Infection Range (WIP)

This is my first attempt at choicescript but I have been writing for almost as long as I can remember. This was an idea I got that I will hopefully be able to turn into a game but of course learning choicescript comes first. I was going to throw out the idea so I could get some feed back while I was bumbling around with learning this code. So here it is!

The world has had a zombie outbreak but this one has three
key differences from the mainstream zombie outbreaks. The first one is that it
spread much more slowly. The second is that, depending on how much of the virus
is first introduced into a person’s system, the zombies can retain a certain
level of independent and coherent thought, speech, and emotions. Though no
matter what they will have increased strength and decreased pain perception.
After many studies the government realized that there was a certain range of
active virus in the host’s brain that would leave just enough coherent thought
that they could be easily controlled. This range is called the Infection Range.

I think I will have two starting paths 1) you start as a human and 2) you’re a zombie. Other than that this is based mostly in the Southern part of the U.S. in an area that most people call the waste. I am still working on fleshing out the story so I am open to suggestions and would love to hear what people think!

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Sounds like a really interesting idea

Makes sense that it spreads slower if they can think for themselves… reminds me of an anime I watched before…

Oh what anime? I’ll put it on my list of stuff to watch when I can find time. Is it too similar do you think?

The story has got be curious and believe me that’s saying something ^~^ I’m curious also on how regular people see them. I mean if their retaining some sense of intelligence or even emotion are people going or even trying to kill them?

Or is this more of a reunion with dumbed down family members and the likes? Hehe either way Aqua I look forward to a new way of using used themes.

After all everyone can take a simple theme but it takes uniqueness to throw a curve and make it a chain of its own …blacksmith…yup I’ve gotta stop making my own quotes.


It was about a guy who wanted to date a zombie girl, a girl who he has a crush on helps him turn his dead cat into a zombie.
Plot ensues.

@Arcania I could see a group of Zombie sympathizers working their way into the story and causing trouble. I’m all for a good Zombie game and this actually sounds like a movie called Fido, its about zombies being controlled by these controller collars, its like iRobot but with zombies and no hive mind supercomputer. Anyways, you should watch that movie, you could take some pointers; its a really good movie in my opinion.

@Arcania it’s kind of split on how people see them. There are people that think that they are disgusting and should be killed no matter what and then there are people that think that they should have rights and whatnot (kinda like the civil rights movement)

@Dark_Stalker that sounds interesting. I’ll have to look into that.

@Inepted12 I think I saw bits and pieces of that movie when I was younger but my parents wouldn’t let me see all of it. And the zombie sympathizers are definitely going to have a big role in the game.

@Inepted12 wow I do gotta check that out!

@Aqua_queer I always thought sympathizers have been overlooked in other genres great to finally see them playing a true role. ^~^

@Arcania nope they are going to be a really important group the the PC will deal with a lot. Of course you can agree, disagree, or try to ignore them and depending on that you could go on little “sub quests” and if you agree with them then you could go and blow up a factory that the government has that’s being worked by zombies (ok maybe not blow up but you get the idea) or if you disagree then maybe you could try to stop them or something.
Also as a general statement to everyone I was going to say that while most people think of the waste as being the entirety of the southern U.S. It’s really mostly just the western part of Texas stretching through Arizona, New Mexico and the other states in that direction. But while there aren’t many uninfected humans in the waste there are a lot of little zombie “tribes” and the PC is going to probably meet some of them. The “tribes” are made up of zombies that have all of the normal human brain capacity but are still infected so yeah.

I’m starting to like your story even more, also, would it be possible for the PC to also become infected while playing on the uninfected path? You don’t have to confirm or deny that if it’ll be giving too much away. And yeah, Fido was a pretty graphic movie still a good one, @Arcania you should check it out 10/10

@Inepted12 there is the chance and it won’t spoil anything if I tell you since I hadn’t thought about it until now but I think I could work that in in a few places and in different ways.

What would y’all think of having a pet??? Like for the human path having a family cat or dog that stays with you or for the zombie path finding a stray and bonding with it by feeding it and stuff??? Also I was wondering if anyone would want RO’s. Oh and stats, I wasn’t sure what all stats I would include other than strength and intelegence. So if you start as a human you get an intelegence boost and if you start as a zombie you get a strength boost.

I vote for Ro.
Stats… Agility, Charisma…

Ooh, ooh I found a wolf can I keep it, can I keep it plz?!

Thanks for the stats :slight_smile: and it probably wouldn’t be full blooded wolf but it could be half wolf and then half domestic dog so yes you may keep it.

Oh wow I feel silly. Should I add backgrounds and if so what kind of backgrounds would y’all want to see?

Hmm, I have a question, which part of Southern U.S? If it’s Florida then the zombies will have a easier way to infect people since a lot of Florida’s population is the elderly and the elderly could spread it to relatives who visit and then they leave state and spread it to their communities.
Now if this is Louisiana, Texas, or Georgia then your zombies will last almost as long as a snowball in hell.

I’m interested to see how this develops. I always love zombie related things. (Though not as much as the guy from Sankarea)

Edit: Didn’t see you meant southern Midwest. Did something catastrophic happen to call that area the wastes? (Nukes, factory meltdown, bio weapon) Or has this because of the zombies?

Well, if you’re trying to make this a pretty in-depth then um…could you please add a ferret? I had a ferret once they’re pretty clever, loyal, and pretty fierce in a fight, so yes, pets would be an awesome addition. I’m lost on what ROs are. Stats like: strength, intelligence, charisma, agility, dexterity, luck basic D&D stuff xD. For backgrounds maybe like a police officer, MMA fighter, scientist, locksmith, politician.

If we’re asking for pets then I demand a Honey Badger. They’ll attack lions so I shouldn’t have problems with zombies.

@Razgriz my current reason (though that could change pretty easily due to constantly thinking about this little world of mine) is that that was the general area where the outbreak started. (Well actually it started in China due to a virus that mutated and spread rapidly through the dense populous and then some jerk flew over to Arizona for work and boom he finally died and came back and yada yada yada.) so the government over reacted and tried to kill everything but they failed.
@Inepted12 my mom refuses to let me get a ferret but my cousin had two baby ones and they were so cute and my cousin was basically their mom even though my cousin is a dude. So I could see a ferret being a viable companion.
Oh back to @Razgriz I’m not sure how you could get a honey badger to give a flying fuck (excuse my language but I feel that as we are speaking about honey badgers I feel it is appropriate.) about anyone but I could look into that.