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Is Prime a human- like being? Or a Megatron homage?

Well… then I’ll play has a Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock homage then! (Can I eat Prime’s left arm?, or go on a rampage with loyal subordinates killing all in our path?)

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That sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to the demo & potential full game

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this sounds awesome, I’d definitely give it a shot!

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I already want to throw my money at this lmaooo


Hi everyone! I’m a long time novice writer who has enjoyed choice games for a long time and am finally feeling confident in my ability to write one thanks to CSIDE (seriously whoever made this you’re the best). I wanted to do an interest check, give me your opinion/ ideas on the plot of my new project.

You play as a character from one of three origins in a fantasy/ 1940s flavored world where faith is centered around the elements and elemental gods after the goddess of life passes. In an established world with complex racial state divides, the region where the character lives is attacked by black monsters who emerge each night. You have to travel to Kobalt City, the center of technology, knowledge and treachery, to try to find aid for your people. It goes without saying, after this you get pulled into a lot of other stuff and become vital to saving the world from what becomes known as the Moonscourge.
Some features in mind:

  • play as male or female, gay, straight or bi (all romances open to each gender)
    -Choose to be a runaway from a mountain city defying marriage traditions or a castaway of the last indigenous people on the continent or even the exciting life of a farmer in a provincial town!
  • Seven possible romances (3 men, 3 women and an extra romance opposite your gender)
    -Befriend a immortal weapon of mass destruction, possibly more?
    -Wield elemental magic by pledging yourself to one of the living gods
    -Influence other people’s relationships, ruin people’s lives
    -You shape your personality, characters react to your personality
    -My stats page is looking pretty spiffy if I do say so myself

I’m still trying to decide where to focus my efforts for story #3. I may do Grandparenting Simulator, keep working on my new fantasy WIP League of Lunacy (link is here: League of Lunacy: Fantasy Heroes (WIP, Updated 4/2/20) ) or do a Pokemon-style trivia RPG called TriviArena. If I did the latter, I am curious what people would prefer: random encounters against other quizzers who have set questions, which would impede replayability since you’d see the same questions each time through but allow for making each encounter more individual and distinct, or for each encounter to pull from one giant bank of questions through a random number generator, which would be much better for replayability but would mean that occasionally in a single playthrough you could get the same question multiple times. So it feels like a good time for a couple of polls. First for preference on what story you would rather see right now, be then for how you’d rather see TriviArena go. Feel free to vote in both polls even if TriviArena was not your preference for a story; the more data, the better.

  • Grandparenting Simulator next!
  • League of Lunacy next!
  • TriviArena next!
  • Pie!

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  • Do set questions for each encounter
  • Randomize questions from a central bank
  • Actually, there’s a better way than both options, it is…(post below)
  • Pie…? Yeah, pie.

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The better way is both ways!
Combine them. Drawing from a pool of questions, while encouraging immense replayability, is also boring. It’s also harder to control in the sense what kind of question to present.

If you want replayability while still maintaining a sense of plot/story, I’d recommend drawing some kind of a big dot, draw a really long line from it, and end it with another big dot. This line of pair dots will be your plot. Now, chop chop the line so you’d have several segments of it. Each segments will be your “chapter” and each chapter can contain its own pool of questions. I’m really bad at explaining, but you gotta get the gist.

Unless you really want that replayability a la roguelike. Heck, even roguelike games segmented their game progression like what I tried to explain above.

I also like your default word seems to be “pie.”


Couldn’t the RNG re-roll the question if it’s one the player has seen before?

Depending on how many questions you have, I think having multiple banks would be cool. You could divide the questions by difficulty and/or category, and each quizzer could be assigned specific banks, making the quizzers distinct but not totally pre-determined.

I’d love to hear more about how the Pokémon-style trivia system works because I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Pokémon-like battle mechanics? Pokémon-like collecting?

It's super effective!


Oh, I’d love to see some true politics games on here. I still miss this one where the mc could basically rise through all layers of American politics (and build a party in process if running third party too!).

In hindsight it was probably far too ambitious for a single person as doing what I was hoping to do, shaping the US Green Party as a serious alternative and genuine threat to the US two power duopoly in just 24 years (from 1996 to 2020) would be a lengthy and complex game all of its own and would have a very different dynamic than rising to power as Democrat or Republican would, which would equally have been incorporated, according to the design. .


I like this idea; the story already has natural breaks like this, so I could do separate pools for different areas and use that to gradually ratchet up difficulty and such.

And yes, I have been doing Pie as a poll answer in online discussions since before some of our underage forumgoers were probably born.

@Lan Actually, the Pokémon elements are predominantly the driving plot and metagame mechanics. It’s standard multiple choice quizzing, pitting you against various NPCs, but you will also have to go take on various gym leader types that specialize in certain genres (such as going to a sports bar to take on Superfan, the world’s top sports trivia expert, or a midnight movie festival to go up against Cine Phil, movie master extraordinaire) and you must topple them all to head to the titular TriviArena and enter the tournament for the world championship. Through it all you will be accompanied by your device that all wannabe trivia folks must have, the Quizboy. Except yours, like me, will be slightly defective, which means instead of the usual four answers it will have a fifth one that is complete nonsense 99% of the time. For example, on a question about what the letters PS at the end of a letter actually stand for, choice E would be something like Posthumous Secretions. Your Quizboy will also be a lot more sarcastic and cynical than the usual upbeat model.

Oh, and it will have stores, special abilities, experience points and leveling, all that good stuff.


I also want to see such a game. There are too few political games for COG.


Hello everyone,

Recently an idea for an story came to my mind, but I don’t know how to start.

I want to write a gamebook about a detective who travels through different parallel universes, solving mysteries.

There would be a framing story about the abduction of our hero by the ruler of a different universe, and then the story would have the hero narrate the various mysteries he solved in the past.

The player would have to select the correct answer to the mysteries out of five choices, but the framing story would continue irrespective of whether the correct answer is selected or not.

Can someone point me in the right direction?




Due to the current circumstances, I’m stuck at home, bored and scourging the internet to relive myself of the boredom. One thing led to another and here I am, exploring my second favorite site, digging up lost WIPs. However, during my search, I found a curious lack of WIPs related to sports.

So, I have to ask, is anyone is interested in a soccer story following the early career of a promising striker/attacking midfielder?

To compensate for the time you may have lost reading my post, here are some cookies :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Thank you!


Thanks for helping my previous poll, it really helped a lot. I have new ideas and I’d like to ask you.

Would you like if I added a side character that represents me (Author) but you don’t know which one is me? (He’s going to help you in few tasks, also judge you by your actions.)

  • Aye
  • Nay
  • Doesn’t matter

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Killing him will cause a time paradox, change the future forever and leads to an instant game over.

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Can I suggest something else?

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And last question: RO’s reacting to your traits regardless of your relationship level with them? (For example, Sarah is a good person and obeys law. If you want to date with her, you must be lawful and good person. Otherwise, she refuses you even if yoıu have %100 relationship with her)

  • Yes
  • Nah
  • Doesn’t matter

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I think my problem with the last question is that it doesn’t feel very realistic that you’d get a high relationship / approval rating for someone that so fundamentally disagrees with you. So you shouldn’t be able to raise the relationship to 100% in the first place, if that makes sense?

Of course, perhaps it was just the example given, since I guess it’s easy enough to find traits that wouldn’t influence friendship but would play a role in romance (like gender, for instance… I’m sure characters having their own gender preferences is something that has been discussed before). :thinking: So for me it would depend on how you’re planning to implement it, really.

Another possibility is being able to romance a character regardless of how well your personalities match, but have the romance play out differently. Like an enemy/rival romance vs a friendly romance for instance. (Again, if that makes sense :sweat_smile: ).


So, I haven’t 100% completed the demo to the point I’d like before posting it for everyone to see. (nervously bites nails) But, I think posting here is a good step in the right direction.

Dawn of the Rebellion

Morrigan nods knowingly. “The bridge between the Celestial race and the rest of the races grows every day. They say the Crown, more importantly the Queen” their voice drops to a whisper, “created the Rifts for more purposes than to cripple magic-wielding criminals.”

In the great Kingdom of Roma, unease stirs. Ruthless Celestial queen, Queen Melitte, is determined to rule with an iron fist after slaughtering the true decedents of the Old Gods. A hero must rise to knock Melitte off the throne, unravel the mystery of why the Old Gods went quiet years before, and perhaps learn the truth of who you really are.

• As the hero, rise to the occasion and strategize to take the throne.
• Evade or befriend spies, assassins, and mysterious spirits.
• Wield magical weapons - each with a secret.
• Romance a variety of characters - ranging from druids and elves to demi-gods. (I'll be incorporating some delicious tropes).
• Travel across multiple provinces, gathering allies and foes alike.

Some more details: The environment is Greco-Romanesque with a mix of Faerie mythology and Greek mythology. It’s a heavily character-based story. While skills and abilities are used throughout the game, it relies more on you using context clues, relationships, and the world around you for choosing answers rather than just boosting one stat. I want to create a dynamic environment and for you to not have to check your highest stats before every decision, but instead shaping details based on decisions. (There will still be some important pass/fail checks). It will remain a linear main story, with substories branching.

At first, it was an ambitious idea, but I’ve cut it all down into a plan for a series rather than one book. So far, the introductory chapter is completed. I’m currently preparing it for a small demo. If people like it, I’ll probably devote even more time into working on it!


I like the sound of this one a lot. Will be watching for the demo - good luck!


So quarantine has left me with an itch to do some writing, which I have done in a good long while. I’ve been intermittently working on this idea for some time, but recently actually started writing out notes, plot outline, characters, etc and I wanted to see if anyone thought it was pursuing.

The main character is a member of a society called the Silver Pendants, a quasi-military society within of a small church devoted to the worship of the Forgotten Gods. Eons in the past, the Forgotten Gods were overthrown by a new pantheon and over time, the worship of the Forgotten Gods has dwindled to tiny pockets out devout followers.

The player is in charge of a party of Silver Pendants, who have been tasked by their superiors to go out into the world to spread the influence of the Forgotten Gods, but more importantly to track down and retrieve a child is prophesied to have a pivotal role in the future battle between the gods and their adherents. To that end the player and companions have been attached to a travelling caravan whose path terminates in the fief where the child is reputed to arise. Through their travels, the player will explore an unforgiving world, uncover strange beasts and supernatural phenomena, and discover that perhaps the Forgotten Gods should stay forgotten.

The player will be able to choose between male, female, or nonbinary, and will have the ability to romance different companions. While not explicitly choosing an orientation, they will be able to pursue whatever romantic companion they wish, although they may not be ultimately successful.

I aim to create a more dynamic companion system. My goal is to use multiple axis instead of a single relationship stat to be able to tailor your companions’ actions based on where you fall on each scale. A companion whose respect you have earned, but doesn’t like you overmuch, might be a irritable subordinate, whereas a companion who likes you but doesn’t have much regard for you might attempt to disobey your order in a way that won’t upset you too much. A certain companion who has high desire for you, but little affection, might invite you into their bed, but have little else to do with you.

Primarily, I want to make this a game about exploration. Exploration of the world, exploration of history, and an exploration of the dynamics of companionship, familial, platonic and romantic.

I realize this is probably a large undertaking, but I’ve been sitting on this story and these characters for a long time and I feel that a large undertaking is warranted.

I would love to hear any of your thoughts.l

Edit: fixed my typo, now it says you can be male


We wont Be able to play as a male?

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