relationships, and this book may give me the opportunity to.

All in all, thank you for reading up to this point. I know, it was so so so very much to read. I had to write it :skull:

But I hope you like the ideas I’ve got, and if not, that’s okay! Everyone has their own interests and such.

If you ARE interested in reading either of these books however, please do vote on which one youd rather read! I would very much appreciate it, thank you :pray: I’m a very indecisive person

p.s | I did have another idea to add, but there was so much! I’ll save it for when I get one of these off the ground~ have a nice day everyone! (everyone pray i send this right the second time round)

Idk how to work this, but choose your poison
  • I’m interested in “Conflict of Interest”
  • I’m interested in “Falling Stars”

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Question about the first idea.

When you say four stories, does each story have a different MC? And if so, are they all custom or are they preset?


@Leinco All of the MC’s will be customisable, so if the mc is different or the same is entirely up to you

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Hi everyone, I’m Simon and I’ve just joined the forum.

I started off with Hosted Games by reading The Great Tournament, and I’ve now gone through the rest of the excellent Magincia series. Medieval/historical stories are my main interest, though I’ve tried a few others - most recently the first part of The Fernweh Saga.

Some of my own ideas:

  • Sword of Navarra - you’re the son of a minor Navarrese nobleman in 11th century Iberia. The Reconquista forms a backdrop to the story, but navigating local feuds and the risk of civil war are more immediate challenges. Some inspiration drawn from the figure of El Cid, but set a few decades earlier.
  • To The Strongest - based on the Successors of Alexander the Great, starting directly after his death in 323. I’m not set on the format just yet. My initial thought was a series of four games, each focused on one Successor (Perdiccas, Cassander, Cynane, Seleucus). That would allow each game to be more detailed and varied, and I wouldn’t have to write four stories before releasing anything. The other option would be having them as character options for a single game, but with a shorter storyline for each.
  • Cursed Soldiers - resistance fighters in Poland continue to battle against the Soviets after the end of the Second World War. Male or female main character, might allow for a wartime prequel.
  • Convoy - it’s 1940 and you’re a newly commissioned Royal Navy officer. The Battle of the Atlantic is beginning in earnest after the fall of Norway and France, and you must safeguard Britain’s lifelines against the U-boat threat. Start on a trawler or corvette, progressing up the ranks to command a destroyer, an escort carrier, or a U-boat hunting group.

So I was discussing with my friend and another idea popped up. I thought this idea also has potential, but I won’t have time to work on both, so if you have time, please help me decide which one I should work on as my first WIP.

The previous idea: Europa Exploration WIP

This one, unlike the previous idea, is less serious and probably has an even split of narrative and romance (the Europa Exploration IF will focus more on narrative and all the hard sci-fi stuff).


The first case of a super-powered human emerged in the least reputable district in Nova City - about thirty years ago. Predictably the place turned into a lawless hellhole after so many god-like beings running around wrecking heavoc, and so it was cordoned off shortly after your birth. Not that you care. After all, you are just an absolutely ordinary human being that prefers not to inolve yourself in those violent conflicts between self-proclaimed heroes and villains. You thought being an unassuming emplyee of the largest security company in the city center pretty much guaranteed a life secure from super-humans, but after a surprise visit from the most notorious villain, who claimed that you are someone that their greatest rival cares about, you realise that how wrong you were.

First, you know no one in your life could have been that hero (or is it?). Second, and by which you mean the most important point, your rented apartment is destroyed in the process. Just how are you going to pay for the damage? Then to your absolute horror, the hero actually shows up and confirms the villains words, and you know in an instant that kidnappings and destruction your personal belongings will become a weekly occurence.

Maybe you should just find out who the hero really is and get them to stop the villain once and for all; maybe you should join the other side - after all, the hero’s words are what get you into this mess. Or, maybe you decide that giving some humans greater power over the rest is really a bad idea, and seek to revert the change.


The details are not finalised yet, but basically, there will be at least two: the hero and the villain. There might be a third (your investigative partner), and all three are gender-selectable.

Basically it is about a really normal human’s life in a world filled with super-heroes. The MC might start somewhat defined (i.e. preferring a normal life), but you get to change that later in the game.

  • Europa Exploration IF
  • Superpower IF

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Yes, please.




I LOVE the second idea! I think it’s a great twist on the genre. And I’m a sucker for a bit of romance…


So I have um’d and ah’d about doing a WW2 French Resistance game for years now, possibly with a female only character. I am curious with female readers if the idea of a male writer for such a project would bother you or not. :thinking: