Interest Check Thread

So voting time! If you could pick just one of these setups for a Gulliver’s Travels inspired game, which would it be?

  • Play as a Lilliputian only
  • Play as a Gulliverian only
  • Play as a Brobdingnagian only
  • Play as any race (Reduced Stories)
  • Play as any race (Game Series)

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And what kind of time period would you prefer from the following options?

  • Soon after Gulliver’s Travels/1700’s/Colonial Europe and America
  • Victorian Era/Steampunk/1840’s to 1880’s
  • WW1 Era/Dieselpunk/1910’s
  • Modern Day Era

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They are made up countries though there are some parallels between real countries as well as some events that happen that have real world roots. Each one has been altered though.

As for Romance options they are determined based on the MCs sexual orientation.


Maaaan, shut up and take my money, i loved the premise.

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Thank you, I’ve already completed my first Chapter I’m hoping to have the second ready to go by the end of next week. Though that may be a little ambitious since I currently work just about 7 days a week. If not by the end of next week, i will be sure to have it ready by the end of the month.


Ok I’ll keep the voting up for longer but so far I am getting the impression that most think there’s enough scope for a series of games, either where you play as one specific race per game, or all three as options over said games (the latter likely meaning less content per race).

Time period wise people seem to be pretty much divided on all four options - I guess if it was a series I could start with Colonial and then advance time with new characters with Victorian/Steampunk, WW1/Dieselpunk and Modernish as options. Feel free to throw out some suggestions otherwise though! I think if I do get my act together and start on a game I would do a straightforward standalone one first (likely my long gestating WW2 Paris Resistance idea) so this might end up being a more ambitious future project. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I never knew how to make Games before, so I decided to make two ideas: Childminder:Upbringing and Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho.
Childminder Upbringing::child: You are a retired hero in the Dorian Empire. You had just recently fought a war known as the War Of The Trolls and you thought that this war was finally enough for you. You settle into a regular Life for a while. Then one day while getting yourself ready for work, you were told by a fellow worker that there was a young orphan who survived the Troll War. So you head to the orphanage where there were many war orphans. You soon find a young orphan, adopt him/her and raise him or her as your own. With the help of your servant Max, you will make your son or daughter grows up to be just like you: A hero.

Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho: The Game takes place in Okuzawa, a small town in the Gifu Prefecture. You and your family moved to Okuzawa after your father got a new job and your grandfather got so old, he could no longer take care of himself anymore. When you and your family arrived in Okuzawa, You transferred to Okuzawa Municipal Junior High School in the eighth grade. At first, life went well. You made new friends, joined an athletic and cultural club(optional) and tried your best to adjust her life at Okuzawa. But strange things begin happening to the town lately, like the moon turning red, strange happenings at the school, students dying in mysterious ways and a ghost wearing a school uniform walking in a strange way at nigh. When you and your friends realize the town and the school or haunted, you must find a way to handle the supernatural happenings at school and the town while trying to deal with school life and your family’s secrets. Will you find out about the secrets of the town or will the town’s curse and the ghost catch you first?
Now making a game in Choice of Games Fourm isn’t going to be easy, but it wouldn’t be a big deal.


Both sound pretty interesting but I would absolutely love Gakko No Kaidan: Okuzawa-Cho!

In truth, I’ve actually been thinking of creating my own horror-themed game but alas it’s hard being both an overachiever and a procrastinator at the same time :sleepy: No better time to get started on something supernatural-ish than October right?

Have you started planning or creating a demo for your ideas yet?

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I’m not sure, but I plan to post a demo soon enough.:wink:


Childminder Upbringing :yum:

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Hmmm has potential to be less young adult and more actual adut horror. But either way sounds fascinating. Will be running into Onryo? Will someone be offering us blue or red paper in the toilets? Will a masked woman ask us if we think she’s pretty?


I want the hero one.:disappointed_relieved:

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I didn’t realize I forgot to directly reply to your post in the other interest thread so sorry about that!

However, as I said before, I’m definitely interested in this! Just wanted to ask though, is there a reason why you chose for the MC to be in junior high rather than high school? I know two other HG/COG games (Way Walkers and Sixth Grade Detective) with the MC being pretty young and this ended up being a turn off for some readers, so I was just curious about why you ended up choosing a junior high setting.

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The reason is because if I want the main character to be a middle school student who just moved to a new town.

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Well you could also say you’d like to avoid writing adult romance paths ( though if you’re trying to get a booty call in a cursed town of ghosts more power to you, you do you)

The character could have graduated middle school in another town and now is entering high school in a new one.

Basically compare it to established works

Do you want fatal frame, corpse party, what do you envision?

Additionally: forgive my sass
For jhorror I’ll play an primary school cardcaptors/Digimon aged kid but I figured I’d try to view it from your perspective.


You have to have a demo first before creating an wip thread. (but i do really like this idea) (nevermind i just noticed you put a demo but its giving me errors)


While the premise certainly looks interesting, I’m very worried by the balance of sexualities among who I assume are going to be the ROs… :confused: Only one option for gay or lesbian players is not balanced, especially when you have six characters to work with. I’d certainly recommend that you made all of the characters bi/pan- or MC-sexual. It’ll be more enjoyable for non-straight players (and there are a lot of us), but also easier on you, since you won’t have to keep checking genders. :thinking: Also, it will make it far easier to fit non-binary players into the game.

Anyway, good luck with the game. :slight_smile:


So let’s Head Canon our characters in the early days of the game and see how they evolve as the game grows :slight_smile:

I’m going to call my girl Tomie ( if last name isn’t assigned) Kawakami

She’s got depression and self esteem issues. In her old school she was bullied relentlessly to the point she became so numb it wasn’t even fun for the bullies any more. She prefers books to people and spirits will definitely catch her interest. If she learns a spirit ( especially female) died tragically she’ll become enamoured with them. Possibly even trying to join them in a beautiful death.

Dragon Age Inquisition:

Cassandra: Human Males only

Solas: Dalish females only

Cullen: Human or Dalish females only

Black wall: Women only

Vivienne: No one but her true love

Sera: If you’re a woman you can straddle my face but elves gotta work for it

Dorian: Any male character will do.

Josephine and Iron Bull: Sex is Sex


Okay, so I figured before I get any further in it I should probably ask- is any one (other than me) interested in a dating sim? I’m huge on romance but a lot of COG and Hosted games just don’t scratch that itch for me. For the last couple years I’ve been fiddling with the idea of making one but only really just sat down to start working on it.

So, would playing a text-based, interactive romance game interest people?

So far, the idea is to meet people (of course), romancing them and sorting through problems with them. I’ve numerous characters in mind, and a mix of options pertaining exclusivity, dating around, or even entering poly relationships (character dependent).

I’ve also been mulling around a second romance idea revolving the supernatural which is a bit more plot orientated but still heavy romance. Basically, you find out you’re not quite human (unless you are) and being whisked away by a person of your choice due to certain plot devices.


Both sound like great ideas (but i really like how different the first one is (i don’t think there are any dating sim if wip or games on here) but i have to ask: will either of the stories have any movie/tv shows/anime romance tropes in them?


Off the top of my head, from what i have planned so far- the first one will have possible love triangles (not necessarily angsty unless you make it that way), and the second has a potential enemies to lovers bit.