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I think I actually have one of my better ideas hitting me for once. I just want to run this by other people first and get their opinions on it.


Modify yourself with different animal and monster parts to become stronger. Is your purpose to become the best? The perfect ultimate being? Just to see how far you can go with breaking the laws of natural order?

The way I’m thinking of how it generally functions is three knowledge categories: Technological. They don’t look at existing creatures for answers and instead forge new ones through a combination of science and steel. Magical. As it sounds, these are the types who favor pursuits of using the more mystical side of magical beings to enhance themselves. Gorgon eyes, Dryad healing, and anything that gives them power to things they could only dream about before. Lastly, there is obviously the biological/medical side. Scales, gills, and most importantly, the knowledge to make sure it all works. It’s more than just direct improvements. Without understanding how the body works, someone would be more likely to harm themselves than improve anything. While it’s snubbed often by aspiring modifiers for not seeming as flashy, it’s what ties everything together and what gives a long life to those they want to be like.

Naturally there is some type advantages(I’m not a very good coder, so implementing the idea would take some doing.) : Technological weaponry shreds biological threats and the frequent use of metal makes them too defensive for physical threats. However, they have very few ways of dealing with non corporal attacks like magic or compensating for all the changing variables made by magical abilities. On the other hand, magic can be tripped up by biological beasts. They aren’t one creature. They are composed of several. Mental attacks don’t work the best under these circumstances and they don’t have the defenses to avoid getting torn apart by claws.

Naturally, type advantages can still be overcome.

The way I see this working is four slots of any type for players to make use of. The problem is this would be extremely difficult to code…so I’m not entirely sure this would be the best approach.

As for the idea itself, this would most likely be an older Victorian era during the industrial revolution. Most likely, you will start out normal. At first. Over the course of the game, the changes will start to take place until the point that the word human isn’t even usable anymore.

Possibly it could be modernized, but I’m not sure. I’d need to think more on the actual direction and all, but I just want to throw the concept out in the open first before putting too much work into it.


I’ve been waiting for a game like this since I first joined the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

Soundia awesome hope that you make it😄

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Hey all, I think I’ve finally found both the inspiration to write as well as a good idea, so let me know what you all think!

Working Title: The Bureau OR Revision

Thesis: Welcome to the Federal Bureau of Revision. Those nutcase conspiracy theorists the world writes off as insane were right all along: we do live in a simulation. The Federal Bureau of Revision exists to… protect the world from “glitches.” You are a university student who managed secure an internship with the shadowy F.B.R. Spend your summer fighting horrible creatures, writing reality, and discovering the truth behind our universe. If you play your cards right, you may be offered a permanent position in the Bureau- just remember: everything is not as it seems…

Premise: This game will be part zany comedy and part thriller with hopefully a few horror elements. Most interactions will place heavy emphasis on eldritch mysteries, matrix-like glitches, and a little bit of office politics. You may find yourself speaking with ghosts or hunting down copies of individuals or even erasing memories MIB style. On your downtime, you may be writing reports or fetching coffee. You’ll be able to explore haunted houses, discover the secrets of the F.B.R headquarters and have a little fun with airport security. I have a lot of ideas for this and nothing is concrete yet, so any feedback or suggestions are very welcome!

Notes: I want choices to be meaningful and abundant, meaning this work will need a long production period. As such, I would like to see how much interest such a project would garner before launching myself into it!


Have you ever played the game Paranoia? You should try it out sometime. Love the idea, am very curious about the airport security incident. Also - heists?

I haven’t, but a quick Google search shows its relevance. I’ll have to check it out! Also, what sort of heists were you thinking of?

I like the idea of it. I’m having trouble with what you’d call…plot. The concept would be fun, but thinking of how to go about starting it all off is wracking my brain with even the idea of it should be modern period or older. Depending on which I do, it would change how things go drastically and it’s a tough call on which would be better.


It’s a hilarious game, especially with the right people. I wasn’t thinking of any specific heists, just in general - stealing documents from a rival intern to cover up your best friends’ lawbreaking, hunting down a renegade clone of yourself before it can tear a hole in the space-code continuum, seducing a local barista to find out the secret ingredient your bosses favourite coffee shop uses, etc. General shenanigans.


Those are all really cool ideas, I’ll have to keep them in mind! Thanks for the feedback!

It could start with older but then you are captured or badly damged and you wake up in the modernera trying to become the ultimate being😄 if you are badly injured you can wake up in the modern time and try to fix Your self and becoming chimera by doing so.


Hello all,

Longtime lurker here, looking to share details of my ongoing WiP to see if it sounds like something people would be interested in. I’m currently getting to the end of the first chapter (of 6). When finished, it’ll be about 300,000 words (that’s an early estimate: it may change!) Anyway, I’ll put up a demo once Chapter 1 is done, and keep expanding it as I go. I’ve put some details below, in case you are interested: I hope you like the sound of it!

Title: I wanted to call it “Dr. Spillane and the Relics of the Lost Age”, as I thought this had a cool old-timey Indiana Jones feel. However, it turns out there’s a limit of 30 characters, so I’ll have to go for the less distinctive-sounding “Relics of the Lost Age”.

Elevator Pitch: Post-colonial Indiana Jones.

Blurb: Step into the weathered boots of a swashbuckling 1930s archaeologist, in a race against time to locate six powerful occult artefacts from different periods of history. Travel the globe in six self-contained adventures, all set within a framing narrative which brings these disparate stories together and builds to an epic climax. Shoot goons, punch Nazis, tangle with gangsters, fall in love, come face-to-face with the bitter legacy of colonialism, make things explode and do a whole host of highly inadvisable things in various Old Timey vehicles as you race to prevent the forces of darkness unlocking unimaginable powers, hopefully winning fortune and glory on the way.

Chapters: I don’t wanna give too much away at this stage. However, I’ll give you a list of chapter titles and locations, to give you a sense of what kind of places you’ll be seeing over the course of the story.

Chapter 1: The Oracle of God (set in Jerusalem, British Mandate Palestine)

Chapter 2: Shambala (set in Inner Tibet)

Chapter 3: Devil Music (set in New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chapter 4: The River (set in the Belgian Congo)

Chapter 5: The Eye of Kali (set in London, United Kingdom)

Chapter 6: The Lost Emperor (set in Hong Kong)

MC: You play as Dr. Spillane (you can choose gender and first name, but you’re always Dr. Spillane), a young archaeologist at Tulane University who finds their world turned upside down as they are propelled on a series of high-octane adventures across the globe.

Possible ROs

All romance options will be available, irrespective of the gender chosen for the MC. Poly will be possible too.

Lady Esme Fairfield, Duchess of Dewsbury. Raised in wealth and privilege and moulded in accordance with the stifling conventions of the English aristocracy, Esme Fairfield rejected her destiny in favour of freedom and adventure in the Middle East. Modelled in part on some rather brilliant real-life female adventurers of the period (above all the excellent Gertrude Bell), Esme is wilfully unconventional, tough, capable and fearless, a peerless explorer and spy and a magnet for scandal.

Abdul. Lady Esme’s hulking, moustachioed manservant, Abdul is clearly more than he appears. Loyal and devoted to his mistress, he travels with her on all her adventures. But who is he really, beneath the buttoned-up façade? I really can’t tell you much about him, because that would spoil his story: all I can say for now is that there are secrets there to be unlocked!

There will be two other ROs in the finished game. However, they do not appear in Chapter 1, so I’ll hold them back for now.

Friends and Allies

Not romanceable, but available as good buddies.

Sam Hopkins: The best of your Tulane PhD students, Sam is motivated, dedicated, brave and loyal. A funny, spunky, punky, non-gender-conforming Ohio native, Sam will be a valued companion in a number of your adventures.

Dr. Nigel Rothermere: The director of Tulane’s antiquities museum, Nigel’s book-learning is second to none, but in the field he is useless. A longstanding devotion to fine wines, rich foods and luxury living has left him intolerant of any discomfort, but as a library researcher he is a valuable asset, and his caustic, patrician wit will always keep you grounded.

Ted “Stevo” Stephenson: A hard-drinking, hard-living Australian pilot-for-hire, Stevo tours the world in his battered, decrepit biplane, picking up fares when and where he can and using his downtime to pursue his two greatest passions, hard liquor and high adventure. He’ll have your back when the bullets start flying; just don’t trust him with your wallet.

Others too, to be added later.

Villains and Nefarious Types

By the end of the book, there will be a veritable Rogue’s Gallery of baddies encountered across the six stories (though some of them will recur, and there is a main villain). Here, I’ll just list the ones encountered in Chapter 1:

Obersturmfuhrer Albrecht Schneider: A commander in the Waffen-SS. Not the sharpest tool in the box, but he makes up for his dullness with ruthlessness, discipline and tenacity. He despises being humiliated above all, which is quite entertaining, because you’re going to end up humiliating him over and over again. Hooray!

Dietrich Paulus: A self-described “civilized man” who fancies himself a scholar and connoisseur, the skeletal, scarecrow-like Paulus is also one of the most feared Gestapo operatives in Europe. He claims not to enjoy the nastier side of his work. The look in his eyes when he’s torturing a prisoner suggests otherwise.

Dr. Maria Garcia Perez: A Spanish native and contemporary and classmate of Dr. Spillane at Oxford, Garcia Perez is a brilliant archaeologist, uninhibited by any moral scruples whatsoever. After obtaining her doctorate she went private as a ruthless treasure-hunter, finding valuable relics for a long string of ethically dubious employers. She will stop at nothing – including murder – to get to the treasure before her rivals.

Anyway, I hope it looks like fun. It sure is a lot of work, but I’m having a blast putting it together and I can’t wait for some of you guys to (hopefully) play the demo when it lands!


Sounds fun and like you’ve really thought it out! Good luck!! :+1:

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Holy Pigeon on a pizza pie! This is an incredible idea! Very unique. And any chance for a MC that wishes to become the ultimate organism is a welcome one!

This would be an interesting game to play. It’s unique & there’s quite a few different things that could happen on our MC’s adventure

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Thanks, I hope so! I’m definitely aiming for uniqueness and variety!

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Aight Ima give this a try. I’m Ely and I already have a wip but I kinda been neglecting it, so I have been working on that and improving my coding. I wanted to see some opinions on a new idea I have, however, it is a very common idea so bear with me lmao. So let m know if its good or nah. Thanks ya’ll.

So here da summary;

You are one of Seven Cardinal Heroes. Or at least, you were. After the resolution to the 3rd war between gods, you were betrayed by a fellow hero. You were blamed for the destruction of the capital, Ley Romn, and the murder of their king. You were stripped of all titles and thrown away into the Isle of Exequre. Hurt and angry. You plot your return, this time with more powers than any of them know, thanks to an ancient ritual. So, how will you get revenge?

Return to your homeland a powerful demon. Reassume your rightful spot as a cardinal, or burn the world to flames using your ancient magic! Will you kill all your old friends, or find yourself in a frindship/romance? Will you get your revenge? and most importantly, did you really cause the Ley Romn Massacre?



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Ooh. I like it. It sounds really interesting

Happy jester noises

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Before I make a decision on the quality of this idea, I need more information.