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Hey everyone,

I’ve always enjoyed Interactive Fiction and Choice of Games titles especially. I currently make a living writing contracted web novels and decided to put myself to the test by writing a ChoiceScript story. So, without further suspense, here’s what I’m currently working on.

Title: Heart of a Dungeon


Dungeons. They are mysterious things. Nobody knows how they come to be, but everyone knows they come hand in hand with danger and reward. Dungeoneers from all across the land flock to them, seeking wealth and fame. Some will lose their lives. Some will give up. And a few who conquer them will be remembered as heroes…

That is just one side of the story. As a Dungeon Core, you have your own hopes and dreams. Will you be a vengeful Dungeon bent on killing all who enter you? Or perhaps, you’ll help and guide a new generation of heroes to legendary weapons hidden in your depths? Or, maybe, you dream of leaving your body behind and walking under the stars someday. Whatever your goal is, how you make it come true is entirely up to you…


  • Become your own vision of a dungeon. Maybe you’ll guide people to become stronger. Maybe you’ll try to kill everyone who enters? Or, perhaps, you’ll become something resembling a theme park or resort?

  • Multiple starting types, from a Lighthouse to a Crypt, that will affect the early-game monster spawners available to you.

  • Your relationships with the locals, Dungeoneers Guild, Office of Dungeon Affairs, Other Dungeons, and the Kingdom will affect you in a number of ways.

  • Nine different Dungeon Core colors to earn based on your choices.

  • Take a hands-off approach or micromanage your Boss Monsters and their behaviors.

  • Choose a name or set your own, as well as gender choices male, female, or set your own with the pronouns you prefer.

  • A number of potential romantic interests that are not gender locked. However, the way you choose to act and are perceived to be will determine if they find you romantically acceptable.

  • Be an Angelic Dungeon that guides people to become heroes or a Demonic Dungeon that’s only out for yourself and your own interests. (Or anything between them!)

  • Multiple Endings

  • And lots more…


This sounds great & so interesting! I look foward to play it someday!


It’s interesting! Though I’m just a little confused. Are we THE dungeon, or are we some sort of keeper/creater? Lines like the one below makes it sound like we’re playing the personification of the dungeon (aka we’re an actual dungeon, just sentient)

Whereas this line makes it seem like we’re an actual person, with a body

Either way, it sounds like fun!


This sounds great I like the uniqueness that we are the dungeon.


Thank you! I’m hoping to have the first chapter up for a trial before Monday.


Finally, a little fantasy that is not set in a European medieval environment


Thank you very much!

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Sounds interesting but i got a question, by us being the core you mean we are like some type of rock, something like the final boss or can we transform into something human like?


The Dungeon Core is a sphere. It’s basically your heart, while the zones are your body. You’ll have to expand to get bigger to get more zones. It starts off green and changes color in relation to your stats. It’ll cost you mana to give orders to your boss monsters if you want to be more direct. Or, say there’re young dungeoneers exploring you, and a stronger group wants to kill and rob them. You may get the option to grow a temporary wall between the two groups, saving the young dungeoneers in the process. Or you could grow the wall in a way that would trap them, thereby helping the robbers etc. Also, there will be later options to “gain” a more humanoid body depending on how things play out.


You got me hooked with this one first time seeing an IF with an mc like this


Thank you for your interest. I’m glad to see my story concepts being well received here. Progress is going quickly and smoothly on this game. If it gains enough interest and does well, I’ll certainly do more IFs in the future. I’m expecting to be done with the first chapter in the next few days. With some luck, I’m hoping to finish the game by the end of February or end of March at the latest.


Okay, so I have a few ideas rocketing around in this old brain of mine. But I’m curious what the reception would be to this specifically! It’s just a rough concept right now (so rough I don’t even have characters down yet) but…

How about a story in the vein of Golden and Wayhaven, except the MC is a member of the supernatural team? I’m thinking the player would be able to pick species (maybe), a backstory, their relationship to other members of the team, as well as to whoever the mission is centered around.

I have my own worries about this, of course, but that’s what this is for, right? :sweat_smile:


I would like to read something like this, although I admit I’ve about had my share of supernatural stories (you can, in fact, get enough of vampires and werewolves). It sounds interesting to switch up the roles however, and for this reason it stands out from the others and becomes its own thing. (I would also like a supernatural team story where mc isn’t downright helpless or oblivious to everything)


That sounds pretty cool and it would be an amazing switch of roles not being that one confused person who don’t know what to do and gets dragged by the scurf into the problems not knowing what to do :joy:

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Hm, so, would there be an unwitting human you work with that’s an NPC, analogous to the MC in those other games?

I can have this kinda deconstruction(?) Idea as well. Can’t actually ever be realized because i don’t have a laptop to write on CSide lol.

Tbh… A whole lot of new ideas for IFs opened up if we switch the perspectives to another.

Hi there! I’ve been playing IFs for a few years now on and off, lurking on this forum occasionally, and I finally decided to take the plunge and start working on my own game. I’ve been brainstorming for it for the past few weeks, roughly based around Victorian artists and the artists associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

The setting is a steampunk/gaslamp-fantasy-esque island, which was conquered around 10 years ago by an empire of mages. You play as the child of a deceased, famous painter trying to make their way through the art world. My plan is for there to be some time management elements, and some minor school elements; your MC is in their final year of art school, but it’s at a time when grades don’t matter much. You’ll be able to meet and take on apprentices, go out into the countryside for inspiration, get involved in politics and propaganda, party hard, etcetera, over the course of a whole year.

I have a somewhat nicer, if kind of bare-bones summary below:


Recently conquered by an empire of mages, the steampunk island of Ensea might be in a more precarious political position than ever, but its bustling art scene continues on. Under the shadow of conquest, creativity is pouring like wine out of brushes and pens and onto canvas and paper. And you and your group of friends are out to make your mark in the world, shunning conventionality and embracing your artistic instincts, no matter what the Academy of Arts says you should do. Your graduation is coming up, after all, and it’s about time you make your own way in the art world.

But things are not as they seem in Ensea. The magic your conquerors brought from the empire may seem beautiful and intriguing, but they never did account for the price such magic takes a toll. And mumblings of a brewing rebellion against the new viceroy are growing into an uproar…

With so much inspiration, where will it take you?

RO’s: Right now I have five planned ones, and I think that’s where I’m going to top off because the idea of adding anymore at the moment stresses me out. There are two gender-selectable options, one female, one male, and one non-binary. My plan is to have the option to play each path as sexual, romantic but not sexual, or purely platonic. No romance will be gender-locked. I believe in bi/pansexuality for everyone! Some of the characters are very loosely based on IRL people.

  • Isidore / Isolde Leone “Leo” Derosier (gender selectable - he/they or she/they) - One of your friends, roommates, and fellow student. Leo is an art prodigy, and probably the most skilled student at the Academy, backed up with an overabundance of charm and quite the brilliant creative mind. Unfortunately, they also seem much more willing to coast by on their natural (albeit abundant) talent than put the work in, something that frustrates Charlie to no end. But they are also the child of a radical academic from the mainland, and they’re more interested in politics than at first blush.
  • Charles Elliott / Charlotte Ellen “Charlie” Heath (gender selectable - he/him or she/her) - Your other friend, roommate, and colleague. Charlie comes from a poor family of dockworkers, and only managed to get into the Academy by proving their sheer, hard-won technical skill. Sharp and practical, Charlie has a subtle and teasing sense of humour under their cold and practical mask, but they are much more willing to compromise their artistic ideals if it means being able to survive. Still, though, they’re much sweeter than they seem at first, if a little stubborn and determined to be self-sufficient.
  • Lemaire, the Illustrious (genderfluid, they/them) - The second, lesser-known child of the new viceroy, a debonair, dashing noble from the mainland. Also Leo’s ex. You can’t tell if their reason for wanting to be your patron is simply to piss Leo off or not. Still, they’re rich, gorgeous, and have something to prove, and a deep love of art that’s completely genuine, even if they’re a little lost and directionless. They go by their mother’s surname almost exclusively.
  • William Jasper Lyndon (he/him) - Sweet and sensitive, Will is a poet and playwright, and an old acquaintance of Charlie’s. When he hires you as the illustrator for his next book, he insists on collaborating with you very closely, maybe for a sense of control he feels like he’s losing over his life. His poetry is also quite interesting too… get closer to him and you may find that he’s starting to write about you…
  • Evangeline Pierce, nee Cole (she/her) - Trapped in an unhappy marriage with a much older man, Evangeline feels more like a doll than a human in her current life, forced to hide away her interests and hobbies as the trophy wife of one of Ensea’s leading critics. You meet her when her husband hires you to paint her portrait, and find that under her icy mask she’s quite spirited and determined. You can either just do your job and collect a hefty bonus and a boost to your reputation… or you can encourage her to break free.

Heart of a Dungeon now has its own thread with the link to the demo.


This sounds very interesting! Does it have a title yet? Also, will the MC try to surpass their parent? Maybe it could be explored the feeling of living in the shadow of someone else, especially a famous family member!


Thank you for your interest! Tentatively I’ve been calling it The Love School so far, but I took that from an old TV show about the Pre-Raphaelites, and I don’t want my inspiration to be too obvious :sweat_smile:

I like that idea a lot! Would you mind if I took it? I like the idea of exploring a lot of angles of what creativity is to people, the sort of meaning art has in their life, and I think imposter syndrome is a big thing with creators, especially measuring up against a family member. One of my planned stats is a confidence/insecurity meter and I was thinking of gauging how much the protagonist feels confident in their abilities.