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I come with a fixed idea, God bless you for not having it, every day I woke up I created a little piece of the universe, script, polished the story. However, discussing your insanity is not a point, but the breath of creativity that it brought.

Gross synopsis, in portuguese

O som das conversas e passos inundam o ambiente escolar — as vozes de adolescentes discutindo trivialidades na caminhada monótona de todo dia —, idôneo aos dias letivos discorridos, nada muda e em um momento, o sinal toca, as alunas vão as salas, os professores entram e lecionam, passados dois sinais, o intervalo é liberado; toca-se outro e retornam as classes, repete-se o processo até o findar das aulas às duas da tarde em ponto.
Os dias poderiam serem desprezíveis, numa rotina ordinária de estudantes do ensino médio, mas ao deparar numa cena oblíqua e desconcertante que não lhe sai da cabeça, você começa a analisar a relação de quatro meninas e se vê entrando numa situação delicada, que lhe pode envolver além da salvação.

  • Protagonista feminina e personagens românticas femininas;
  • Protagonize uma adolescente no Internato Boas Graças no Brasil;
  • Envolva-se na política local;
  • “Romanceie” cinco personagens, com um “romance” platônico e outro unilateral ;
  • Determine seu destino e das outras, seja uma “heroína”, “uma vilã”, algo moralmente intermidário ou uma vítima ;
  • Escolha sua personalidade, habilidades, notas, roupas, atitudes, etc. que influenciarão a narrativa;
  • Envolve os seguintes gatilhos: bullying, violência sexual, sangue, morte (opcional), suicídio (opcional?), homicídio (opcional?), incesto, relações abusivas, relações de dependência (opcional?), envolvimento romântico/sexual com agressora (opcional? Escolhas anteriores serão determinantes), chantagem (também não sexual e sexual), traição (opcional?), manipulação e extorsão. Outros gatilhos, posteriormente serão incluídos.
Gross synopsis, in english

The sound of conversations and footsteps flood the school environment — the voices of adolescents discussing trivialities in the monotonous walk of every day —, idoneous to the other days that have passed, nothing changes and in a moment, the buzzer goes off, the students go to their classrooms, the teachers enter and teach, after two signals, the break is released; another one rings and the classes return, repeating the process until the end of the classes at two o’clock in the afternoon.
The days are insignificant, in the normal routine of high school students, but when faced with an oblique and disconcerting scene that does not leave your head, you begin to analyze the relationship of four girls and find yourself entering a delicate situation, which it can involve you beyond salvation.

  • Female protagonist and female romantic characters;
  • Play the lead in a teenager at the Boas Graças boarding school in Brazil;
  • Get involved in local politics;
  • “Romance” five characters, one being a platonic “romance” and the other one-sided;
  • Determine your destiny and that of others, be it “heroine”, “villain”, something morally intermediate or one victim;
  • Choose your personality, qualities, grades, clothes, attitudes, etc. that leads the narrative;
  • Involve the following triggers: bullying, sexual violence, blood, death (optional), suicide (optional?), Homicide (optional?), incest, abusive relationships, dependency relationships (optional?), Romantic/sexual involvement with the aggressor (optional? Previous choices will be decisive), blackmail (also non-sexual and sexual), betrayal (optional?), Manipulation and extortion. Other triggers will be included included.
Possible difficulty and explanation

Not being a native speaker, translating into english can be extremely difficult, but not impossible; if anyone wants to help with this, not earning a dollar, but my eternal gratitude, please contact me. Forgive me literally asking for a “handout” for translation, difficult times, in healthy times, I would pay.
This project would have no romance, but with socialization as its focus and which is technically a psychological terror, I decided it would be useful. Not every relationship will be reciprocal, nor healthy, be careful, if you are uncomfortable about the issues, I suggest you stop reading. Nothing will be romanticized, the narration will be in third person and the narrator will not be omniscient.


great idea. I hope you can find someone to help you implement it.


Shelving my other WIP due to a lack of interest (for now) and a lack of C-Script experience. Certain events may change that of course and I’ll still finish the first chapter.

Concepts I have are as follows, and I would love to hear your thoughts on which one should be made. Income is definitely an issue for me right now so… unfortunately interest is going to affect what I am writing for now.

First concept:

A fantasy world with an emphasis on realism over flashy moves and unrepentant spell slinging. This WIP would detail not only the harsher side of living in a fantasy world but also include a small handful of romantic subplots, lead characters through a relatively uncaring world and (at times) be open for exploration.

Your character’s main goal in this setting? Survive.

Second concept:

A post apocalyptic setting after nuclear war. This one would focus a little between survival and trying to restore what was broken. However it will, as in all my work and all my work will ever be, seek to explore the realism behind these concepts as I did (am doing, will do) with Shattered Stars.

Let me know what you guys think. I know fantasy is more popular here.


Fantasy with a LOT of romance is what’s popular on this forum… but never try to write a story for the fans, or else you’ll fail.

Write a story that interests YOU, and if it’s good enough, it’ll “convert” everyone else.

For instance, Tin Star is one of the all-time most popular games for people on this forum, and it’s about the Wild West and cowboys and is definitely not a fantasy setting with spells, magic, and wizards. What makes it popular isn’t the theme/genre but the immersive story it tells with your input.


I agree with Sam. Write what interest you. Some of my favorite games aren’t always my favorite genre but have a compelling narrative that keeps me wanting to play more than just one playthrough


Update: I posted the demo!

Have been working on a demo for a while, so thought I’d share what I have for the teaser/description so far. Hoping to have the demo out within the next couple of months. Any thoughts and feedback are welcome! Working title is ‘Magician’s Voyage’

(Also, please excuse any formatting errors. This is my first forum post! Yay.)


It’s your first job as a full-fledged Green Magician! The Magicians Order has hired you to transport magical artifacts across Midland, where they will be studied and their true natures revealed. You must travel to The Library with a band of magic users, making friends and enemies along the way.

This game takes inspiration from solarpunk, steampunk, and high fantasy. Explore a world where life runs on magic or the power of the sun, where flowers grow from magical influence, ships sail on golden wings through the sky, and where everything is under the watch of the Magicians Order. Will you join the Order, or rebel against them?

  • Play as woman, man, or nonbinary; straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual; polyamourous or monogamous.

  • Follow the law or break it. Stick to tradition or forge a new path.

  • Perfect your plant magic with knowledge gained from books, gardens, and hedge witches, or learn technological magic and shapeshifting.

  • Watch airship races, fight using magic swords, and cook a meal with enchanted ingredients.

  • Guard magical artifacts and uncover their mysteries. Visit a Solar Commune and use your powers to defend it.

  • Explore themes of trust, comradery, and friendship. Relax on cozy, sun-filled afternoons, fly through the air during spellbinding battles, and unravel cryptic secrets with the help of ancient wizards.

Romance Options (subject to some change)

There are 6 main romance options, which are listed below, as well as 4 additional characters the player can have a ‘brief encounter’ with in some playthroughs. There are no penalties for dating more than one RO, and, if entering into a relationship with more than one, unique interactions between those RO’s can be unlocked.

Specializing in Field Magic, Aja is the archivist in charge of the artifacts during the journey, and she plans to stay on at The Library after the delivery of the objects to aid in their study. She and the Player Character both graduated from The University in the same graduating class. Character Traits: Outwardly chill/inwardly anxious, huge nerd, gets along with everyone.

Another magician in the Player Character’s party, Rem was also hired by the Magicians Order to help deliver/guard the artifacts. They knew both the Player Character and Aja at The University, where they studied Shape Magic. Character Traits: Flamboyant, knowledge-seeking, impulsive, gregarious.

Kel is a SolGuard Healer, and he was hired by the Magicians Order to provide Healing to the party in the event of an emergency. Character Traits: Stubborn, idealistic.

A representative from the Magicians Order who will be traveling with the party to ensure the delivery goes smoothly. She is a magician who specializes in Field Magic. Character Traits: Ambitious.

He is a mechanic working on the airship the party takes over the mountains. Character Traits: Thoughtful, nurturing, generous, industrious, creative.

She is the swashbuckling pilot of the airship.


You had me at apocalyptic.

I’m going to join in on the notion about writing what feels more comfortable. I know I had two concept I thought about writing, one being the futuristic wasteland that I’m working on now, and the other with some sort of military/mutant/desertion theme. You can already tell which one I now feel more passionate about.

Maybe try writing the intro chapters for both and get a feel for what gets your inspiration flowing the most? Writing shouldn’t feel like a chore, that only serves to hinder the true potential of your story.

Make a few Pinterest boards with aesthetics? That’s how I got more depth into the settings and characters before I started writing.

Good luck!


Mind if I private message you some spoilers and talk about writing with ye?

I’m definitely most comfortable writing scifi. I’m also, however, a student that’s about $5,000 in debt and make only about $8,000 yearly. Fingers crossed, I can pass early this semester and start as an engineer but holding pipe dreams is… dangerous at best.

All three of these books will be written. I don’t necessarily have a “favorite genre” to write other than scifi. I can’t write mystery or pure romance though.


I already know I’d buy this. The setting is unfamiliar to me since I rarely play high-fantasy IF games, but this felt so clear from the beginning, I feel like it would be easy to get immersed.

Can’t wait for the demo.

Also, welcome to the community!


Go right ahead! I’ll help you however I can :grin:

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Interest check for a story I just started making.

The game is called “Outbreak: Infected”, it’s going to be part of a series that focuses on how different survivors handle living through a zombie apocalypse, with each one being focused on a different survivor with a different problem. For example - Outbreak: Infected is going to be about the MC starting off their apocalyptic journey as infected. However, they aren’t like any normal zed out there. While the other infected are mindless, hungry, feral, flesh lusting creatures who aren’t considered to be human anymore, you have control over your urges. You’re able to either gather infected/zombies and try to work with them, help survivors, join a group of bandits, start a cult, help find a cure, just try to survive, or a combination of those.

The next book I have planned is Outbreak: Dependent, where you have to take care of your niece along with your own survival. Your options in the game will influence what type of person she will become, where if you’ve raised her a certain way she will either kill zombies, shy away from violence, or even murder other survivors for supplies. You can also decide whether to focus on finding her parents or your own survival. Two completely different concepts, but both set in the same universe.

Along with that, I have what I think is a unique take on the zombies themselves. There’s both infected AND undead, with those being considered separate life states and posing different problems. The infected require sleep, food, and water to survive. They’re also easier to kill, and can die from most things that regular humans would, but they’ll come back as a zombie if their brain isn’t destroyed. Undead are slower, rotting, but they don’t need rest. They just keep coming, and they won’t stop until their brain is demolished. So, along with surviving, you’ll have to worry about two different classifications of zombies.

I plan to make more books in the series, each with their own problems and factors for the MC to deal with. Are you guys interested?


Guess I need to hurry up and get my zombie one out there :rofl: interesting take. Mine is actually based in my book series and provides a back story for some of the characters in the series, while bringing the reader into the books universe. Don’t think there’s anything out their with the infected needing sleep etc.


Since my last reply was about my zombie game and I jumped in a topic about death scenes. I do have some unique death scenes written in and with out disclosing much information you create four other characters, besides you character. So it really got me thinking about, if you die you assume the role of one of the other four characters. Would that be interesting to anyone or would it just take away from the suspense of death possibly around every corner?

It’s a game still in it’s early stages since it is actually based in my book series’ universe and I don’t want to get too far into it in case I get further in the game than my book releases. Also for my next demo what would you be more interested in seeing? I’m in the process of finishing out my PI Heirless Wonder chapter one and implementing the birthday scenes for Extreme Ball, which will be the last update for them for a minute (unless issues arise). But I have 5 more ideas I would like to work on next to get a little something different out.

  • Old Western (Under the Willow Tree)
  • Warrior (ZER0)
  • Zombie (Zombiearth:Choose Your Fate)
  • Fantasy (Infinite Light/Darkness)
  • Alt. Roman Empire (Fate of an Empire)

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Here you had me immediately. Will be waiting for a demo!



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That sounds interesting. Looking forward to the demo


I see that Western isn’t a really popular opinion, but I’d love to see more games like that!

There’s only 4 games in the western section rn, and 2 of the western games are gender-locked


No worries, I’ll eventually have a demo out for all of them. None of my games are ever gender locked.

Perhaps more information on each would have had slightly different results. But a demo will be out for each one at some point.


Might check out Swamp Castle and there are a few others with similar mechanics. Not sure what all you’ve read or are looking for but thats also the type of story I like and normally come to read.

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Thinking of doing a cyberpunk themed game, though I am definitely going to need help with coding.

This is probably going to be omegaverse. But you can pick which dynamic your ROs have, except Liko, he is always an Alpha.

Cybernetic Dissidia

Once long ago there lived three separate bands of demons. They created a city and split into Three great Houses. The rule of each House was very strict. Each having their own customs and religious beliefs.

Each House was held into place by one Head of house. With smaller demon and vampire clans gathered under them dubbed, The Noble Tens, these demons and vampires ruled over Tihia, eventually joined by ambitious cyberized humans. But even though there were the three houses there was one select species that did not condone the methods of the demons. The Dragons. They were led by a clan that was noble and true, The Red Bane was the home to the Red Bane dragon species. But all dragon clans answered to them.

The Dragons took over the Haverna lands, making the wastelands their own. Eager to eradicate any and all demon kind they devised a plan to hunt down each and every Demon, and vampire, in sight. Human corpos helped the dragons in the war just to betray them and steal their riches in order to climb the social ladder normally reserved for demons and vampires of the Impaler clan.

This led to the Event, in the year 2007 the first of many wars raged between the corporations created by the three noble houses and the Dragons. The Event ripped through Tihia City and left the population reeling.

Years later cybernetic enhancements became the norm and resistance movements began to pop up in the form of musical based metal and rock bands called Guitair Heroes, as well as other underground movements and gangs, determined to stop the oppression by the Noble Houses. This resistance is met with brute force every time.

The War is still raging but media won’t cover it…why?

Play as one of several races and species. As well as social classes and RPG style classes.

Technisis: The term for the cybernetic enhancements one can gain.

Slice A slice is a doctor that works on cybernetically enhanced beings.

Nomads: Those who fight using melee style weapons or brute force, they usually work alone.

Technofluxers: Those who would rather build and take apart weapons, building back something infused with their magical power and essence. They ‘Flux’ their power into the tech.

Breech Crawlers: Those who dive into the Breech, a vast expanse of information and technology powered by magic, basically magical VR internet.

Machinia: Those who specifically use machines to get their point across in a battle, usually by hacking into and taking control of it.

Guitar Heroes: Name pending, Those who use music and other art forms to fight. They usually form bands that act as a team.

Organic Cyborgs: Cyborgs who are 95% either demon or human, they are usually humans or demons whose consciousness has been downloaded into a living cybernetic body unless they have their own body altered and turned cyberized.

Their cyber parts are underneath the organic casing, they have three ports in the back of their necks that allows them hook themselves up to technology or other organic cyborgs

Cyborgs: Those who are fully cyberized, they are faster and more agile than humans but lack the ability to feel certain things any longer. To become a full cyborg you must give up some of your mortality, or in some cases, immortality.

Humans: Most all humans have some kind of cybernetic enhancements, mainly a Cyberstrain, which is their natural brain fused with biotechnology placed inside a brain shaped metallic case. Alongside this most all have net cables in the backs of their necks that they use to dive into the Breech, the internet that uses magic as a power source, machines, databases, weaponry, other kinds of tech or other people’s cyberstrains.

Dragons- ancient beings once said to be lost to time. They have awoken and taken on humanoid form.

Demon Variants

Elves- quick footed, quick witted, elves are walking, living, beauty. They usually sport tribal tattoos and live in gangs called clans or tribes.

Fairies joyful creatures, rarely, most are wicked hearted and live as nomads in Haverna. They use magic to twist the Breech to their advantage.

Cat people: Humanoid yet cat like with ears and a tail, they are extremely intelligent. They are usually Nomads or Technofluxers.

Wolf, Kitsune, and Dog people- usually mercs, they’re most employed as Technofluxers, Nomads, and Breechcrawlers. Many enjoy being Guitar Heroes.

Tengu- Living on the fringes of society, nomadic and extra violent, they light shit on fire

Vampire variant races

Impaler These vampires are the oldest on record, though very few are in the Lord social class. Others choose to remain rebels, if only to destroy their enemies in a more traditionally secretive manner.

Carmilla the Carmilla clan is secretive, elusive and hard to track down. They prefer breech crawling into the deepest parts of the breech to other skills. Their mind control power is legendary.

Vladimir the Vladimir clan lives mainly in Solaz as Condonites, they remain in one area and maintain their territory in Solaz through the vampire Technofluxer gang, Alucard.

Armand the Armand clan are a classical musician Guitar Hero gang who kill their human victims with the soul sucking melodies they produce. They then sell these souls to demons for profit.

Methuselah the Methuselah clan is made up of aristocratic vampires and Rockerboys in metal, rock and punk bands alike. They live to oppose the rule of the corpo clan, Impaler and their demon and human allies.

Humans come in several races of their own:

Synths: based after the punk age of Britain , with accents to match.

Apanas An Apana is a very traditional person, honor is everything, based after the Japanese, the language they speak is also called Apana and is basically Japanese.

Tiafrans Tiafrans are based after Haitian and African cultures, most of these men are business executives.

Torques Torques are based after Latino cultures, they are very friendly once you get to know them.

Molly Molly stem from being based after the countries of Italy, Greece and other areas in Europe.

Ying Shin Based after China they are a secretive and secluded community.

Natan are based after the native tribes of North America

Hatan: Based after middle eastern and Egyptian cultures

Sulka Sulka are based after South America native tribes and the more tropical tribes and civilizations

Humans also have other combinations:

Animal Hybrid: Humans with animal dna fused with their own dna and matching exotic animal technisis to match. Only the rich can afford these augmentations.

Machine Hybrid They replace as much of their bodies with technisis as they can, this leads to cybermania, a disease that renders the victim insane, but these people do not care.

Bug Hybrid Humans with bug like exotic technisis sculpted into their nervous systems. The prettiest augmentations are only affordable by the rich, the poor usually can only legally afford basic augmentations, such as antenna or one set of thin wings.

Social Classes and basic Classes will be listed if enough interest is shown.

For now the MC can be:

A merc freshly arrived to Tihia City from Haverna.


A Noble, or one of the lesser corporate powers, a Noble Ten.

Choose between human, vampire, or demon variants for now. Animal hybrids etc down the line.

Take over a Corp or take them down.

Survive the streets of Tihia City.

Play male, female, non binary, intersexed, genderfluid.

Gay, straight, ace or otherwise.

Gender is limitless in this deep future.

There will be at least ten ROs of varying races, species and social classes but to start only four will be available.

Corporations so far

Biomass Corp A micromachine and bioengineering company that is standing in the spot the Noble House of Staz left behind. Biomass was previously under the uniform name of STAZ Corp. Once the Guitair Heroes murdered their boss, the researchers formed their own corporation. This corp is the most unstable of them all, due to the fact whomever takes over and jacks into Staz’s old research facility can effectively take control of this company in five seconds flat, as their new boss.
Biomass Corp, The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Cybernautics Corp: A corporation run by one of the lesser Noble Houses in a group called The Noble Tens. The Noble Ten house that controls Cybernautics specializes in ocean and deep sea travel. They create cyborg bodies for underwater exploitation and mining jobs.

Cybernautics Corp, where the ocean is still your best friend no matter how deep you go inside it or hard it flows inside you.

Romantic Options

Liko Chromeheart Liko, or Demon Wings as is his stage name, was the first Guitar Hero Vampire in the Guitair Hero movement way back in 1920, His band, the symphonic gothic metal band, Bleed For You, was disbanded and his band members, also vampires, were arrested after their fifth album, Like A Surgery, was released. The lead single from the album, titled Love My Skull was the breaking point for the Noble Tens.

Liko gave up his life for his cause when he was gunned down outside his apartment while helping his fellow Guitair Heroes escape to safety only three weeks later. He uploaded his soul to the Breech during this time however and lives on as a Breech Ghost.

Rumor has it one of the heads of the Noble Tens is Liko’s ex lover, and his band was silenced not just because they opposed the government, but because Love My Skull was about Liko’s secret relationship with one of the house leaders.

Liko was one of the Big Five, the Guitair Heroes who inspired everyone who came after and whose death started a revolution. His band escaped from prison and helped the Guitair Hero Riot that just happened several months ago.

He became a legend, everyone who is anyone in the underground has a copy of Like A Surgery.

Personal motto and last words: ”You can’t kill this heart of Chrome…”

Visha Vicki Flicka Chromeheart Visha Vicki Flicka is Liko’s little brother and a Guitar Hero vampire as well. He survived to the current year of 8029 and is the lead singer of a two singer punk rock band called Bloody Biotech. He is secretly working toward getting revenge for Liko’s murder.

Malachite Divedeeper Malachite was the vocalist of the metal band Twisted Baby Murder and later Gutter Tongue. Alongside Bleed For You, Lady Death, Shogun, Mama’s Demons, The Slut Eyes and Machine Spine as well as several solo Guitar Heroes, Malachite helped raid the Maverick and Staz corporations. Malachite was Sizzle Chizzle’s lover, and together, one in the Staz building and the other in the Maverick building, committed murder suicide. His body was recovered and his cyberstrain and soul placed inside a cyborg that is hooked to a machine in the med bay of a Slice’s workshop to keep him alive. The Slice in question is the mysterious, The Doc.

Wolf Father, no known last name Wolf Father is a two thousand year old Natan Demon with cybernetic enhancements and hair that changes color due to his emotions. He is the former rhythm guitarist for Machine Spine. He later became the vocalist of a band called Dying Lotus and became the fifth and most elusive of the Big Five. No one knows what happened to him after The Guitair Hero riots several months back, he simply, vanished. He has ten known children with an Apana gang called Shrieking Lotus’s gang member. He was close friends with the late Zowie Spacedust and is Jiggy Spacedusts Godfather.

Kokosuke ‘Krazy Koko’ Yoshinana The alpha son of the former Corporation giant Yoshinana Corp, Kokosuke, an Apana half demon half vampire with cybernetic enhancements joined Tsukuyomi after his father’s company collapsed. With their help he participated in the Guitair Hero riots after forming a band with a few of his fellow Tsukuyomi called Shogun. His actions caused the word Shogun to stand not just for his band, but for a rebellious person who uses any means needed to get the job done.

Tihia City is a den of sin and violence, where will you stand?

You can take on the remaining Noble Houses, stop the rise of new Noble Threes.

You can join the Nobles and crush the rebellions.

Or you can simply try to survive the harsh realities of Tihia City, where you’re just as alive as you make yourself out to be.

See the adult interest check for extra ROs

There are four basic classes, not including skill classes:

Cyber Urchin: You grew up on the streets of Tihia City, you know how she operates, how she breathes, she calls to you. Nobody is more street wise than you are.

The Caravan: You’ve lived in the Haverna lands your entire life, but Tihia City awaits, even though you know every rock and cavern in these dusty plains, every branch and root in the vast forests of Haverna.

Noble: You’re a corporate powerhouse and you know it. Be you from a fallen Threes or a Ten, this city will understand what it’s like to cross the best of the best, if it doesn’t kill you first.

Guitar Hero: Mentioned before, but the GH class is all about staying true to the spirit of rock. You use the Will to Rock as a power that manifests itself into magical melodies. If you lose that will, you lose yourself in the process.