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I like the idea of two routes. Looking forward to when you release a demo.


Hi, this is my first time making a story/WIP after reading quite a few of hosted games here on the forums. So, after some brainstorming, I’ve come up with a few concepts and I wanted to post the one I’m leaning most toward in the interest thread to garner some people’s opinions before I really get to work on it.

Title: Is still a WIP in progress for now

Rough Summary:

You awaken bleary eyed and weak in a cave. Breathing is a struggle and there’s a crushing fatigue settling over your entire body. You’re fading away and you don’t even know why. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for others you have a chance encounter in that moment to bring you back to the land of the living while violently snuffing out the life of someone else

Despite this rejuvenation you are left with nothing beyond your own vitality as no memories come to you and you struggle to even remember your own name.

In the WIP you are a powerful mythical creature, (think kitsune) who has awakened from your long slumber into a new modern world where everything feels different even if you have no knowledge of why it is different. The MC will have an unknown past and great powers that come at a cost if they value their own humanity.

(Now for more detailed information in the story that wouldn’t all be revealed right away.)

You will be thrust into a modern world while coming from an ancient feudal one and it would seem as if you were the last mythical creature to roam the land with not even magic being commonplace anymore. You will be able to unlock your memories and explore your past throughout the story (the past will also have its own choices you can make and ROs you can romance.)

The number of romance options I have in mind for the past and present should be around 7-8 with possibly more if I feel more confident handling that many. There will also only be implicit sexual content, such as a fade to black.

And as I said before this is my first time sitting down and writing/coding something despite how long I’ve wanted to with my only real experience being DMing for D&D campaigns, but despite my nervousness and inexperience I want to see this through and learn a lot as a writer!


Sounds great – I’d stick to one route to begin with and add the second later on if you’ve built up momentum.


Sounds interesting. I look forward to playing the demo when it releases. I also agree w/ Will in coding one route first so ur not trying to do too many routes at one time


Wow, this is really an interesting one! Can’t wait to play the demo. Good luck! :muscle:


Hi. I have two WiP going on atm.

One I already have a link to, and am looking perhaps for an Alpha Reader to go through it.

Name: Invicto

Summary: Your childhood friend disappeared five years ago. Since then, she’s been declared likely dead; but on Halloween night, you are reunited with her and thrust into a precarious situation. You become trapped in an underwater civilization that survives on the beneficence of a serpentine god known as the Leviasun; your former best friend is the heiress to their monarchy. You have the chance to attempt to assimilate into the Leivy, or resist its pull, but either way you’ll encounter strife from those who oppose you.

There is an ongoing struggle between the Leivy itself and land dwellers who know about them. The MC has the opportunity to throw their support behind the Leivyans or their enemies, and to explore the connections between the Leivy and their own hometown.

The current ROs include the best friend, the best friend’s younger Leivyan half-sister, a bodyguard to the Leivyan royal family, a young Leivyan scholar, and an advisor to the Leivyan monarch who knows more than they’re letting on. There are some trigger warnings, because some characters have trauma in their backgrounds that inform the way the plot develops. There is no explicit sexual content, though sexual themes may be referenced.

Invicto (

WiP: Invicto (Updated on 08/29/2021) - Hosted Games / Works In Progress - Choice of Games Forum

The second WiP is much newer. I have a Google Doc for it, and have written a tiny amount of the opening scene.

Name: Beat the Odds (tentative)

The second game is about an MC from a rather dystopian version of the United States. Genetic engineering and biotechnology has progressed rapidly from an unexpected breakthrough in the 1960s, which has helped mankind eliminate almost all genetically based diseases and begin to alter the genes of embryos to select for better traits in one fell swoop. During the Cold War, the CIA also began experimenting with bioengineering to develop people with superhuman abilities. About twenty years later, the first public “superheroes”, officially referred to as “supramundane organisms” or, colloquially, “Alphas” became a public staple.

In spite of genetic and biotechnological innovations having progressed at an insanely rapid pace, modern staples of our time such as cellphones and the internet are nonexistent (some VIP government officials have access to a rudimentary version of the World Wide Web… that’s about it).

The story is set in 2043. At this point, there is a huge class divide between those who are able to afford genetic alterations and those who cannot. Not only have the wealthier gotten wealthier and the poor, poorer, but the wealthy have been able to afford genetic modifications to make them apparently longer lived, more attractive, healthier, and more intelligent.

“Alphas” almost always come out of upper class families. At this point, they are often capable of a wide range of abilities that no one would have thought possible just eighty years ago. Through a mixture of genetic manipulations and other biotechnological modifications, Alphas have been able to manifest extraordinary abilities that go beyond increased speed and endurance-- newer abilities include everything from elemental manipulation to emotion/thought sensing, to mind control. Alphas are involved in military endeavors (the details of which are not known to most American citizens), aiding people struck by natural disaster (climate change is ongoing), and saving cities and towns that have been attacked by feral “Aberrations”, domestic animals whose ancestors were subject to genetic manipulation experiments gone… not great.

You, the MC, are from a working-class background in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You left school at the age of fourteen to work and live in a newspaper printing facility following the death of your mother, in order to provide for yourself and your younger sister. One day, your sister begs you to enter a lottery to win a chance to become an Alpha-- one of the few opportunities you would ever have for social mobility. Against all odds, you win.

This story is a bit easier for me to plot, but I’d ofc appreciate feedback even with the earliest concepts.


This looks super cool! I already want to know what the fallout for MC’s resurrection will be, given that it came at the cost of someone else’s life :o


I guess the closest thing to the internet in this story is that exclusive network developed by the US military and with the issue of alphas they could afford to access this Ted while the rest could still have a more limited version of information or the use of public libraries or used and donated encyclopedias. Also the possibility of being an alpha could be apart from being rich having to have outstanding qualities to obtain the favoritism of the system as a meritocracy proposed by Plato in his book the Republic comparing society and social classes with organs of the body being the aristocracy the the brain, the soldiers the limbs and the rest of the people the vital organs. An example of merit to be an Alpha could be a scientist of great renown in the working class or that he is an elite soldier - those are merit rewards in this type of society.

Both stories sound interesting for a long time since there has been a story that explores the world of the oceans and that of genetic modification


The plan right now is that the system is mostly one of inherited wealth, with minor opportunities for social advancement. Not enough that anyone needs to worry about being displaced from a position of wealth or privilege, but enough people have the opportunity for advancement that people from the working class hold out some level of hope that their lives can get better.

So there exist two pathways for a working class person to hope for becoming an Alpha-- either through a ton of merit and a ton of luck, or the annual raffle system. Alphas typically need to manifest their abilities before they hit twenty-five or so, so the ability for someone to achieve that status through merit alone is slim to none, but not nonexistent.


And precisely that is the utopian Republic that Plato proposed a long time ago with an aristocracy originally associated with the best in their field and not the richest, those were the oligarchs but over time both words became synonymous. Did the cold war end in your second story?


It did not “end” per se, but the USSR has substantially shrunk in size, and other global concerns gradually overshadowed United States and USSR tensions.


I am trying to think one or two games into the future, so I wanted to toss out this premise for a game idea (admittedly it’s rather open-ended)…

Genre: Superhero/Lit RPG

Premise: For reasons I haven’t determined yet, your consciousness is uploaded into a virtual superhero world (think “Upload” on Amazon Prime). You’re looking forward to doing good deeds in this new world and teaming up with other avatars (who are also uploaded humans), but there’s a glitch. You’re accidentally(?) uploaded as a villain character; which is very strange, since every other villain is a NPC, which means every hero will see you as just another AI creation, but if you’re killed in the game, you die in real life.

Themes Explored: Meaning of being alive, concepts of immortality and purely digital existence.

Mechanics: This would be a straight-up RPG type of system, with die rolls, different power sets, talents, etc., and by gaining experience through successfully completing crimes and defeating heroes, you can Level Up and unlock new talents or powers, or enhance existing attributes. Proceeds could be used to hire a gang, design a vehicle, create a super weapon, etc., the options are endless. There would be sandbox elements where you can roam around, but there would also be (optional) Character Arcs for those seeking more narrative satisfaction and character growth.

Pros: IMO, this game could be an organic creation that could grow and expand long after publication. New power sets could be rolled out over time, as could additional friends, allies, enemies, and love interests. New goals, and new Character Arcs could be continually added. The “ending” in the first published version may not be the ultimate ending at all, but just a momentary respite. This is all very exciting to me, but if the added content was always free (my vision), then it would have to originally sell at a price point that would justify and support the additional work and time which could otherwise be devoted to a new game.

Cons: Is there a market for a combination sandbox/narrative arc game setup with RPG elements like die rolls instead of the usual stat checks? Is the “Upload” sort of scenario too “gamey?” Could this sort of project become too unwieldy to handle? Should I just stick with my more “story-centered” stuff like Community College Hero and Zip?

Any thoughts?


The premise sounds amazing-- I’d definitely play it!!

There is one thing I think would need some explaining:

Who is uploading people into deadly superhero games? Is it like a punishment? If so, are the other “heroes” actually criminals, PoW, etc?


I don’t know! :grinning:

The nature of the people “behind the avatars,” as well as the whole set up of the game itself would definitely take more brainstorming.

I read a really cool Lit RPG novel last year where basically people won a “lottery” to upload their consciousness into an MMORPG/virtual world character to escape environmental disaster (somehow the servers were going to be kept secure and running). So I could play with that.

Or, like with “Upload,” the MC dies in “real life” but it had been arranged that he would be uploaded if that happened, so he “lives again” but not really, because the series explores how regular people interact with him and others like him. There’s a lot to explore there, too.

But it would be a balancing act between how much the ‘real world plot’ takes precedence in the story, versus how much of it is just you trying to stay alive and explore your new (perhaps forever, home). Again, I still need to brainstorm more but I wanted to toss the general idea by you fine folks.


Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely play the demo when it comes out

I read this and imagined a whole face and voice with it and it was hilarious. Thank you for the unintentional laugh! :joy:

In terms of your pitch, I really dig the proposed mechanics, but the premise sorta loses me as a really big fan of your work. More people would definitely be open to it, but me, personally, I’d like to see you step out of your norm and watch you work in another genre. Especially after CCH is done and over with. Jim did it great success. I don’t know the sales for A Wise Use of Time, but it got the response it deserved and is personally one of my easiest votes for one of the best IFs.

The best example would be @adrao, though. This man tackles a new genre almost every game and in my opinion has yet to miss the mark. While I think Tokyo Wizard is still his strongest game narratively, each new piece he pumps out maintains a certain level of fun and creativity.

Lucid would be another great example. My point is, Eric Moser is and has been up there with his games, and you will make something great yet again whether you stick to this idea or indeed step into a new zone in tye future.


You would just happen to mention some of my best friends on the forums, huh? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both @adrao and @Lucid in real life, and they are both fine gentlemen and amazing creators indeed, as is @JimD, who I hope to meet someday. And yes, they all genre hop, for sure!

I realize that we game writers enjoy a LOT more flexibility with our projects than do indie writers of regular books. Those customers expect writers to keep cranking out “more of the same, but a little different.” In fact, genre-hopping is regarded as a huge mistake for those writers, especially new writers.

But back to genre-hopping here. I actually think this topic deserves its own thread, and I don’t want to derail the Interest Check thread anymore than I have, but I’ll create one here shortly. I really appreciate your comments though!


All right, I’ve been working on this for some time and the demo with the prologue will probably be coming out this month.

Puzzling Crimes: Silent Melody

You play as Detective Kane, a private investigator moving back to your home town, Hercchester, fifteen years after your younger sister Melody disappeared. Immediately after your return you meet a young, orphan girl named Iris, who is determined to become your assistant.
The game is a cozy murder mystery set in the 1930s. The story is divided into cases, you and Iris, as well as some other characters, will have to solve murders and other crimes in order to progress the narrative.
The story will focus a lot on the relationship between Iris and Detective Kane, they both lost important people in their lives and now have the chance to develop new bonds, with each other as well as with other characters.

Speaking of characters:

Charles Garcia(m)

The local Police Inspector. He is a little grumpy and has terrible social skills, but deep down he only wants to help the city become a better place.

Leah Khan(f)

The Coroner. She is an optimistic and extroverted woman, with a VERY HEALTHY obsession with death. She will assist you during several cases.

Isabelle/Isaac (f/m)

Your maid/butler. They can be a little naive sometimes, but aside from that, they are very kind and determined. Iris claims “Isa” is her best friend.

Arthur/Agatha (m/f)

Your childhood best friend. They can seem a bit too serious and cold sometimes, but you can tell that your old buddy still is in there somewhere. They also have a young daughter named Emma, who they love more than anything in the world.

Samuel(oh no)

Your cousin. He is an irresponsible and unsuccessful aspiring artist(or, as he likes to say, an undiscovered talent) with a terrible habit of falling in love with women and immediately proposing to them. Sammy has a long track record of failed relationships and disastrous wedding ceremonies, but despite all of that, he still believes love will find its way into his life.

M… wait, there is no one else left, right? Yeah, I’m petty sure.

I forgot to mention Iris’ actual appearance so here it is:
She is an average high teenage girl, with grey eyes, dark brown skin, and curly black hair. Her clothes will change a lot throughout the story.


It sounds interesting! I’m curious though, do we get to select our gender or is it set?
Also- how much older is Kane than Iris? ('cos “young” can mean many things)

I don’t have anything planned out for this, but I’ve been replaying Phoenix Wright lately, and that got me thinking… Do you think a Phoenix Wright style of game would work on CS? Where you play as a set character, interact with set characters, follow a set scenario, and have only one correct path to winning. Essentially a non-branching visual novel minus the visual bit.

I do have some idea of what kind of universe I might want to set it in - it’s a vampire hunting sort - but nothing beyond that. It would be closer to the police procedural style of AAI, not trials. If I ever get to it, anyway. Probably not for a long time.

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