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Ok, so just wondering, how many people like riddle games? In Phantasmagoria, the next chapter (not yet released) has an area where the guardian requires that you can win your way through in one of three ways: gift, sacrifice, or challenge. The challenge is a riddle competition that you have to answer correctly.

So my question is, how many people enjoy guessing riddles? I was thinking about coding in a mini game accessible from the start page once you’ve completed the game once to allow players to guess at the riddles they didn’t try during the game as I’ve got more than you can answer in a single play through (and could try to think of some more to add if making it into a mini game.) It’s not just an ask a riddle get an answer situation. You’ve got some banter with the guardian, option to get hints etc.

Is that something people would find fun to play?

  • Yes riddles are fun but I don’t want to have to play through the whole game to see them all
  • Riddles are fun but I wouldn’t want a mini game with them.
  • Nah, riddles are boring.
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