Interactive Story; fledgling god or Seraphim?

Hello gentlemen and ladies, long time lurker (since before choice of intrigue), anyway I’ve been thinking for awhile and finally I’ve decided to make my own game. I want see if people would prefer a story about a new god, perhaps with Greek mythology as it is my best mythology, or as a Seraphim(angelic) soldier. Any thoughts, ideas, or other things are wanted. Thank you!


If you need any help with the greek mythology I can help(I’m Greek)

I’d prefer the god game over the seraphim


Yes please. :slight_smile: Either or, whichever is the most fun for you.

I love the Greek pantheon. However, I think I’d rather have inspired by Greek mythology as opposed to actual Greek mythology. Mostly since my take on gods and someone elses take on gods can often be different. But I won’t do the kneejerk “but that’s wrong” if it’s set in a fantasy world. I’d love a Greece inspired fantasy world with its own Pantheon, it would feel that there was more of a chance to impact things.

Then again, there’s so much you can take from Greek mythology, it’s a wealth of stuff and it would be nice to be able to impact it.

But Gods, yes gods.

I’d love the opportunity to play a god, whisk away young mortals, get a temple established in my name, sponsor heroes, have feuds and babies with the other gods and try and rise from being a lowly god to one of the important ones. Get a city, have some oracles, choose an area of influence. Help out the little people, help out the big people, wander the earth and get into trouble.

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i have a part of mine for a game with gods maybe you want me to give it to you?
I even have the names and roles of each God and some plot

I’d prefer the Seraphim story actually, so long as you put in something that allows you to rebel against those in power. Heh. I do like both ideas though.

Former Greek mythology nut here -my knowledge has waned over the years- but if you are going for the God route, I suggest you not put a “route/quest to being God”, At the most, just a brief background or a chapter showing your rise or something. Not that it’s bad or anything, it’s just that there are lots of stories around that’re about some hero/heroine’s rise to Godhood. I’d prefer to actually be a God already; few IF, to my knowledge, allow you play around as one.

Unless you’re born as a God or something, in which case carry on.

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I think a god’s rise to power is fun.

But by rise to power, for me it’s things like

The younger gods all rising up, agreeing to work together in order to kill the gods that came before them, leaving a vacuum of power which needs filling, and the various fighting, scheming, politicking and schmoozing that goes into finding a place in the new order and carving a niche of your own.

Or, like Poseidon and Athena’s contest, which resulted in Athens being named, and Athena becoming their patron.

Or the stuff from Norse mythology where Thor gets his hammer, Odin loses an eye and the gods gain the aspects we know them for.

So always being a god, but gaining power and influence and worshippers, an area of influence, a place in the pantheon. That’s my idea of fun.

Not the whole movie-Hercules style journeys, do a bunch of tasks and at the end you get godhood rewarded. Because being a god should be the start of the story.


If you were a greek god, what would you be the god/goddess of? Could you choose anything, and that would define your powers?

First of all thank you for your feedback! I did not expect to get so much so fast. I think i am going to the Fledgling God, if it goes well I will do Seriphim, a new title, or Fledling God 2.(After all Gods live a VERY long time).

@alexpap Thank you for your offer but I would like to do a completly original work.

@Slyde That was a problem that I had been thinking about, whether to start before becoming a God or start out as one. I think I will make it to where you are born too two Gods, that will also help determine who has grudges against you and who will support you.(P.S I do like a good evil path and/or rebelious)


Also I can draw from other culture such as Norse, Roman, and Egyptian. However, after consideration, I might create my own Gods and base the hierarchy and interactions on Greek mythology.

@lackofmops Sorry forgot to post something for you: I most certianly will include powers and what you represent. I still do not know how I do this but I will find a way.

If you have some ideas or some powers you would like to see let me know!

Just putting it out there: I once facilitated an RP story about a war between the Greek gods and their Roman counterparts. It was awesome.

How will you go about the two God parents thing? Will you allow all sorts of combinations, or pre-determine pairs? Can you be the offspring of just one God (It has happened I think)? Off the top of my mind I thought of an Ares-Athena pair. Weird, yes; they are siblings. But hey, Zeus and Hera were too. :-"

Also, how will your powers be determined? Will they be an amalgam of your parents?

@Slyde I think I am going to stick to pre-determined pairs.
Yes both Athena and Ares had one, and Aphrodite was born from pieces of Uranus so I may do one of those.
I also thought about a half-god half-human but I dont want to add that unless thats a popular idea. I also dont want to make them amalgams of your parents, instead perhaps give you problems and then your choices on how you solve them determine your powers.

Sign me up for a god game. Half god, or full stop either works for me.

I would enjoy both of them. Probably the Seraphim a bit more though.

I reckon new god. Or half god or something like that.

Alright I have begun work on my new game Gods of Macinea(subject to change). Here is a synopsis on some of the stuff I want to add.

As a new God to the world of Macinea gain worshipers and create enemies! Then destroy those enemies with your Godly powers! Demand sacrifices and woo mortals and Gods/Goddesses alike! Can you amass your power and take the place of an Elder God on the Council of Eight? Or will you bring down the Council and name yourself King/Queen of the Gods?

That’s the basic principles so far with with a couple things I’ m withholding for now.
I have come up with around 20 gods so far; if you want I can post a list and you can tell me if you like the way they are done or suggest some gods yourself.

All of these seem like such good ideas! CAN’T CHOOOOOOSE!

I can’t wait till a demo comes out I te this game will be fantastic

Good, Good, all according to plan. everything seems in order. We can start ruling the world soon enough.

@2Ton ur planning to rule the world?! And without me!!! How could u!!!