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vassal system is unique @11110


Based on the Q&A so far, I have three questions, although they are a little more.

First of all, are there any nations other than the Unified Realm on the continent?

Next, is there a possibility that the social structure and technology will change depending on the player’s choices? If it changes, what will it change?

Finally, what are non-plant-based treatments? Please tell me in a little more detail.

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@11110 yes. All so yes I hope I give a lot of options. Like new weapons, armors, favoring nobles and giveing more power etc. I really decided yet I’am open suggestions. treatments are gennarrly pills and more modern tecnic used.


For example, we might move away from the Middle Ages a bit, but how about adding something more democratic? (Bill of Rights, creation of parliament, creation and protection of the bourgeoisie, elevation of commoners to nobility, etc.)


@11110 good ideas👌


Thank you. And,I have one more question. What’s going on with the Unified Realm’s economy and military?

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@11110 military is powerful knights and archers are extrimly famous. economy is perfect in the core of the economy is legendary weapons.


Interesting. Are the King and Queen co-rulers per chance since both abdicated? Normally only one would abdicate since the other would be a consort with no genuine power. I’m also interested in those foreign enemies. Are they supernatural enemies or ordinary humans?

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What are legendary weapons? What kind of currency is used?

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@agarriberri0548 co-rulers. I can’t talk for enemies. You must discover in story😄


@11110 İn Unified Realm all weapons have story. All so their weapons are unique. currency is gold, silver and copper sometimes a favor.

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Could you tell me a little more about the currency? Who issues the currency, in what denomination, and how is credit for the denomination procured?

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@11110 Under the control of the monarch and the treasurer. I haven’t decided what to other details yet. I’ll let you know when it’s done


By the way, what kind of countries are there abroad? Also, how is diplomacy being conducted?

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@11110 Dhara Kingdom Crown Princess Tahlia Wanyan is Unified Realm’s prisoner in golden cage. Crane free state, Andaela Empire, Rhun Kingdom, Alerys Kingdom and Hara Tribes. It is done through ambassadors. The ambassadors are chosen with great care.


Great questions! The video game itself will be more medieval style, though any glimpses into the ‘real world’ will reveal a more modern setting.

As for MC customization, so far you can choose:

  • Older or younger appearance (General for now)
  • IRL Lifestyle (Wealthy, Comfortable, Povertous) which will affect later reveals about your character
  • Human, Half-Elf, Half-Imp (all humanoid with the possibility to add in other race options like dragonfolk, felinefolk, or golemfolk. The races are mainly for flavor, though they will affect your base stats)
  • Fighter, Thief, or Mage classes (with the possibility of adding in a couple others post-release). Each class has three different ability trees that you can level into, plus out-of-combat features like Intimidate, Pickpocket, and Familiar.
  • Other basic appearance options

So far, each customization option affects the way others interact with you. I do plan to add more IRL customization such as origins and motives. These will be towards mid- to late-game as the MC discovers more about themselves and their role in events that has them stranded in the video game. Your IRL paths will affect how other characters respond and can also affect how the MC views themselves.


You got me hooked the moment you said felinefolk :joy:


That & Dragonfolk


Having non-standard races rather than just Tolkienesque standard fare is a good touch


Hi guys, I’ve been lurking here for a really, really long time and I’ve had ideas to write a ChoiceScript interactive fiction for years.

To introduce myself a little, I am a middle-aged professional tutor from Singapore with a background in English Literature and Creative Writing. I have some experience in publishing, though I’m largely an unsuccessful writer with a few poorly-rated books on Amazon. Some people liked them though, so at least there’s that. For some reason, I’m a little more successful in writing screenplays for commercials and I have like… one that’s been used.

For the last 4 years, I had been writing fanfiction instead as a way to get away for a while and meditate on the nature of storytelling (it was supposed to be 1-2 years, but it kinda went out of hand lol and became 4 years).

As a gauge of my productivity, I was able to pump out about 1.1 million words in those 4 years, though much of them was written in 2, with the slow-down a result of exhaustion, stagnation, and lingering boredom.

Anyway, my past experience as both reader and writer falls mainly in the horror and thriller category, though I’ve dabbled a little in the fantasy, sci-fi, action, and superhero genres.

Anyway, here are my ideas. Lemme know which ones you guys would prefer to see developed. I have a few more, but these are the best ones I have, at least to my knowledge. I’ll include a poll:

An Inevitable Death: Declassified

Working Title: An Inevitable Death: Declassified
Inspirations: The Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon), The Powerpuff Girls: Declassified (my own fanfiction)
Primary Genre(s): Military Sci-fi Superhero Action Tragedy Fanfiction
Secondary Genre(s): Comedy
Purpose: Preparatory Training for ChoiceScript, Non-Commercial Fan Work
Plot Complexity: Low
Code Complexity: Low
Estimated Length: Short Story
ETA: 0.5 years (or less)
Synopsis: Long after the fall of the Amoeba Boys and the forced disbandment of the Lombardi Crime Family, Blossom remains depressed over Bunny’s death. Alice, her psychiatrist from the USDO (United States Defence Organization), attempts to talk her through her decisions on the day of Bunny’s death, to go through the what-ifs on that day in the hopes of lifting her grief and making Blossom understand that her youngest sister’s death was not her fault…

  • Step into the shoes of Blossom, leader of the Powerpuff Girls
  • Take command of the Powerpuff Girls on a historical day
  • Decide how the Powerpuff Girls should fight
  • Make key decisions in an attempt to save Bunny, the youngest of the Powerpuff Girls
  • Gain insights on Blossom’s psychiatric condition at various points of the event

Gameplay Loop:

  • Interactive Fiction: The main mode of storytelling in this game
  • PPG Stats and Inventory: Manage Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup’s stats and inventory
  • PPG Sisterhood Tracker: Keep Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup close as sisters, or fail to…
  • Psychiatric Oversight: Alice will be with you at all points
Through the Abyssal Orb

Working Title: Through the Abyssal Orb
Inspirations: Through the Abyssal Gate (my own book), Stephen King books and movies in general
Primary Genre(s): Variable, mainly Horror and Thriller
Secondary Genre(s): Variable
Purpose: Market Exploration and Experimentation, Franchise Expansion
Plot Complexity: Variable
Code Complexity: Low-Moderate
Estimated Length: Collection of short stories, up to novel length
ETA: 1.5 years
Synopsis: You come upon a library centuries old, abandoned decades ago, in search of adventure. You find a trapdoor leading ever downwards, and walk through a corridor that seems to go on forever. You pass by bodies both ancient and fresh, and stumble upon a circular room ringed by books, globes and old trinkets. In the centre of it is an orb. You reach out to touch it, and see, in your mind’s eye, people across time and space and dimensions who are in various degrees of peril. Choose, in whatever order, who to help - but know this: you are one of those you need to help…

  • Define your character right from the get go
  • Be the main character of the frame story
  • Get into the mind of protagonists across time, space and dimensions and help them through their ‘peril’
  • Or let the protagonists decide for themselves what they want to do, and see what happens…
  • In the frame story, attempt to understand the library and the dungeon below and eventually escape it - yes, it won’t be a cakewalk leaving it…

Gameplay Loops:

  • Interactive Fiction: A necessary component of all stories, though for some, it might be the only component
  • Variable: Every story will have its own gameplay mechanics
    Note: If this is chosen, then one of the stories will be written for the Halloween 2022 Jam
Darkness in Pulau Purba

Working Title: Darkness in Pulau Purba
Inspirations: The Keeper of Pulau Purba (my own book), Stephen King books and movies in general
Primary Genre(s): Singaporean Supernatural Military Survival-Horror
Secondary Genre(s): Minor Romance elements
Purpose: Market Exploration and Experimentation, Franchise Expansion
Plot Complexity: Moderate
Code Complexity: Moderate
Estimated Length: Novel
ETA: 1.5 years
Synopsis: You are sent to an island where the Singapore military has started a new branch: the Singapore Marine Corps. Whether you are a civilian there to see a loved one or work, whether you are a soldier or conscript there, it matters not - all who are on that island that day is plunged into darkness. As pandemonium ensued and monsters emerged, you and a few others managed to hide out in a tiny room, safe for the current moment. Escape, however, is another matter.

  • Define your character
  • Choose to be either civilian or military
  • Choose your class and subclass, along with your skills and traits
  • Manage your inventory
  • Work with or against fellow survivors
  • Survive against monsters by either stealth or combat
  • Did I say monsters? Yeah, there will be lots of them, and they will be based on Southeast Asian folklore
  • Explore the island of Pulau Purba
  • Find out what is happening and why
  • Escape - or not

Gameplay Loops:

  • Interactive Fiction - Much of the story happens here.
  • Relationship Management - Get along or make enemies with characters you meet.
  • Combat/Stealth System - Combat and stealth will have its own style of gameplay.
  • Inventory Management - Manage what you carry.
  • Lore Book - Your character keeps a notebook to record down what they see, including characters, locations and monsters.
  • Open World Exploration - choose which part of the island to head to, and why.

Working Title: Lambchops
Inspirations: (More like influences as I thought of this on my own) Archive 81 (Series available on Netflix), cults in general
Primary Genre(s): Singaporean Sci-fi Near-Future Cultist Horror-Action-Thriller
Secondary Genre(s): Escape Room(s), Minor Romance elements
Purpose: Market Exploration and Experimentation
Plot Complexity: Low
Code Complexity: Very Low
Estimated Length: Novel
ETA: 1.5 years
Synopsis: In the 2070s, Singapore marches on while the world is still in various states of disarray. In all this mess, you are a professional tutor who, after some serious business setbacks, have finally sealed a massive deal - you are to teach the children of a landed estate for a living wage. Only, that isn’t real. You are swiftly detained against your will by a powerful, secret cult there. Attempt to escape.

  • Define your character through the lens of a professional educator
  • Survive each day of imprisonment
  • Hope for each day to be uneventful
  • Choose how to handle events as they come
  • Look for ways to escape
  • ‘Manage’ your captors and allies
  • Discover the lore behind the cult and this world

Gameplay Loops:

  • Interactive Fiction: The predominant game mode here
  • The Notebook: Highly developed guide for keeping track of your surroundings
  • Relationship Management: Attempt to (or fail to) control hostilities against you and find allies to help you escape
    Note: If this is chosen, the prologue will be written for the Halloween 2022 Jam
The Zeroes in Millions

Working Title: The Zeroes in Millions
Inspirations: Money No Enough series (Singaporean movies, available on Netflix Singapore), Jack Neo movies in general, Singaporean media in general.
Primary Genre(s): Singaporean Contemporary Slice-of-Life
Secondary Genre(s): Financial Thriller, Romance-Comedy
Purpose: Market Exploration and Experimentation
Plot Complexity: Low
Code Complexity: Low
Estimated Length: Novel
ETA: 1.5 years
Synopsis: 2020s Singapore was horrible with the Covid-19 crisis and the resultant economic crisis, but the 2030s is worse! You play as a highly successful denizen of one of the few last independent city-states who have it all - wealth, family, fame. Caught up in the crisis of the 2030s with its diseases, wars and financial collapses, you begin to lose it all. Will you weather through the storm and come out on top, or will you emerge from it broken? What will you choose to sacrifice and what will you choose to preserve?

  • Tell the story of your life - how you get to where you are
  • Define your character in many ways, such as…
    1.The career that propelled you into riches and renown
    2.Who you married and whether you had kids
    3.How you lived your life
  • Manage your vast wealth and fame
  • Watch it all crumble down
  • Make choices in how you weather this crisis, including…
    1.Buying and selling assets
    3.Changing you and your family’s lifestyle
  • Keep your family together, or fail to do so
  • Engage in relationships new and old
  • Survive through financial, social and physical dangers

Gameplay Loops:

  • Interactive Fiction: This will be the predominant mode of gameplay here
  • Wealth Management: Buy and sell assets and property, control income and expenses
  • Relationship Management: Try (or fail to) keep everyone within your orbit happy
Signals from the Void

Working Title: Signals from the Void
Inspirations: Arrival (Movie, 2016), Contact (Movie, 1997)
Primary Genre(s): Near-Future Alien First Contact Sci-Fi Project and Base Management
Secondary Genre(s): Political Thriller with minor Horror and Romance elements
Purpose: Market Exploration and Experimentation
Plot Complexity: Moderate
Code Complexity: High
Estimated Length: Long Novel
ETA: 2 years
Synopsis: The year is 2074. Humanity has plateaued in technological and social development, even gone backward. Energy grids are strained, resources have become limited, Moore’s law no longer applies and society has simplified itself amidst a sustained demographics collapse. Cities are crumbling, order and civilisation are in jeopardy and wars have become commonplace. Yet in this chaos, science and technology continue limping forward - even making a paradigm shift, particularly in the area of the search for alien life.

Earth’s call into the void has finally been answered. ‘We are coming’, the signal read, before giving a list of Earth coordinates. The problem? Only a fair few scientists had been listening, and these scientists were under the management of a barely functional US SETI program that has been quickly taken over by a decrepit UN. You, as one of these scientists, have been chosen to lead a new UN agency set up to address this. Communicate with this alien entity; prepare the way for first contact; decide how the world as a whole should respond. Decide the fate of humanity in the wake of its very first alien contact…

  • Define your character from the get go
  • Choose where to set up your base
  • Make administrative decisions
  • Work with or against your advisors, colleagues and personnel
  • Decide what to research and engineer
  • Send and receive signals from the aliens
  • Handle your overbearing UN supervisors
  • Cope with the politics surrounding your agency
  • Choose your approach towards the final first contact scenario
  • Do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth first contact
  • Meet the aliens who have been contacting Earth
  • Decide the future of humanity

Gameplay loops:

  • Interactive Fiction - pretty much mandatory for any IF. Story marches forward here.
  • Base/Personnel/Admin/Research Management - manage your base to prepare for first contact.
  • Meetings - work with various staff in base to set policies, direction and make decisions on events
  • Politics - Deal with the UN, decide on policies that will affect the world.
  • Alien Chat - Decide on the way you would communicate with the aliens, and piece out what the aliens are trying to tell you.
  • Alien Contact Scenario - Endgame scenario in which all your efforts to ensure a smooth first contact pays off - or not.
Rise of the Phoenix

Working Title: Rise of the Phoenix
Inspirations: Chinese historical fiction, King’s War (Series available on Netflix), Fall of Ming (Movie available even on Youtube), Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Chinese period media in general, and oddly enough, Long Live the Queen (visual novel available on Steam)
Primary Genre(s): Epic Medieval China-Inspired Fantasy Political Thriller and Military Management
Secondary Genre(s): Coming-of-Age School Story with Romance
Purpose: Market Participation
Plot Complexity: Very High
Code Complexity: Very High
Estimated Length: Epic
ETA: 2-3 years (or more)
Synopsis: Born to a lowly merchant family, you are sent to the Royal Institute of Generals after showing signs of leadership and an inclination for a life in the army. In the steadily crumbling Tianguo Empire, this has never been a more hazardous path. Navigate the labyrinthine and dangerous politics of the Institute; choose what arts and sciences to learn on the road to becoming a general; select your friends and enemies. And perhaps, just perhaps, you might be able to fight the Steppe Mongkuo invasion and reverse the fortunes of the Tianguo Empire…

  • Be born male or female
  • Define your origin
  • Define your character gradually over the course of the story
  • Build your character’s skills as a disciple of the Royal Institute of Generals
  • Choose your friends and enemies and manage your relations with them
  • Choose who to romance, be they male or female, or not at all
  • Manage an army
  • Manage your retinue of advisers and generals
  • Handle the labyrinthine politics of an empire in decline
  • Fight battles
  • Fight for the glory of the Emperor, and the Tianguo Empire
  • Explore the deep lore and history of this world

Gameplay Loops:

  • Interactive Fiction - much of the story will play out here. All loops will interact with one another.
  • Skill Building - for each week, you will select what to learn and train in, over the course of a year.
  • Army Management - handle the affairs of your army, from training to equipping to logistics and events.
  • Politics - manage your relations and take action with other factions and people of interest.
  • Battle - Lead your army, predicate on matters of strategy and tactics.

Edit: Whoa, looks like one of them is leading by a mile. I’ll give it a few days haha. In the meantime, if any of you have any comments, feedbacks or questions, I’d love to hear them and converse with you guys. :slight_smile:

Which should I work on first?
  • An Inevitable Death: Declassified
  • Through the Abyssal Orb
  • Darkness in Pulau Purba
  • Lambchops
  • The Zeroes in Millions
  • Signals from the Void
  • Rise of the Phoenix

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Edit2: Looks like it’s been decided. ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ has been chosen as my first project. I’ve already begun doing hard research to prepare for it. I’ve also noticed that the training project ‘An Inevitable Death: Declassified’ was voted in by enough people to be placed 3rd, which I take as a sign that enough people are telling me that I shouldn’t charge into ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ blindly. I’ll be working on the training project concurrently as I plan, to better understand ChoiceScript. I don’t think it will take long to conclude.