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Yes in Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island there are…

Fantasy Elements

First and foremost you are believed to be a dragonborn because you are a Stonebearer


  1. Dragons-
    Currently the Apex Predator.

  2. Intelligent Gorillas-

  3. Griffions-
    A flying lion no eagle head just a lion the whole body.

  4. Pegxus-
    A flying horse with some abilities.

  5. Unicorn-
    Was the Apex Predator.

  6. ?Uknown- Potential Threat.
    Vies to be the Apex Predator.

For more info visit the Library in the WIP.

These are the rarest minerals that are found amongst the most valuable resource in Nexus which is Sparkles.

5.White Pulsar-
The least rare mineral amongst pulsars.It cures sea water if used by experts.

4.Red Pulsar-
Revives Valhallas those who have only died in battle.Requires an infirmary.

3.Green Pulsar-
Replenish the the MC’s sense of time.

2.Blue Pulsar-
Forms a shield barrier in all of MC’s owned territories.If used by an expert of course.

1.Rainbolic Pulsar- The Alpha Pulsar.
Contains all the powers of the other pulsars.It also gives one the ability to look The Grim Reaper right in the eyes and say “Not today!”

Now to every one of these elements there is a Legend tied to it.
In this game novel legends are ancient lore that aren’t believed by most people.But the truth is as the saying goes “At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth”~Michael Scott

To learn more one would have to visit the library.

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