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Well, I would say that the lowest level of threat would be those exclusively national threats (Individuals or organizations that affect a country) and the highest level would be that with a potential global threat (individuals or organizations that provoke the limits of international diplomacy even with the risk of unleashing large-scale wars or unleashing instability in international organizations such as the UN or NATO)

Also seeing this as an important organization with more freedom than Interpol, I would say that they would need to resort to lawyers in international law or from each country to defend the actions of the organization since Interpol is only in charge of opening investigation folders of an individual or organization. and issue arrest warrants in different countries for the police forces of those countries to search for them. (If I remember correctly, Interpol also classifies the threats it tracks. I’m not sure).

I would also not doubt what they resorted to the help of specialized consultants who were not part of the agency as experts in armamentistics, anthropologists experts in cultures, psychologists, chemists and doctors.

I have no doubt that they should also have staff dedicated to making work gear for each agent as well as casual encounters with agents from national espionage organizations like the CIA or Mossad. :thinking: I don’t know


Woah, thank you for this, it’s well explained and makes sense! I like the idea that national threats would be the low-level threats and the highest level would be potentially global threats.

And yes, the GDB has various international resources and staff in many countries where the MC will be traveling to as well as meeting some of these characters. Nakia has been working on building up this agency for years, even before he could officially found it, acquiring all the legality measures he needs to operate as a neutral third party, gaining and maintaining the right connections, and bringing together the agents the GDB needs.

Most of the specialized consultants you mentioned and their fields of work have been considered and I’m figuring out ways to introduce and explain all or at least most of the separate aspects that would be needed to operate such a vastly spread and important organization without info-dumping on the reader or making it seem too lengthy.

Thank you for this as it gave me more things to consider and helps me a lot!


I’m a few chapters in with a general outline of a MMORPG-themed WIP and wanted to post a quick interest check.

Wars of Zion - A massively multiplayer online world set in the fantasy realm of Aleriand 2.0. The game is accessed via a virtual reality plug in by the player for full and seamless immersion.

Aleriand features races and classes loosely based off of tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons, of which the main character can currently choose three each. These choices will affect how you interact with others, your starting equipment/abilities, and how you can respond in combat.

You awake from a haunting dream to find yourself amidst a sea of grass with no concept of how you got here or where to go. Memories are on the cusp of your awareness, but you aren’t given any time to ponder them.The grasslands prove to be unwelcoming as you’re immediately confronted with a life or death choice. The longer you survive, the closer you come to the ugly truth of this seemingly benign video game.

Main features:

  • You play as a character unable to log out for unknown reasons (inspired by the movie Tron)
  • Other players are later affected by these unknown reasons, depending on your choices
  • Villain/Hero-like paths
  • Choose between fighter, rogue, and mage classes with different features for each class
  • 5 core ROs with 2 side ROs
  • Can level up via raids, dungeoning, and social quests
  • Two warring factions of guilds that explore the darker sides of escapism
  • Trans and LGBTQ inclusive
  • Meta interactions if your character dies
  • Three different endings

What about it would set it apart from The Parenting Simulator? I’m all for more realistic settings without supernatural/magic/sci-fi elements, but on the surface, a “realistic game about parenting with tons of branching potential and options” has already been done in this format.

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Potentially romance (for either the kid, parent or, preferably, both)…the one ingredient every soap opera and sitcom with kids but especially teens has but is, sadly, absent from the parenting simulator.

Not played or noticed that one yet…so how young are we talking? If the kid is at least a teenager is there romance for both or just the caretaker mc?


There’s a WIP already out right now, When Life Gives You Lemons (7/6/2022) (WIP), which does incorporate romance into a game where the MC is a younger individual’s caretaker, but that one’s more focused on the romantic aspect it seems than the parenting aspect.


I think it’s perfectly fine for there to be competition within the same genre lol I’m sure there can be multiple unique takes of similar (not exactly the same) ideas. If anything, I’m sure we can use the variety. Have at it.


I wasn’t sure if I should post this here, but I couldn’t find a better place, so I posted it here.
The game “the crown” has been abandoned, but the author allows and encourages the creation of games that reuse the ideas from this game.
So, what do you think should be done specifically to make such a game?


Hi. I have a idea. I hope you are interested. Summary: You are the heir to the Unified Realm. Although the Unified Realm is known as the most powerful kingdom on the continent, it is under the threat of invasion by unknown enemies. In this difficult and complicated time, the king and queen abdicate and set out on a secret mission. As the new ruler, can you do what’s best for your kingdom? A world full of mysteries, ambitious rulers and secrets with lies. Never forget that leadership is heavy. Tough decisions and tragedy follow the leader.


A fantasy story where you accidentally become the chosen one. Can’t wait for the demo

A fantasy+ video game isekai. I look forward to the demo. A few questions: Will some parts of it outside of it being a video game have technological advances or will it be more like a medieval? Like will we have use of guns & cars or will it be more horses & swords? The other thing I wanted to ask is how much will we get to customize our MC? Is this something like Final Fantasy 14 where we have different races but don’t have much input in our origins or will our origins, race, class, etc play a part in how people interact with us?


Your idea sounds very interesting I look forward to the demo and can’t wait to get immersed in the world you’ve created.

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Great idea! Looking forward to reading the whole thing!:heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the support​:purple_heart::relaxed: @The_Fluffy_Fox


I think it’s a great idea. Please give me more details about this idea if possible.

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Thanks. Ask your questions and I try to answer it. @11110


The first thing I would like to ask is what era is the stage set in, and what is the social structure and technology like?

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@11110 medieval era. technology is very good but not modern technology. Socialy in Unified Realm There is a feudal system. They are gender-equal and have nothing to do with slavery.


Does feudalism mean that mc’s power is limited by vassals?

Also, I would like to have a concrete image of the level of technology. For example, what treatments are commonly used in the medical field?

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@11110 generally no but they are powerful and maniplative. treatments are greatly developed. treatments are not plant typ and gennarlly free for all peoples.