Interest Check Thread

The Demo for my game novel Life As Ruler:Nexus Island is now out.I failed to do it in a week or less as I promised.
I will appriciate the negative and postive feedback that comes from you guyz on the game.
I already have a story in play in my mind but I’m open to a few tweaks and suggetions.

Life As Ruler:Nexus Island.(WIP) Kingdom Simulator

you can find more :point_up_2:

There is this feature I want to put in the game.It’s already in my drafts ,wanted to know who else like that idea.

  • I would definitely like to be a dragonborn.Which happens to be the appex predator in Legends in the game.
  • Other animals ,ones that are not myths will do for me.
  • How about all of the above.
  • I have a suggestion of my own on pets.Give me one or two then.
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