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Thank you for the feedback! I believe you are right. I apologize, I didn’t mean to imply anything about one gender being a better fit than another for this story. I have a diverse cast but I suppose customizing a name and pronouns may be easy enough and give the player more control.

I also have planned a surface level romance with one character but I think it could work both ways as the player has the option to just reject her if they aren’t into it. As I learn more I can always adjust my plans but for now the goal is to keep writing 1500 words a day.


what amazing ideas, I love them all :smiley:

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Anyone interested in the idea of a Boxing game?


I’d normally not do this, but I’ve been bouncing back and forth between these two ideas for months now. I have two WIP’s that I like equally, I’d like to pick one to commit to writing, so I decided to make a poll and gauge which people would be more interested in. Thanks in advance! And if you have any thoughts on either let me know.

Fallen Gods (Series)


You’re a deity who’s been stripped of power and cast into the mortal realm in a human body. Those responsible for your plight are an organization calling themselves the Pantheon. They aim to usurp the Heavens and conquer the mortal world as well. To stop them and reclaim your powers you’ll have to travel the world and gather allies from the warring factions of Aedria.

On the way you’ll gain powers piece by piece, either reclaiming your old power or taking on a new kind and build a new following. Maybe you’ll rise to glory as a Deity of Light, or defeat your enemies as a Deity of War.


You play as a deity who’s lost your powers, now a human. The story is something of a cross between an epic fantasy and a slice-of-life/fish-out-of-water story. The latter will mostly be made up of smaller scenes mixed into the main adventure, but there’ll also be times where the characters will be undercover in towns or cities.


Domains refer to a deity’s power and sphere of influence (War, nature, etc). While you start with a specific domain, after losing your powers you’ll have a chance to pick a new domain if you want (or take back your old one) and reinvent your character around it. There may also be subdomains.


You’ll be joined by another three former deities who’re in the same position as you. But other non-divine characters will come and go throughout the series.


You can pick between three different backstories for your character that will affect flavor text and give you some unique dialogue choices on account of your character knowing some information from said backstory that they can use. It will also give you unique relationships with certain characters.

The Forebearer’s Crusade (Trilogy)


For centuries the world’s been protected by the mighty Bohemond, but now his time’s coming to an end, and a vision tells him that you’re the one who’ll succeed him. As your Heaven-given powers start to manifest, undead begin to stir across the land at the behest of the Necromancer Mahomet. Forcing you to face your first threat on the road to becoming a Paladin.


This one’s a traditional fantasy story in an IF form. The character conflict mainly revolving around the pressure that comes with the responsibility of being a prophesied hero and the impact your decisions have, both in the immediate and throughout history.


As a Paladin you have a divine patron who grants you powers to help you on your quest. These powers vary depending on which patron you choose. Your chosen faith will also give you different choices relating to it.

The powers you gain will be derived from a heavenly creature. Such as an angel. You can either fully embrace this side of your powers and become one yourself or remain who you were beforehand.


One of the main relationships in the game is Bohemond, who’ll be your mentor and help you start down the path of being a Paladin. Otherwise, as you might expect, you’ll be joined by other heroes from various walks of life. Joining you on your path.

Which idea interests you more?

  • Fallen Gods
  • The Forebearer’s Crusade

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i love the concept for Fallen Gods there are not a lot of god IF on here


They both sound good. But I’m also a sucker for god games. There are so few that make it beyond wips. Will there be any darker domains like madness, blood, or pestilence?


Thank you!

Thanks! I haven’t decided on all the domains yet; I want to wait until I have a demo so I can get feedback and see what people want. That said there probably won’t be anything too dark or villainous in the mix for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I just tend to like writing heroes more than villains and I don’t think it’d turn out too well if I wrote evil paths out of obligation.

Doesn’t mean all the domains are sunshine and rainbows either. “War” for instance is obviously a pretty serious thing. I might also include a domain like “death.”

And secondly, the story world Fallen Gods is set in is one I use for a lot of my fantasy projects, like the other idea is also set in the same world. So, while the player can do plenty of important things I don’t want to render an entire area unplayable in the future because I gave them the option to become a god of destruction and blow the whole thing up. Sorry if that’s disappointing! But I think it’ll turn out a better project long-term.


Well, war encompasses various mythological divine nefoque fields such as Ares and Athena who were gods of war but the first was rather for the soldier who fought in battle and the second was for the generals.

In any case, I will wait for your demonstration so that we can leave you comments in this community that may be useful to you. Good luck in some of these projects :slightly_smiling_face:


The old Death Wish movies come to mind.
Mind you the mc would need some sort of resources and spare time and the protagonist of Death wish is a wealthy architect.

That it could work and would be rather unique on this site.

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Do all the dashingdon WIPs have a dedicated forum WIP?
I was reading a WIP For the Empire and could not find a forum related to it. Can anyone help…:pray::pray:

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Hello and welcome to the forum! Not all WIPs have threads, but that particular one does - you’ll want to join the Adult Readers group to access it.


Thanks a lot, I’m new so I don’t know where,what and how things are. Once again, than you very much


Sorry for the inactivity. Would you like me to share a few specific scenes from the game?



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Howdy everyone, for this last two/three months I’ve been working on a little project of mine. The prologue is still on the way (~48k words w/code, maybe ~14k + per playthrough), still a lot to be done. But I thought, why not check what people think? Maybe if interest is enough, make a private demo, who knows?

Genre: Fantasy (in a non-medieval setting, think alternative 16th century more or less), Slice-of-Life (kinda?), Action (You will work for a secret organization and do missions.)

So far what I have: The prologue only covers the MC as a child, when you find yourself recently orphaned. So still not a lot of action.

More details


Foul language is used, and violence and death are mentioned (it’s generally a lighthearted story though).

I have never written anything before and English is not my native tongue, so some awkward writing and grammar errors are to be expected.


One sunny day in your youth, your whole life drastically changed.

Alone in the world your future was uncertain, the choices you had limited and none you were too keen on. But alas such was your fate. Just like joining the Umbrae Hands apparently was.

Being member of this secret organization that plays the strings behind the scenes, is not as glamorous as it seems. Long decades have passed since it’s golden age. Petty thieves, murderers, traitors or the inhuman, all are welcome here as long as they can keep their mouths shut and do their damn jobs. The Umbrae Hands can’t be too picky with those they recruit as their number dwindle, after all.

It’s certainly not the best job but it pays more than well enough.

What to Expect

I intend for this to be a story where getting to know some select few characters and forming/expanding the relationship your character has with them is a big focus. You will always be able to skip talking to said characters, however I intend to dedicate a good portion of the game to that. This is not to say that there won’t be action scenes and plot heavy chapters, because there will be, as your character does a myriad of missions that will culminate and intertwine with an overarching plot and goal.

The plot is still in it’s early conceptions, so who’s to say where it might end up leading.


• Choose the [MC]'s gender, general appearance, and orientation;
• Choose your lineage and ancestry, how you spent your childhood, and what sort of tactics you employ to get the job done. Are you a talker or a puncher? Are you brute force kind of gal or a cunning gentleman? Raise your stats alongside the two available proficiencies and build your character as you like.
• Follow the Grand Dame’s orders and complete a myriad of jobs and missions. Be it infiltrating and retrieving documents from a rival organization or leading a direct attack unto a group of thieves. Embark on personal missions when the time is right, or lounge around the Inverted Spire honing your skills.
• Get to know (or not) the fellow members of the Umbrae Hands. Be it an odd pair of siblings, a proper noble lady turned mercenary, an heir to a bizarre cabaret, a mysterious musket master, a peculiar disgraced priest, a former assassin, the old blind door keeper, your boss or even the resident librarian–if you so dare that is.

Would love to see you guys opinion on it!



So, i had an idea for a project i wanted to do and i wanted to know if it is a topic people would enjoy reading. It would be an adventure where you would play as a druid in a low magic setting, with many early modern era aspects, and that must find a way to save the ancient lake of your clan from a blight that is destroying it as well as the lands around it.

As a druid i was thinking that you would be able to choose from a few aspects to specialise your powers in, with the ones on my head being: metamorphosis (transforming yourself, or part of you, into another being such as an animal, plant or even maybe a spirit), Life (manipulation of the powers of life and death) and elemental (control over fire, water, earth and wind). You would also have a fighting style and a few skills to especialise.

So! I would like to hear anyone’s opinions about this idea of mine. Oh and i will probably only post a demo at the middle or end of next month, maybe later if i struggle too much with learning choice script XD


I love the concept and the idea behind it hehe. It has a lot of potential to become a really fun thing, especially if you lean heavy on the character centric aspect imo. However, i do wonder a bit how you plan on connecting everything regarding the interactions, would it all be connected to a main overarching theme or would it be more separated into periods, like the game King’s quest, where despite having a narrative spread throught it, each chapter feels very self cointaned


This idea has been around my head for a long time and I want to try it because I really love this idea.

bonds from beyond a light story of romance and comedy with ghostly touches


you are really special because of a little accident, nothing too serious! only now you can see ghosts!

During one afternoon when you were cooking some chicken soup you accidentally sacrificed it by offering it to forces beyond your comprehension (how you could possibly have done it remains a complete mystery to you, as all you did was stir the chicken in the pot)

It was all a bit confusing and even scary! But you managed to get something good out of your ghostly sight! You dedicated yourself to helping people contact their loved ones who sadly left the world, you thought your life would be pretty good this way, living peacefully in your apartment, studying and working part time contacting ghosts.

or so you intended

One day 5 ghosts appeared in your apartment you were more than ready to help these ghosts but imagine your surprise when they said that they really didn’t want your help but were there to play matchmaker as there is not much to do after the death.

characters of interest

Zeus: A rather arrogant calico cat who claims that you are exactly what her owner needs and she is what you need (you almost had a heart attack and joined the ghost party in the world when this cat speak).

Alexander: a man in his forties, quite kind and corpulent but also very sentimental he firmly believes that you are perfect for his son.

Anne: A rather elegant old lady (you almost mistake her for an old Victorian specter) she smirked when she told you that her grandson would take good care of you

Eli (Eliot): an 8 year old boy that you usually spend your free time with (oddly enough he is quite attached to you) his mother gives you coffee/hot chocolate/tea as thanks for spending time with him since He doesn’t seem to have many friends (what she doesn’t know is that he can also see the ghosts you talk to) and he seems very determined to set you up with his mother.

Sam: a woman in her early twenties who always looks very relaxed just floats over your head repeating sporadically that her friend is the ideal man (sadly she is a poltergeist and you learned that in the worst possible way ).

Alex: your living nightmare (aka your high school bully) always angry and always condescending or that was before his death now seems more placated and really serious about getting together with his little sister, the reason remains unknown to you

characters of interest 2

Taylor: librarian of your favorite library (former owner of Zeus) a woman with black hair and green eyes that seem bigger thanks to her glasses, quite tall and freckles decorating her cheeks, you never spoke much with her but now it seems that you are going to have to do if you don’t want her ghost cat to keep bothering you.

Vincent: heir to a famous restaurant chain (Anne’s grandson) you never saw him in person let alone talked you only saw him on social media and read about his life on celebrity gossip websites, a handsome man from brown hair his face always seems to be smiling and his brown eyes are always warm.

Mike: your ex-classmate (Alexander’s son) a young man who always seems sad and gloomy, recently dropped out of college have you heard that he left behind his gloomy and lonely personality in favor of going to parties, getting drunk and getting into his pants anyone, you remember him as a man with hazel eyes and caramel brown hair.

Alessa: the owner of your favorite coffee shop (Eli’s mother and your neighbor): a woman in her mid-thirties with blue eyes and red hair, she always attended you with a warm smile capable of lifting your spirits, she always thanks you for play with Eli with a cup of coffee/hot chocolate/tea.

Milo: elementary school teacher (Sam’s best friend) you only ran into him once in the library, he caught you reading some children’s stories and the two quickly found themselves chatting about the best children’s stories, with gray eyes, blonde hair and a incredibly soft and relaxing voice.

Sarah: your ex-high school classmate/your other high school bully (Alex’s twin sister) pretty similar in every way of the word to her older brother blue eyes, black hair, haven’t run into her since high school and you were hoping to keep it that way but sadly now she’s your other neighbor.


This seem like a lovely and fun story. Personally i would enjoy this a lot and would probably romance either the mom or the twin (what can i say? Enemies to lovers is really fun and hot cocoa is the way to my heart XD). Do you plan on it being only wholesome romance or do you plan on it possibly having +18 momentos? Also it is not really my type of thing, but would you do a poly route for some of them? Or maybe even a full friendship route?


a mixture of both! I love the soft moments but I’m also a fan of the spicy moments so I said to myself “fuck I want both I know I can make it work” about the polis routes… I really don’t know! but of course you can make friends with the ROs if you want